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  1. Thanks for your warm welcome. I feel great to be part of loving people. Thanks! Iffat Tariq
  2. Hi Its been long time i came back here. I was crazily busy because of corona situation. but thank God who is in control in all circumstances and situation. and we can trust in Him when things are going worse. praise God for his love and Grace. I m also thankful to God who gave me opportunity to write an article on Education. Iffat Tariq
  3. What is the role of Education? Particularly this article is written for my country Pakistan.. Though its presents the situation of Pakistan but rules are same for the whole world . Hope this effort would fruitful for many more.
  4. Hey do you know urdu? Where are you from?
  5. Give thanks to the holy one. The perfect lamb of God. Thanks for Grace and Marcy which is same forever.
  6. Hi JukieJ its good to meet you. I m from Pakistan.
  7. Hi Sara Its good to know about you. I m very impressed how much you are enthusiastic for writing. I got inspiration from you write something again. Thanks iffat
  8. Hi I m Urdu story writer. I loved to be part of your club. I wrote some story books before 6 years. After getting married and having 3 younger children I got totally forgot that writer who is living in me. But as I have come to know you the writer which is hidden in me some where now awake and wish to write again for the glory of God.
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