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  1. Thanks for the article! I wasn't a big fan of Wrinkle in Time, but I also didn't read it until I was an adult. It seems more geared to MG/YA in present terms. I am not familiar with the Inquisitor's Tale. What's that about?
  2. Ok, so I went ahead an checked out this Story Grid of song and legend. Based on the purpose of the myth itself, my story would actually be categorized as a love story. I was able to tick off most of the obligatory scenes from my previous outline. Here's where it gets dicey. It's not solely a romance. I'm just not sure how to label that undefined part yet (or I may be jamming too much into one story. Time will tell). There are also parts of that clover I don't get-the inner part of the content leaf mainly.
  3. That's 2 then. I'll add it to the list. That might be a good match then. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Lol, we do for the battle of Thermopyle actually. I have them march in phalanx formation too.
  5. Hm, I'm not familiar with those. Worth a look. Thanks Claire! Is that all one title, or 3 separate books?
  6. I had no idea! Hm, learned something new. Well, *spoilers* Mistborn pretty much makes up a religion. It's pretty good imo. Really? I actually teach that myth in my history classes. Lots of fun stuff. Once the students get over the language, and get help understanding the symbolism, they end up really enjoying it. ...if only there was a way to get them to enjoy the Iliad too... Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Honestly, I just want to write what I have well. I'm less concerned about fitting the story into a particular mold (perhaps I'll eat my words later, but for now...). I'm looking for fantasy examples simply because it is the closest match to what I have. Really and truly, I'm retelling myth-technically not fantasy according to my understanding. I guess I'm just looking for fresh ideas--not ripping off an author's ideas mind you. Again, just seeing how others constructed, developed, and wrote their work.
  8. Pretty much. It's interesting to a point, but I wouldn't offer it as a good read to anyone. Lots of junk to hop over too. I started that and was very very impressed by his writing style. I may consider finishing it, but I'm leery after hearing about some of the content. We'll see. I agree that Eragon was ok. The last book especially felt rushed, though I do like the idea of how the mc beat the villain. Didn't you know? Sex scenes magically fix weak plots, shallow characters, and poor writing.
  9. The title asks it all. This may have been asked before even. If so, kindly point me to the right thread. I'm looking for writing inspiration, to see how others have tackled the task, but there are so many bad fantasy novels out there and so little time to sift. It all started when I bought 2 books. The first had tons of stellar reviews-The Thinblade. Honestly... it's so poorly written I can't get past the first few chapters (the villain sounds terrifying though). I next read The Savior's Champion. It was better, once you weed out the sexual parts (lots to skip here) and pc agenda. So far, the only good modern fantasy I've read imo is the Mistborn series. So, besides the immortal LOTR, what do you think should be on the list? The floor is yours!
  10. Where is it on Dunya? Found a pic below that might work depending on the tattoo's location. Would be fairly easy to photoshop in I think (I have an old version). Could "dye" the hair pink too.
  11. That's what worries me... I think my work in progress would be ignored on that basis first and honest analysis of my writing would be at the bottom. Anyone have recommendations for LAs/publishers who seem more level headed in this regard? Indie publishing is looking more like the only option...
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