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  1. Yeah, sane We had TWH and 1 quarter at one point. I can appreciate most any color/breed, but 'pretty is as pretty does' we discovered when it comes to horses.
  2. Funny you should mention that What breed of horse?
  3. To put it in context, some were so long they required a chain running from the knee to the tip of the shoe, lifting it so the poor fashion conscious sap wouldn't trip and fall on his upturned nose.
  4. The best skit by far is Scott Sterling. Hands down.
  5. That's the clencher there! Downright vile when that happens!
  6. Well, I'm really not wanting a debate, but just a few thoughts. At one point in life, I worked a landscaping job, and I was the only female, and they knew I am Christian. The fellows rarely cursed around me, and when they did they apologized. I never said anything. I never gave them so much as a dirty look. They policed themselves. Secondly, many are still reluctant to curse on front of kids, and it's still shocking to here such words come from a small mouth. Granted, this isn't universally true, but it's interesting that we generally still try to
  7. Hm, did you have a wreck on that pony? Afraid of heights? Never liked ponies...cantankerous ol things.
  8. Oh, I don't know, that was pretty much Patroclus's job description in The Iliad. His license plate even read "P10TDEVICE". Anyway, I think it really depends on how you pull it off. I can usually guess if a minor character is going to die off and it's usually because they're poorly developed. A better thought, but much more daring, is to kill off a main character. That's what really seals the deal. That's what helps makes the villian more real to the audience. If no one is safe, then it leaves readers wondering if the protag. will make it.
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