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  1. What is the age and time of this story? What is the race she comes from? Where does she live as a country and/or state? These are the titles you input to find a closer item of what you want. Also use "famous story names"or theater, plays - of . . . I would look up main cites of said place for their online phone book to see real use of names with secondary and last names thrown in to see how things flows. Remember cities as built on ethnic heritage from the past. Go back in history to the 1960's and earlier phone books for older names - (she was named after grand or great aunt and the like). Blessings.
  2. Men, love your wives. Ephesian 5: 25-33 All scripture is given for reproof and encouragement. With that in mind I would like to explore the idea of A-dam both the first and the last who loved theirs wives for our example. First off, just how do I love my wife as he did or perhaps, like they did? The scripture of the word of God being written by the Spirit of his Holiness clearly states that Yeshua/Jesus is the second A-dam. Thus, it is not out of order to say that the first A-dam is like Christ. But in what way one might ask here? Trying to explore a line of reasoning I came across, I wish to present to you my thoughts on the matter and see if it is sound reasonable to go down this road or turn around. So let us begin. We know that Yeshua, the second A-dam, did indeed die for the church, his bride. He love her so much he gave his life up as a ransom to redeem her from the punishment of her crimes before the almighty God. So just what did the first A-dam do for his wife, his bride how did he love his bride and what did he do for her to show her his love for her? In the first beginning; The Spirit of his Holiness wrote down that Yeshua, as God created mankind as a male and as a female. The first A-dam, (Red earth or clay), was made in the image of God. His bride, Eve (Mother of all living), was made in the image of A-dam from his side. Thus out of A-dam came his bride. Just as in the second beginning; The Spirit of his Holiness recorded for us that the second A-dam, God as the man Yeshua (Safety), was made in the image of man. His bride (the ecclesia or called out by him), was made to be conformed to the image of the Christ, Yeshua. So, in the first beginning we see Eve being talked into eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. A-dam was by her and said nothing. Why? I think it because it was her choice to do so. She had total and complete free will in the matter. If she did not then it would not have been a temptation. A-dam being in the image of God did not over ride her will or take her will away, because that would take away her freedom in the matter. (Just like God does with us.) Thus she was free to do what she wanted and deal with the consequences. He love her too much to take away her free will rom her. But once she did yield to the temptation she fell and A-dam saw her in her fallen state. He still loved her and he had not fallen yet so his love was untainted and pure as God’s was. A-dam love her so much that he could not stand to be without her, even if it meant she was in a fallen state he still completely and totally loved her. But how was he to bring her back from her fallen state? The truth was that he couldn’t. So what was he to do? A-dam chose to be with her even if it meant to be fallen with her. In God’s provision and his knowledge of knowing the end from the beginning he knew that if A-dam hadn’t done this there would not have been the opportunity for her to be redeemed. It was in his joining her that she had children and in the children the redeemer came into the world. Thus fulfilling the saying within scripture, 1 Timothy 2:15, “The woman is save through child birth” in a sense. The second A-dam had a similar problem in his life. His love his bride (The ecclesia). He saw that she had fallen and needed to be brought back from her fallen state. He loved her so much that he joined her in her fallen state for the purpose of taking on the punishment she deserved onto himself so she didn’t have to. He was able to redeem her to himself and back to God our Father.
  3. I am wondering if there are people out there would mind to join me with a thought and exercise experiment for a brief moment of time? I call this "The Uni-mind project". The idea of which entails the following guidelines for a story. 1.) State the topic. "Short story" - Christian Horror, - biblical based, 10,000 - 20,000 words as a goal for now. -{think +/- 1,000 to 2,000 what ever words a week for a month.}- 2.) The boundaries are anyone can do anything but change the previous authors statement in the story. (If the guy's name is sarge then it stays . .we have to deal with it. If they are black, white or even green and a true giant with an angel as a dad and 60 yrs old and from Moron city, Idaho then it is set. But there is nothing saying it is a nick name from his college days. Your thought can be a back ground or today's or a dream or a prophetic future view. (think time line). WHAT CAN YOU/WE get away with in this. 3.) And together build a story on three or more people working off and with each other. Can this work, are you interested in playing with this, as strangers? IT IS after all an experiment here and I think might be fun. At the least it is an exercise in writing and thinking outside of the box. Nothing saying it can't be part 2 or part 3 if something doesn't fit here that is never written. I would like your input here and your back ground so as to assign things if needed. (ie) We may need an English Nazi (o k, I might need one here). or your a sci-phi, ubber geek or a Sherlock, Scrooge, Capt Kirk crossover type. I really do not know here, it is just a though experiment. Let's go play out side the box for a while. Just so you know. Horror = what happened to the person in a given situation. as recorded within the biblical account. NOT bloods and guts and vomit your lunch stuff! I am thinking situational and allow the readers own mind to be the horror as they read it. Hitchcock style. So . . . My idea is of a Christian horror stories are the following. From the point of view of victim. 1.) A young man/teenager child of whom ever during the time of Noah. 2.) Of those left behind on earth from the rapture. Case in point "The demon horde of locus being released from the abyss." 3.) A person who was released from slavery from out of Egypt. 4.) If a person from our world time line could go back to "Then" what would they see and deal with. Or in other worlds, with full knowledge of now and the scripture - YOU were there one day before the death of Christ. What you see and do knowing that he had to die for your sins. 5.) The person is standing in line waiting for the judgement of Christ and he sees . . . . . ? 6.) Insert your idea here__________________. The game is afoot and there is little time to be had. What say you? Have at thee with drawn sward and a bit of grit in your cheek? Sally forth and what Hoe. (By the way just why is Sally riding forth anyway?) Couldn't it be Julie or Anne or even Jim doing the riding here? Just me thinking here.
  4. Thank you for your kindness in liking what I have written the other day. Looking forward to your thoughts on what I have in my head/paper.


    In Christ alone.

    1. Love


      You're very welcome. 

  5. WOW! You're the first to comment on what I have put out. Thank you very much. I am looking for corrections in my thinking or the way I put it out to people. Just because I understand my thinking does not mean I am communicating my thought well in the writing. I may cry in a corner but I need the input and the arguments to what I have said. Your very kind sir.
  6. @Bob Leone Thank you fellow artist and author. Someday i hope to grow up and be like you in Christ as you follow him in his walk on this earth. In the mean time I will hope that what I can do for him is something that will please him.
  7. @Claire Tucker Why thank you little one. You are kind and full of mercy to reply to my efforts of reaching out to someone out thing in the great beyond.
  8. OK. . .Then ya'lls a southern women and speaking properly and all. I's guess'en. I say that as I am one as well. . . . H'mm - A southern man that is, and NOT a women to correct myself here. And yep. my jokes are a bit odd when I read them on line. Please forgive me. So what do write about? Don't tell me. Barns and Noble have offered you a deal for your short stories series and three novels. (Coming to a books store near you in, 2020).
  9. The Letter: It was on the morning of Christmas that the President found the letter. Walking in the room without turning on the lights he caught his breath at the site that was before him. The tree was lit up with all of the lights, decorations and tinsel, a fire was going in the fire place with the crackling of fresh pine cones, burning, scenting the air with the smell of the forest. A single window was open a little letting in a crisps breeze of the morning. The large lawn outside was filled with the lights of Christmas giving him the feel of an odd Rockwell painting in his mind. Mistletoe adorned the mantel, door frames and window ledges. The white little berries glistened with the light of the fire. They cascaded down the edges of the wood they were fasten to, the president smiled at the lore of those things. (Greeks used to set them up because they believed they held a fertility magic in them because of the creamy, white liquid that came from them when the berries were crushed, (the male seed), and if you kissed under them they would be insured the birth of a child in a years’ time.) Pictures of the friends and family had been place about the room reminding everyone of the love they had surrounding them. The children’s toys where were they had played with them the night before. A handmade doll from the Lapland lay in the chair with a silver spoons set from England on the end table where Caroline had left it for John. The large bouquet of deep red roses the president had given her still stood on the table in the vase with his note beside the glass. The president walked around the furniture to be surprised to see nothing under the Christmas tree. The presents that had been place under it the night before where missing. Jackie (his wife) and the children (Caroline and John Jr.) would be down soon so he had to move as quickly as possible. How in God’s green earth did all those presents disappear? This was a joke he thought – it had to be! As he thought more on the after effects of this joke the more he became to dislike the person who wanted to pull it off, then did it. He gathered the secret service men to him then had them start the investigation. It was only a few day until the New Year’s Eve party of 1962/3. He felt the fool for doing it but what choice did he have here. The leader of the most powerful free nation of the world and he can’t find the Christmas presents. Good luck explaining that to people. “Gee, I am sorry Prime minister; I can handle the Cuban missile crisis but not a gift for you and your wife.” He wondered what Bobby would think of his older brother now? The letter was written on a long flat parchment in a strange script reminiscent of the ancient Chinese calligraphy. The white house was effectively locked down to search for the intruders and the presents. The vice president was woken with his family and placed under guard. Lyndon Johnson gave the president a call to be apprised of the situation and hung up only a few moments later. A master linguistic was being brought in to decipher the letter. As the president sat in his rocking chair and thought about the morning and the letter, he looked at it more and more. The paper was strange as though it wasn’t paper at all. It seemed more like it had been spun, as though it was a spider’s web knitted like a rug or garment as though it was a new form of silk, (“China” he thought), made large enough to make things out of it when but together. The writing was by a sharp instrument with the ink an odd purplish because he could see the scratch marks where it had torn through the surface of it leaving strings up from the surface. The ink had a (he thought) “Humm?” a shiny quality about it he guessed. It was as though it might glow if held to a light. Before the linguistic man came in he walked into a closet and turned off the light but it didn’t do anything that he could tell. Extra present were brought in for the children from the other staff and replaced what was missing. Caroline was pulled off to the side while the children had their breakfast and was told about the morning. About an hour later the letter’s cipher code was broken for the most part and he said that it was from people called the “Far-estry men” as best as he could tell. It said, Mr. President: We have the fat elf-guy and will do him no harm if he would give them what they wanted but the rain deer are toast, – sorry! They’re lunch and dinner for the next couple of night. The presents would be returned to them on a forth night after the New Year if all was kept proper and in good order along with the elf having slimed down a bit. In the meantime between now and then he (the president) was to issue an edict to the nation that a city was to be place off limits to his people. They were to leave the city unharmed and never to return for it would be theirs as they won that city a long time ago. The city of San Francisco, California There was mentioned of the earth quake of 1906 and the theft and something else about war. The rest would have to take some time because of the strange dialect that it had, they told the president. The president asked if he knew of any information of the “Far-estry men” and he told the president that he had not heard of anyone by that name. Caroline came to her mother later that day and during the course of the visit she told Caroline, that she had found a book in her room tagged with Her name on it and it was signed: “A friend of “The Fat guy”. Jackie looked at the book and showed it to her husband. It was a hand bond, earthy brown with deep green and shades of purple staining through the leather cover with hand stamped images. There were two borders that surrounded the outside edge with images of a group of people underground. On the spine of the book there were the same strange letting as the letter he found. The book’s back had an image of a person holding up its hand before its face with things around and behind it, next to it there was what appeared to be a thing with a face smiling at you. The cover was thick enough so the image could be seen in high relief and it changed its appearance as you moved the book in the light. Inside, there were hand drawn images with more of their script. The president told Caroline that he was going to have it translated so he could read her the stories so he was going to have to keep it for a while. This satisfied the child and she looked forward to her new book with all of the pretty pictures. He told the secret service agent to insure that something was made up in lue of what might be found in there. After two days the president was handed a file of what the CIA had on the Far-estry people. The name came of an old Gallic term and was bastard-ised when it was translated to modern English. It was the Fairy folk. The ink had properties they could not give an account for and MI-8 of England knew about them as a real threat. It would also seemed that the “Fat-elf” comment was on the real Santa Clause and the story about him living in the north pole was a rouse to thrown people off his trail. His real place was a closely guarded secret that no one was willing to speak about. If someone needed to get a hold of the guy then somehow and in some way he would show up to help within 24 hours after the request was put out to the governments at large. The guy was real? Well I’ll be . . . Sitting down in his office and his favorite rocking chair he spent closed to three hours going over the information the CIA had gathered. The stories of our folk tales were more real than anyone had thought to give credit to. While many stories were wrong, and downright stupid “like the tooth fairy”. Evidence of the fairy folk was not. He saw the name they were called in disbelief. He knew their name and had enjoyed the play named after them; they defeated the rat king for God’s sake. He just shook his head at the absurdity of it all. How could this be real he thought to himself! How? He went on reading the file, they existed in an ethereal plane of life and because of this they thought they could not be fought against. Some had taken pictures of the fairy folk army but none of the folk themselves. When there were mass swarms of plagues of animals attacking whole cities it was most likely caused by the fairy folk. The black plague of Europe, which was started by the push of the Mongolian hoard/empire from China under Genghis Khan, was one of those hidden stories of histories. Genghis Khan was born in 1162 and by the time he was in his forties he had amassed an army of fear and strength. They started out 1206 and they ended their march in 1294 by his army, stopping just short of the western European empire. They had displaced the fairy folk of their land and started a war with them. The fairy folk gathered their armies and either used or infected/possessed the rats of the country to swarm against the human kind. Some think that it was the plague by the fairy folk that caused all of the damage to the hoard and crippled them from conquering the rest of Europe by killing the family descendants and generals after Genghis died in 1227. The “Bubonic plague that killed tens of millions Europeans in the 14th Century was left by the fairy folk to kill the rest of the humans because the fairy folk though they were all the same. Western Europe had a slow march of insane rats coming their way from 1294 and by the time it was 1348 whole nations fell. They started to burn all the rats they could and that helped end the plague. Even today there small pockets of the plague that crops up now and again mainly because someone pissed off a colony of fairy folk. The following are two pictures that captured two of the fairy solders on film. The first one was found on a stuffed horse trying to infect or possess it. It would seem there is evidence that these creatures do have some magic about them and can and do take over animals and humans of our world. The second is from the same museum that captured one trying to take over a stuffed dog and was using a bee to sting it to waking up. What is Unknown about the fairy folk is the level of intelligence, the solders or worker bees, seem to be the least intelligent of the bunch, in fact some seem to border on flat out being stupid. In our modern times, especially over in England they seem to have taken a fancy to possess the humans. They (the humans) become obsessed with magic and the worship of the spirits, animals and trees of the earth. There is a marked physical change to the humans. Taking on what most would think as tattoos and skins dyes, then later on the bodies would transform into animalistic looking appearance. Eyes having become extremely dark either deep red to deep purple, The ears having becoming pointed with the nose and lips becoming feline in shape and ending with their toes and fingers having become claw like and in length, the finger nails notably. The president close the file and prayed for the wisdom to handle this. How on earth could he tell an entire population of a city to just leave and then cordon off the city so no one would ever come back in? It was impossible, there was always people trying to take advantage of what was out there. And this was free housing and business ripe for the taking. Who could pass that up and why would you in the first place? That area had the drugged out and the youth just waiting for someone, anyone to lead them. They were lemmings for the most part. Their parents were O K but the kids, that was something else. Either now or later this country would be at war with these creatures and who knows what they had in their arsonal in today's times. Hell ! He told himself, first there was Korea and now Vietnam and then there was the Russia and Cuba thing just a few months ago, now this in December. The president chief of staff (Kenneth O’Donnell) came in and informed him they had found what appeared to be Santa Clause. It took only a few hours with the help of the state department and those that came in from England having taken the lead on this. The Santa Cause had been found in an abandoned theater in the city of D.C. Dancing the Nutcracker suite, he had died of exhaustion continually dancing and never once stopped for all those days. Even his dead body was dancing a jig to the nut cracker musical. It stopped when the music was turned off. John Fitzgerald Kennedy knew what he had to do that night. At first light America would be at war. At war with the most evil creatures he now knew to exsistance. The Sugar Plum Fairies. Over the course of the next many months they were able to fight them but the losses were great. The new media was put into the closet and was never allowed to know of just what was happening. On February 11, of 1963 the president created the Domestic Operations Division of the CIA to combat the fairy war here in the United States. This one act had ramification that would go on into the coming years like a bell reverberating around a church stone walls. It ended with the internment of the sugar Plum fairies being imprisoned under Alcatraz Island in San Francisco during the summer of that year. Later on, a rouge assassin from the fairy folk would be in Texas waiting, waiting for the president to feel safe and confident enough to take a ride down the highway with the top down. You remember the magic bullet theory don’t you? Well their not just whistling Dixie there. That’s why there are still unanswered question. We’re at war with them from those that have escaped to flourish in our world. Some days we win and others we lose. Allow me to leave you with this to ponder late at night on as you go about your lives in the quiet of the world. Have you ever noticed the animals and the insanity they do? How they suddenly beach themselves from the ocean, birds falling from the sky without notice or rhyme. The swarm of locus, gathering and feeding on the feed of our crops or the mice and rats, gathering again and again to swarm into our cities. Look it up why don’t you. You have google.com, just put the question in there and see for yourselves. It’s the fairies infecting them. Haven’t you ever wonder why little Jack Horner put his thumb into the pie and pulled out a plum. Will it wasn’t because it was fruit. It’s the only way to kill them creatures. “Fire” You see they were trapped inside and he baked them in an oven. He was one of us, fighting them.
  10. @Chuck Kralik Hmmm. I see I have to practice doing this message thing here. Please to forgive me here. Thank you Chuck. Your very kind. I hope to be a blessing to you.
  11. @Sarah Daffy Hmmm. This message thing is a new thing for me here. Live and learn . . . Thank you for your kind words. I hope to be a blessing to you and to others on this site. If in your travels you see where I might improve myself, please feel free to advise me of your thoughts. I can almost take it. (O K where's my box of tissue?) Like I was saying. Your very kind.
  12. @jonjovi Well aren't you welcoming here. Thank you very much. I hope we can be of encouragement to each other and a blessing to those around us on this site.
  13. @lynnmosher Your a bright ray of son shine in a cloudy world. Thank you for the light so I may know my way. -{I keep stubbing my toes and it is getting old . . And it makes for wearing shoes difficult at times.}- ANYTHING you might want to tell me then have at it. I may not like it but it is the only way to grow.
  14. @HK1 Well it is nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words and I hope that we will be of great blessing to one another and to others in Christ.
  15. @Alley Your very sweet to greet me with your invite to this world of Christian encouragement and accountability.
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