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  1. Thank you so much for the welcome! Lynn, I cheerfully accept the nickname SJ. Sure beats the name my brother-in-law called me for a decade: Sara-Sideways. Why? I still don't know. Erin, good luck starting your blog. It felt overwhelming to me at first, but it's been over a year now and I think things are falling into place. Takes a while to figure out your niche, your style, the look for your brand, and for a momentum of followers to build. (Not that I have a ton, but it's growing.) I think you'll like it. Happy Monday, everyone!
  2. Hi everyone I've just discovered this group/website. I'm excited to share my writing somewhere other than my blog. (www.saralivingfree.com) Thanks to all who have already been so welcoming to a newbie. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning how to interact here. Thanks. Sara Jane
  3. Sooooo new. What is Meet and Greet? I can't find it.
  4. "We have to see God in everything." Yes! I agree. Some may think I see him too much, but I don't care. Even the bunny hopping across my lawn is God's way of saying "Hi" to me. I like your story. You may enjoy a kind of similar walking story where I talked to a woman on the side of the road - it's a bit crazy, but also joyful. (https://saralivingfree.com/2019/10/27/why-youll-never-regret-obeying-god/)
  5. This is so encouraging. Yes, God deserves praise. I would go even further and say that He deserves praise not only for what He's done for me, but because of who He is. So, when I am suffering and I feel like I have little to thank him for, I can still praise Him because He is good!
  6. She would not tolerate the abuse any longer. After weeks of harsh treatment at the hands of Sarai, her owner, Hagar had finally devised a plan to run away. Late at night, when most everyone in the camp was asleep, Hagar lay ready and waiting. She peeled herself up from a thin sleeping mat and slipped her tanned feet into a pair of walking sandals that stood beside the bed. Stretching her arm out to the left, she felt along the length of the blanket until her fingers eventually reached a heavy outer-garment coiled neatly at the foot of the bed. Standing, Hagar wrapped the thick fabr
  7. Pursuing freedom in Christ and sharing true stories of everyday faith. This blog is about your freedom and mine. It’s about encouraging one another, laughing at real-life stories, crying about real-life hurts, and finding the freedom to simply be who we’re made to be – because every person is unique and treasured. Let's learn to be free together! 😊
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