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  1. Could you imagine?! Would be like trying to read a foreign language even five years from now 😂! Talk about needing a dictionary.
  2. *Salutes* I'm not so sure mine would work well as a standalone with later sequels. But...I do tend to be "wordy". Anyway, you have 7 books planned? Genre?
  3. What needs to be said has been already. This character was very important to you. Mourn if it will help, but don't dwell there. This character was a voice, a message from your true hero, and He still lives.
  4. I don't know that anyone is arguing for including grammar books with their novels. You, and others, are right that the purpose is to entertain. I agree wholeheartedly. This is not something that can be fixed from the top down anyway, though I do believe we can help readers in small ways. For my part, I was trying, and failing, to make the case that adjusting too much to fit the audience may impact the overall quality--word usage included. I am not arguing that a novel must have fancy words to be any good. Warner Brother's Looney Tunes are simple, but well put, very witty, and arguably timeless. Even though it was originally meant for adults, people of all ages still enjoy it. In contrast, SpongeBob's animation, word usage, and comedy dredge the bottom...but it sells. Out of curiosity, how much have you had to adjust your writing style to fit the ever changing YA audience (assuming you've had to that is)?
  5. Wow, glad I read this. I was worried about word count, so I thought I would break my novel into two parts. *crumples idea and flings it into the trash* Better to find out now though. Thanks!
  6. I can definitely see this sort of idea for one of the characters. Thanks! Unfortunately, the rest may not be so easily reimagined. One character is very closely associated with fire, and another with rivers.
  7. Ok so next question. My novel is based on an old myth with a race of powerful "elf-like" beings. These beings have limited powers including illusion etc. Anyway, to the point. I was trying to avoid the elemental powers trope. I feel like it's nauseatingly overused. After a little more digging into the myth itself, I found that their powers, and even a few weapons, are rooted in the elements. So, I've been wracking my poor brain to find a new way to re-introduce an old trope that won't have the reader thinking Elementals again? How original...😒. But have come up blank so far. Any thoughts to help me jumpstart my processing on this would be most appreciated!
  8. Instead of wondering, and making wrong assumptions, try asking. I regards to your question, and suggestions, I don't believe that "smaller" or "common" words necessarily compromise quality, although they could depending on the circumstance. The "dumbing down" of readers can't be reduced to the lack of vocabulary, but it is still a major factor. I see a lot of terribly executed themes, watered down plots, and poor character development as major factors along with poor word choice. That being said, I've also read novels lacking in eloquence, but excellently written. While I agree with you that dismissing this won't sell novels (or solve the problem), shouldn't we at least try to elevate the reader while taking this into account? Shouldn't that be part of the adaptation instead of just accepting it because "That's just the way it is"? Maybe that's just the teacher in me. Also, just because it sells, doesn't mean it's quality. As Christians, quality is what we should strive for. Anyway, that is more the intent of my question, and that's why I asked when you suggested we complain less, seeking a way to do something about it and hoping you had some ideas. Still willing to listen.
  9. Sure! Any suggestions that you believe would help the reader without compromising quality?
  10. I hear you. Glad you have a happy ending! Gives the rest of us some hope!
  11. Yep, I get it. You're not the only one. Been suffering from some tick-borne bacteria for at least 7 years. I don't know if you looked into it (I apologize in advance if I'm feeding you information you already know), but something I've heard/read about over and over is how tick-borne illness and mold toxicity go hand in hand. If you are being exposed to mold, your body can't get rid of it due to Lyme's. They work in tandem to lower the immune system, inhibiting its ability to fight either. Lyme's patients tend to stay ill unless they are first removed from the mold exposure. Binders such as Cholestyramine, zeolite, and activated charcoal help to remove the toxins, but if you are constantly exposed to the mold, it's like bailing water from a leaky boat. There are blood and urine tests to check for mold concentrations in the body. I highly recommend getting checked. Reading the Psalms has allowed God to help me immensely. It's easy to relate to the writers who struggled and cried out to God in the midst of their affliction. He upholds with his right arm. Keep crying out to Him. I pray that God will grant you healing! Hang in there!
  12. Did it clear up? Any co-infections? I was told I had Lyme's and underwent a ridiculous course of potent antibiotics to no avail. My new doctor had me tested for mold. Turns out I have elevated levels of Ochratoxin A and she suspects Bartonella. I really, really, really, like hearing successful healing stories. Hoping yours is one of them!
  13. Well, my aim is certainly more than plot and characters. I'm trying to convey the destructiveness of jealousy and what true love actually looks like -romantic and agape-versus the current/historical trend of pushing sex and emotional highs. Just hoping I can do it well. Any advice you, or others, can provide is most welcome!
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