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  1. I am wondering if there are people out there would mind to join me with a thought and exercise experiment for a brief moment of time?


    I call this "The Uni-mind project".

    The idea of which entails the following guidelines for a story.


    1.) State the topic. "Short story" -  Christian Horror, - biblical based, 10,000 - 20,000 words as a goal for now. -{think +/- 1,000 to 2,000 what ever words a week for a month.}-


    2.) The boundaries are anyone can do anything but change the previous authors statement in the story. (If the guy's name is sarge then it stays .  .we have to deal with it. If they are black, white or even green and a true giant with an angel as a dad and  60 yrs old and from Moron city, Idaho then it is set. But there is nothing saying it is a nick name from his college days. Your thought can be a back ground or today's or a dream or a prophetic future view. (think time line). WHAT CAN YOU/WE  get away with in this. 


    3.) And together build a story on three or more people working off and with each other. 


    Can this work, are you interested in playing with this, as strangers? 

    IT IS after all an experiment here and I think might be fun.

    At the least it is an exercise in writing and thinking outside of the box.  Nothing saying it can't be part 2 or part 3 if something doesn't fit here that is never written.


    I would like your input here and your back ground so as to assign things if needed.

    (ie) We may need an English Nazi (o k, I might need one here). or your a sci-phi, ubber geek or a Sherlock, Scrooge, Capt Kirk crossover type.

    I really do not know here, it is just a though experiment. Let's go play out side the box for a while. 


    Just so you know. Horror = what happened to the person in a given situation. as recorded within the biblical account. NOT bloods and guts and vomit your lunch stuff!

    I am thinking situational and allow the readers own mind to be the horror as they read it. Hitchcock style.


    So . . . My idea is of a Christian horror stories are the following. 


    From the point of view of victim.

    1.) A young man/teenager child of whom ever during the time of Noah.


    2.) Of those left behind on earth from the rapture. Case in point "The demon horde of locus being released from the abyss."


    3.) A person who was released from slavery from out of Egypt.


    4.) If a person from our world time line could go back to "Then" what would they see and deal with.

    Or in other worlds, with full knowledge of now and the scripture - YOU were there one day before the death of Christ.

    What you see and do knowing that he had to die for your sins.


    5.) The person is standing in line waiting for the judgement of Christ and he sees . . . . . ? 


    6.) Insert your idea here__________________. 


    The game is afoot and there is little time to be had. 

    What say you? Have at thee with drawn sward and a bit of grit in your cheek? Sally forth and what Hoe.


    (By the way just why is Sally riding forth anyway?) Couldn't it be Julie or Anne or even Jim doing the riding here? 


    Just me thinking here. 



  2. WOW!

    You're the first to comment on what I have put out. Thank you very much. I am looking for corrections in my thinking or the way I put it out to people. Just because I understand my thinking does not mean I am communicating my thought well in the writing. I may cry in a corner but I need the input and the arguments to what I have said. Your very kind sir. 

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  3. OK. .  .Then ya'lls a southern women and speaking properly and all. I's guess'en. 


    I say that as I am one as well. . . . H'mm - A southern man that is, and NOT a women to correct myself here. 


    And yep. my jokes are a bit odd when I read them on line. Please forgive me. 

    So what do write about?

    Don't tell me. Barns and Noble have offered you a deal for your short stories series and three novels.

    (Coming to a books store near you in, 2020).

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  4. @Sarah Daffy


    Hmmm. This message thing is a  new thing for me here. Live and learn . . . 


    Thank you for your kind words. I hope to be a blessing to you and to others on this site. If in your travels you see where I might improve myself, please feel free to advise me of your thoughts. I can almost take it. (O K where's my box of tissue?) Like I was saying. Your very kind.  

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  5. @Miss Erin

    Forgive me here but I feel like I should address you as a teacher with the title of "Miss Erin". A

    Are you one? 

    If so what do you teach? English I hope or is it creative writing?

    I ask, as I might be in need of a good red pen and a sad face sticker on my papers some times. 

    If you are not one . .tis a pleasure to meet you my dear and thank you for the response. Very kind of you.

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  6. M. H. I. Good night, I found another with an open mind !  !  !


    My hat is off to you for having the spiritual incite here.

    Love the series and the butch macho,  cheesy,  over the top - ("Just a flesh wound Sgt. . .I'll sow it up later because I'm busy at the moment killing evil things in the world.") attitude. 

    Please to forgive. . . I do not know Robert Heinlein.  

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  7. Sinning and your Salvation.


     A friend of mine once ask me “How can I know if I am saved when I keep having the sin in my life? Sin, that I do not want to do but do it anyway and I just can’t stop.”

    That was a fare question. I thought about it and asked the Lord for his help in the matter. I asked my friend that if you turn the question around what it is saying to you.


    He looked at me not understanding, so I went on.


    How do you know that you sin?  Is it because of God or Satan telling you? Trying to point the being / person behind the voice out to him. 


    He answered me saying, I think sometimes it is both.


    OK, good. Now, what is said to you in the conversation?


    He told me that he didn’t understand.


    What do you hear or feel or know when you go through this? Is it “You’re a dirty filthy piece of garbage, “You’re” a pathetic looser” or something else?

    Yea, I hear that and feel that. he said.


    Then if you didn’t “Know Christ”, I replied, why would Satan tell you something like that? If, you did not know Christ. Then, that would mean you were going to hell and if, in your life you “Sinned” as you say, wouldn’t he go out of his way “NOT” to tell you? Because, if he did then he would trying to keep you from hell. But that is not his goal here is it?


    The light clicked on in his understanding of the situation. I then asked, why is it that committing the sin bothers you so much?


    Because I know that is something God’s does not want me to do. He told me.


    So you feel guilty? I asked.


    Yes, I do. He answered me looking at his hands.


    Then that is a good thing. Because you ARE guilty buddy. He looked at me with a bit of resentment. Hey look I am trying to be honest but I am not accusing you either. I am trying tell you the truth to help you - not dig my cleats into you to make you feel worse. If you were not guilty then that would be false guilt and that is easily dealt with even in human standards. Yet it is God’s Spirit that moves you to confess you sin here. This is a Spiritual thing here.


    Think of the Holy Spirit as a big Spiritual cop and when he is talking to you, then you’re in the interrogation room with the light of his Glory in your eyes just like a table lamp in an old black and white noir movie. I acted out the scene dramatically and putting on an Irish accent.


    “OK, Mugs’, we got you on the camera committing the crime. We’ve got your finger prints at the scene of the crime and your DNA all over the place. Tell us the truth and make your life easier for you in the long run. You did it and you enjoyed it didn’t you, DIDN’T YOU me boy’oh! . . . Right outside we’ve got either a lawyer or the D.A. waiting for ya. It’s up to you now. Just sign the confession and we can work a deal.”


    The light was moved out of his eyes and to the table where a typed piece of paper was laid in front of him. It was a detailed account of what happened that night. Down even to what he was thinking. All Mugs’ had to do was to sign it and move forward from there. Moments passed by, he noted the air condition had been turned off and the temp was going through the roof along with his chances of beating this rap. Beads of sweat roll down his back and across his face as he stared back at the big cop sitting across the table from him staring him down –he wasn’t giving an inch. The cop’s goon squad, Mike and Gab. stood against the back wall with sweat stains under their arms pits and their shirts sleeves rolled up, it looked like they were itching for me to do som’n.


    “So Do som’n for crying out loud why don’t ya already!” Gab. yelled. The big cop just sat there looking at me, for God know how long.


    Mike just stood there cracking his knuckles with his arms stretching his shirt sleeves threating to rip the seams apart. “Yea Mugs’” he said, Go on and do som’n good for yourself for once in your life. He smiled at me. He smiled like I was a bag of Lay’s potatoes chips and he was hungry, and you can’t just have one? Can you?”


    I looked at my friend and said “To confess in the Hebrew, is to admit the truth or agree with what is being said about the situation. That is why we have the terms of Beating the truth out of a person or Beating a confession out of the person in our crime book of the 1950’s and 60’s. You see, you and I have either; Satan, the guy that has you in the back alley trying to kill you or take your money after his goons break your fingers, arms and legs. Or, God’s Holy Spiritual cop that want’s a confession so Jesus your lawyer can take your place and get you off before the judge. After that you’re in the witness protection program. So to speak.” 


                What this comes down to, if you were part of Satan’s gang of thugs. Then going to the whore house or drug bin or even roughen up some mug that owed you some money then he wouldn’t even be bothered by you. But because you are God’s property all he can do is lie to you, try and steal from you maybe even try and kill you. But just remember the Holy Spirit’s Goon squad that walks by your side all of the time. They wouldn’t be there and the Holy Spirit wouldn’t call you on the carpet from time to time if you were not his. So just relax, your safe.


    P. S. from the goon squad behind


    “Yea,” Mike said taking his shirt off showing the battle harden scars on his chest and putting on his tunic.


    “Ole, me and Gabriel here got your back. And that itch I got, he said flexing his muscles? Well let’s put it this way. I’ll be scratching that itch real soon with Satan himself and his gang. So go out and have yourself a coke and a bag of chips on me.”  


    “Hey yo, Michael.” Gabriel said as he walked up. “I picked up that trumpet you wanted.”

  8. Hmmm. This is odd for me as I have not done this before. 


    Greetings to one and all dear sirs and madams, I bid thee a most "welcome".


    I am Charles Beanland, age 58, living in Alaska on the island of Kodiak for now. I am reaching out to whomever that might respond so I might find an iron to sharpen myself on without getting metal splinters. I am ex navy, an ex husband and an ex southern boy from Florida. I cannot stop the stories from going through my head, but I have problems getting anyone to give me a good argument - improvement - encouragement - or just a good pat on the head saying "now there's a good boy ." and to be honest I fear the quick kick in the pants if I messed up. I have many stories as I have had time to write them and very few that are complete. Sadly. Thus my reason for asking for help.


    I write fiction in the line of "what if", in my thinking, and like to try and make the reader think.

    I was in Colorado Springs years back and a publisher told me that I need a good English course to build or rebuild what is missing in my life. In 2013 -2015 I took a few English 101 course and creative writing classes. I enjoyed them very much but the liberal views of the Collage was something that was a big disappointment to encounter. Silly me for not looking before I leaped. I also write my thought experiments or essays of my ponderings to work things out as I go through them. I would like either a good argument and why you feel that way so I may understand you thinking on the matter. I prefer a "two thumbs up" instead but that is wishful thinking on my part. 


    I have attached one of many essays with this ( I think) If I have attached it right. To start things off and see with whom I am going to be dealing with. Please be gentle as I do not want to spend my time alone on the corner crying and wishing for someone to give me a hug to make it all better.

    In my time alone out in the wilds of Alaska, (A remote caretaker of lodges), I have had time to research, think, and play with the idea of things. So, now I think on the deep side. And as I like to say, -{If you are trying to think outside of the box, why not just get rid of the box to begin with?}-  


    YES! My humor is good sounding to me as I write this, but it may not come across as I wish it to be in paper/computer.

    And if you can find it in your heart . . ."Please to forgive If I offend thee" as Puck woulds say in Shakespeare.




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