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  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The sour look is meant to ward off unwanted contact. 😉
  2. Yeah...I think @Spaulding may be right. If they detected suspicious activity, they may have locked everything down, that may include online access to your account. Praying for a quick resolve!
  3. @Accord64 is right. The virus is already here in the states. Has been for some time. Mostly in the west, but there has been one case in the south several years back. As aforementioned, it's rare. It takes contact with rodent excrement, which includes breathing it. The species of mouse is specific too. Stiring up dust, and breathing it, is usually how it transmits. Places like campgrounds, or barns, usually. It does kill fast, but again, it's extremely rare. I wouldn't be worried about it.
  4. Come on in! Sit a spell.
  5. Glad to hear you have one less thing to worry about. Praying for answers and that the new meds will work.
  6. I see what you mean, but I never heard these in my riding circles (before you ask, no, I don't ride English). Would old west cowboys have used the terms 🤔?
  7. Dialogue according to Mark Hamill But seriously, thanks for posting @Johne!
  8. Speaking of centered cowboys... You fine folks 'member this?
  9. Another good one. Wyatt Earp: You going to get centered, or just stand there and bleed? Clint Eastwood: I tried being centered...didn't like it.
  10. Thank you all for your prayers! Update: My white bloodcell count is normal, which is a good sign. I still need to get something looked at, and my neurological symptoms are still troublesome. We have a new battle plan going forward. I'm really hoping this one works. Believe me, I know what a guinea pig feels like. Please continue to pray if you are willing. Thanks again!
  11. Right, but I was saying God isn't referenced as a direct actor. Not that He wasn't directly intervening, or unreferenced at all 😁 My question was, what was the intent? Saturation, or lack thereof, of God in a written work may or may not make it inherently Christian.
  12. Yikes! My eyeballs are spinning after reading all that! My question would be this: What is the intent? (Some of you have already said/alluded to this, so forgive the repeat). The pharisees were always pointing to God, albeit by pointing to themselves first. Some Christian authors do the same. Their work may even have the Gospel spelled out, but it doesn't matter. If I have not love... Second thought, the book of Esther has no mention if God's direct action in the events. Yet, it still points to Him, and alludes to Christ. Thoughts?
  13. Update: The Bills passed House and Senate, but the justices still have a say. Keep praying please.
  14. Big thanks to all praying for VA! I appreciate the community here and the willingness to lift one another up! I have another, more personal, request. It is a very long story, but to sum up I've had health issues for about 7 years now. Been tested for a lot of things. So far I've tested high for a neurologically damaging type of mold toxin, and my doctor suspects bartonella (tick borne or cat scratch). With the new treatment, I had just started to feel a little better. But now a more disturbing set of symptoms have popped up- both neurological and possibly cancerous. Please pray for physical healing, good test results, that God would help my unbelief, and my family-it's been a long storm for everyone. Thank you!
  15. Aye, but if it happens there, it can happen anywhere.
  16. Did you guys hear about the bills they're trying to pass in Virginia? House Bills 1663, 1049, and Senate bill 868 would infringe on the religious beliefs of churchs and Christian schools by mandating who may be employed by or attend these establishments. These bills could prohibit sex-segregated facilities like separate bathrooms/locker rooms, separate male/female dress codes, and even remove the ability to establish admissions/employment requirements related to statements of faith and biblical lifestyle on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or even marital status. Additionally, the legislation includes measures aimed at pressuring positions and practices through hefty fines ($50,000 first offense, $100,000 second offense) that would destroy financially if they do not observe the government's definition of sexuality. They vote on Wednesday. If you're in VA, we stand with you! Make your voice heard by contacting your reps! The rest of us need to pray hard!
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