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  1. Thanks for bringing this up @suspensewriter. I appreciate the honesty from most members, but it's the "truth in love" kind both in the critique forums and elsewhere here. Several of you don't pull any punches but's it's meant to build up, to make the writer stronger, rather than to tear down. Glad God led me here.
  2. Hey all, Can we establish/reestablish some things? 1. Everyone on here at least agrees that whether or not the Bible is a scientific document, it does display scientific truths "ahead" of it's time. 2. If I am following correctly, the issue is whether or not the Bible is a scientific document specifically. 3. Based on your last point, pale, it seems that you believe that the purpose of science is to prove God's existence. I don't wish to misrepresent. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 4. You also mention that "faith alone" doesn't seem to be enough for yo
  3. I thought about trying that one...until now.
  4. I think it's Eragon. Your opinion? (fantasy genre preferred but not required).
  5. Ok, I was close. So you were able to describe enough for one reader to get a general idea anyway. I agree. Write what God has for you and let Him worry about the rest.
  6. You homeschooled? Speaking as a teacher, it's usually "sit here and do work quietly for a period or so". If the teacher in charge isn't strict, or is underconfident, detention could devolve into something resembling the monkey enclosure at the local zoo. If the teacher is holding to the rules, but isn't watchful (more interested in their cell phones), the detainees will usually stay quiet (sleep, looking at their cell under the desk, or the like) but not get any work done. The goal is not to be noticed. Some kids hate detention. Either they get in tro
  7. Action, suspense, and I highly suspect romantic, although I haven't gotten far enough in my work to write those scenes.
  8. The Bible isn't rated "G", that's for sure. It never scrubs the picture but show us exactly how bad things, why they are this way, and it doesn't gloss over the stupid things God's people did. It's funny you brought these examples Alley. I've been thinking about the time David was given the Bread of the Presence and what Jesus had to say about it later. I think we as Christians can get "Phariseeical" about things sometimes, or go too far the other way and not take sin seriously enough. I guess it comes down to the 2 commandments-love God, and love our neighb
  9. According to his profile, Jared last visited in December, but Zee is right. His last actually posting is back in October. I've been wondering about that myself. Would you please tag me when you find out @Zee? Based on Accord's profile (saw that a number of us visited ) I do believe that he's high-tailed it for good. I got into a heated discussion with him shortly after I joined over something not intended to cause offense whatsoever. The fact that political tensions are high now... well... Also, don't forget that there were others who chimed in on that thread, and
  10. Yeah I get that. May I suggest you try again? I'm not sure what generation you are part of, so please forgive me if I'm off base, but do bear in mind that novels of yesteryear were not written with the "grab them by the throat at the start" mentality authors have today. It took me twice to really get into The Last of the Mohicans, and I'm glad I tried again. That said, there are just some books that are tough for some readers to enjoy. I tried to read Moby Dick a couple times...could not get past the first chapter to save my life. In s
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