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  1. The June issue is published! After Shrin breaks his Magnatrieve 1000, he tries to catch a Snoutfire in Nantiry with his cheap, little-kids system. Will he succeed or will he fail?
  2. One thing I’ve learned is I really like writing sci-fi after trying my hand at different genres.
  3. I just got published in a children’s magazine. My first and only publication so far. Working on another sci-fi story I hope to have published. Have a novel I’m working at on the side as well. I’ve been writing for a little over two years now. How about you, @keith1969?
  4. On my iPhone, I got it from the App Store @suspensewriter
  5. I use Scrivener on my phone to do all my outlining for stories and it keeps it all neat and orderly. I find it easy to use.
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