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  1. Jared, Send what format you have and I'll see if I can use it. I have several conversion tools I can use. I saw your prayer request and will be praying for you. Craig
  2. Jared, A word doc formatted file works best for me if that is okay. This allows for in-line comments and all. Let me know if something else works better for you. Craig
  3. Jared, Can you send the file to my email address. ch875299@gmial.com or I you might be able to post it here and I'll download it from the site. Not sure what the size limits are though. I'll make sure to get started on it this week and get you some feedback. Craig
  4. I'd be interested in helping with this. What is the word count and the intended audience?
  5. Thank you all for the welcome. I'm looking forward to getting involved with the group. I guess, time to dig in.
  6. I found this group by accident and wanted to check it out. I live in Oklahoma City (OKC) but actually out in the rural area. OKC covers a lot of ground. Anyway, I live here with my wife of 44 years and am retired Air Force. We lived over 20 years in Germany and the UK and came back to the US in 2005. My day job is a Computer Systems Analyst and I currently work for DELL under contract with a major Aircraft Corporation. Before this I worked with the US Department of Defense and our Intelligence Agencies. All told over 45 years in the IT world. I started writing novels several years
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