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  1. LostinFL was looking through the forums one day and saw an interesting post. He replied hastily. Welcome!
  2. LostinFL


    Hello! It good to meet you. I am also new to writing. I like writing short stories and poems. I hope to see more from you!
  3. Maybe its not a victory. Maybe progress is defeat. My old self, I cannot be. Where does he go? Out on the street? It's not fair, he does all the work, just to take a chair? I served me well, to get this far. Doesn't improving, for the better, change who you are? Part of my old self feels like he's dying. Why should he go, when he's the one who did all of the crying? I often wished to be strong. I don't want my weaker-self to be gone. Don't let go, keep it together. I want to be me, forever.
  4. Just tell me what to do. If I can, and its not that disagreeable to me, I will do it easily. Especially coming from you. I don't mean to be a slave, I do mean to serve, Its less that I wanted, Its more than I deserve. Why do I hurt this much? At one point in time, I must have been very wrong. Or does it mean, I'm just that strong? Hard to see, when I fold with just a touch. I know what nothing means. I tried to be everything. I was wrong. I'm not that strong.
  5. I guess the best way for you guys to get to know me is through my writing. I'm going to try my hand at poetry to tell you who I am. If this should have been it's own tread somewhere else, I apologize in advance. I see it as my introduction continued. Let's try it and see how it goes. Time for me to lose myself in this moment. If you doubt, read it and find out, you will learn what I'm all about. I like to write my inspiration into the work. Sometimes it doesn't fit perfect but I still want it to work. I started with nothing, if I made something then, it just wouldn't work
  6. I'm not going to claim to understand everything you guys are saying, but at least I know the intent to help around here is genuine. I don't have much of that where I come from, so from the bottom my heart, thank you. Thank you for your help, I would love to hear as much as anyone has to say. Also, I'll get around to reading everyone else's stuff, like the blog posted here, eventually. It's just a massive undertaking. I have a feeling that my heart is just going to feel the way its going to feel and I have to somehow come to terms with that.
  7. There was a time in my life when i thought all hope was gone. I am certain the Lord softened my heart and when he did that, I became open to at least the possibility of hope. I found it in a movie. The more I try to write as a story teller, and not just telling something, the more I don't like spoilers. Forgive me if I'm vague. Or maybe I'm just being coy. In the movie, the main character was also in a 'all hope is lost' situation. He found hope, and with his God given talent, found a way out. I didn't see my way out, but I thought maybe if I just try to hang in t
  8. Hey everyone. I'm not really a good Christian, I mean... I don't go to church or anything. I'm not really a writer either, but I did have a story to tell which lead me here. I'm not really anything, except one thing. I've been a dreamer my whole life. Whenever times got rough, my thoughts helped me find some way to cope. Dreaming has helped me learn how to better learn. After awhile, I had enough ideas in my head to form a story that I wanted feedback on. I also wouldn't mind just posting it publicly but I don't know where to do that. If people like the kind of ideas I come
  9. I've got a story I wrote, just over 6000 words long, and I'm not sure what to do with it. This is my first serious attempt at writing something, and I would like some feedback. Are these forums the right place?
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