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  1. Yes, yes, I do. Right click, "Synonyms". kathysteinemann.com has some "Word Lists for Writers" such as "200+ Ways to Say "Smart": Word Lists for Writers". They can be helpful
  2. I'd say personal preference comes into play here. If someone likes the story/genre, they're more apt to give glowing reviews...or the exact opposite. Maybe inexperience is a factor too. I found with drawing that's it's easy to find people around who like my art; the same people who say they "can't draw", meaning they actually can't or can't be bothered to try. Their pool of reference is shallow. However, during my college days, I submitted a work of mine to a contest on campus thinking I had a decent shot. Then I saw the other entries...and boy did my work p
  3. I second that. Thanks to all for sharing your experience and wisdom.
  4. I'm familiar with it. @Thomas Davidsmeier introduced me to it actually. Can't say that I'm experienced with it yet, but it's helped me peg down some problems with my scene structure. Impressive! So, how does a newbie find such a group? Any suggestions on groups taking in new/inexperienced members?
  5. Same thing as in same themes/plot? Same writing style?
  6. Those of you who are experienced writers/publishers/editors, what is the one piece of advice you'd give us newbies? That one thing you wish you knew when you got started. I realize some of you may want to list more than one thing. Please cap it at three. Thanks!
  7. Yes, but not while I'm actually writing. I listen while I attempt to sleep. Sometimes, the music helps me create scenes. This one in particular helps to get my creative juices going for my WIP Brian Boru's March Has the magical mixed with the down-to-earth Irish feel. That said, I'm curious to try while I write after reading @Tommie Lyn 's experience with it.
  8. This isn't just a fantasy trope. Mary Sues are everywhere. I don't mind the "pretty/handsome" part so much, though maybe not to the extreme cited in the article. Those things can be balanced out easily as @paulchernoch mentioned with a negative flaw, trait, or habit, but what I don't like is the perfect/ne'er do wrong/always save the day/ learn every skill or power in a mili- second type whose mistakes (if any) are minimal and can be blamed on another character. I'm looking at you, Rey!
  9. Ha! I found it! Please disregard my previous questions in another post regarding this very topic. Glad you're doing better!
  10. There is truth to the term "starving artists".
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