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  1. I think staying consistent is key. In rough draft I tend to switch from past tense to present tense but editing can fix those parts.
  2. Oh forgot to say that I got a nurse part of my support team. I will be seeing her tomorrow before work. Hopefully we can figure out if I need a sooner doctor appointment or not. My thigh has really been bothering me today for some unknown reason.
  3. Apparently there are some people who might hate me as they are always talking bad about me to my boyfriend. I asked him who are they? Not to name them but to have him to realize who. The source of the naysayers talk. I asked so that he will think about who are they to change his opinion. My mum is almost always telling me after I complain about Naysayers is to consider the source. I am trying to remember who are they and why do their opinions matter to anyone? I understand it is best to pick my battles as not every battle is winnable or worth my time. I guess I need to remember not to leave my Bluetooth keyboard in my mum’s car and that the only person who has an opinion that matters is the same One a lot of people hate for unknown reasons or something. I guess it is not my job to correct everything someone says bad about me but to pray for them.
  4. Thank you for the support. I am at a mall’s food court trying to get into writing my story instead of thinking about food. I am currently pretty much broke when it comes to spending money. I left my dollar and change at home. (Not that I can get much at a mall food court with a dollar and change.) Why am I at a mall’s food court with no money? Because that is where I work. I am a cashier at one of the restaurants in the this food court. As for my age, I am 36 but I guess that means in April I will turn 37, though I sometimes think I age backwards since last year so I would be 35 or 34 but nope, I am afraid I am fast approaching the big 4-0. I was going to say something but I forgot what that was. I left home in a hurry and forgot my water bottle and my watch. Am I rambling?
  5. Of course, something bizarre I thought of that might or might not work depending on the genre. Let the character “die” but the EMS (or other explanation) bring the character back to life. That is apparently used a lot in soap operas, I think as I do not watch them. They are usually on when I am not at home. I saw a movie with that premise, but I forgot its name. Basically an atheist “dies” in a car accident that was his fault because he was drunk while driving. He is rushed to the hospital where they did something that brought him back to life. He had a near death experience with seeing his dead son before brought back to life. I think that movie was called something about let there be light. Unless it was a different movie with same actor.
  6. I enjoy writing a mixture of sci-fi/urban fantasy/etc stuff. I hope to write with subtle Christian themes but more like Tolkien’s Middle Earth or CS Lewis’ Narnia mixed with Sci-FI and Urban fantasy. My Main Character (MC) is Izabella “Izzy” Wolf. She lives in a group home that allows small pets as long as they are either neutered or spayed. Though there is debate if her iguana needs to be spayed or not. (Spoiler alert the iguana is actually a baby dragon, probably a Royal Whiptail Riding Dragon.) For a while I was worried that I would make up a wrong type of dragon but then remembered as long as I am consistent with dragon type naming it does not matter what I come up with.
  7. Without going into too much details as it is getting late, I am in a frustrating time in my life. Things were worse in the past I know. I hope for better things in the future but I cannot tell the future. i struggle with depression which some suicidal thoughts come with it. It is more like I wish I was dead and in heaven where there is no more pain not I have a plan to end my life. Also I have a mysterious pain in right hip joint which bothers me when walking up or down stairs or getting in or out of vehicles. I have a doctor appointment at end of the month. I keep asking my support team to re-evaluate my diagnosis as I do not know what is wrong with me. i just got a temp ban at another forum. I am still not sure what I did wrong but will find out more in a week I guess. I think I need to go to bed soon but one mote thing. I am a struggling writer who has a lot of ideas but no finished work, but now is bed time.
  8. Oh I have seen a few episodes of Jodie and do not any major problem that the other doctors would not have. Then I do not have problems with gender bending in fictional sense which could be a natural reaction to that alien race. Some fish are gender benders as in they were male then they organically change to female. I see that different from a guy wants his doctor to make him a she but transgender is not gender bending in my mind. assuming that was the issue of Jodie. My issue was not with Jodie but Peter Capaldi’s first few episodes. I think they were written for Matt Smith but Peter has a different acting style than Matt in my opinion.
  9. Or even have the multiverse reinvent itself every so often. That tends to muddle up the plot some though. Though even with that plot device the main story themes need to stay similar or cost the audience and fandom. Of course that all depends on the genre written. Historically accurate fiction is not the same as time travel back into history.
  10. In real life, I have been told about this. I understand that someone could change a legal document from written in 2020 to 2014 or something else. What does the scammer get for changing the year of the document. I know if I had a checkbook and wrote out a check for 1/10/20 but what good would adding 2 extra digits to make the check look like it was written in 2016 or other year? A bizarre thought came to mind why was writing 19 instead of 2019 not an issue for similar reasons? So a random date of 8/13/19 becomes 8/13/1994 or something like that?
  11. Hmmm interesting problem. Without knowing the genre or any more information than the first post, I have found myself in the past writing myself to a dead end. Is all of this unpublished so far or is there parts published? If you can edit. The unpublished parts to include a way out? Just add little bit like a sentence here or there. I guess I am a plantser which means to me that I write at the seat of my pants but when I do not write I plan in my daydreams. I also do not mind going back through my work to add a sentence or so that will help the story flow better I hop.
  12. I just got banned from a forum with my rambling. I think it was rambling about a banana, but I am confused. I meant a fruit but I think it got missunderstood.
  13. Um, I missed something. I am not current with Doctor who as my adhd makes it hard for me to finish movies and tv shows. Did something bad happen in the episodes I have not seen?
  14. I also dream about restrooms. I learned the hard way nothing good comes from me talking about bathrooms in public forums. I like to write Fantasy/sci-fi but twist it up some. I also like to mix fairy tales into the mix.
  15. I get discouraged a lot too. Right now I am discouraged by something that just happened.. I will not go into that in your thread. It sounds like your life is a bit better than mine for getting things in order. I write fiction but a memoir can be interesting if well written.
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