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  1. Greetings. I a writer from Malta and am currently working on the memoirs of a leading exorcist priest. He was mentored by the late Fr Gabriele Amorth the Chief Vatican Exorcist so this book deserves a proper publisher. does any one out there know of any Christian publishers, please not Elm Hill because they are vanity publishers and you have to be ready to pay them over $30,000 for them to publish. I have published works in 16 countries and more recently two books. But this is a specialized theme and my current publishers do not have the right resources to reach the right readers for this material. Anyone wishing to take glimpse of my writing career please visit: www.rayfenech.com Any help, guidance, suggestions or publishers who wish to contact me, my email is on my web site. The book is still in its initial stages and my assistant is still transcribing the content from various digital recordings being sent to me by the exorcist as he is continuously travelling to various countries to exercise his ministry. Thank you all for your help in advance.
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