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  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The sour look is meant to ward off unwanted contact. 😉
  2. Yeah...I think @Spaulding may be right. If they detected suspicious activity, they may have locked everything down, that may include online access to your account. Praying for a quick resolve!
  3. @Accord64 is right. The virus is already here in the states. Has been for some time. Mostly in the west, but there has been one case in the south several years back. As aforementioned, it's rare. It takes contact with rodent excrement, which includes breathing it. The species of mouse is specific too. Stiring up dust, and breathing it, is usually how it transmits. Places like campgrounds, or barns, usually. It does kill fast, but again, it's extremely rare. I wouldn't be worried about it.
  4. Come on in! Sit a spell.
  5. Glad to hear you have one less thing to worry about. Praying for answers and that the new meds will work.
  6. I see what you mean, but I never heard these in my riding circles (before you ask, no, I don't ride English). Would old west cowboys have used the terms 🤔?
  7. Dialogue according to Mark Hamill But seriously, thanks for posting @Johne!
  8. Speaking of centered cowboys... You fine folks 'member this?
  9. Another good one. Wyatt Earp: You going to get centered, or just stand there and bleed? Clint Eastwood: I tried being centered...didn't like it.
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