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  1. Ooh I forgot to say at this moment I feel a calm that I cannot explain. It is nothing I did to get it nor did I have it earlier. I do not know how long this calm will last. I just feel calm yet tired and exhausted. I do not feel like yelling or anything. Just an odd calm.
  2. I want to go to a movie, drink a Coke, and eat popcorn. Well I can watch a movie, but only if it is something I can watch "free" like on Netflix/Disney+/Amazon prime/YouTube/Vudu/already own somehow. I can only watch Vudu movies if I connect my tv to my computer as I have an Amazon FireTV. One of my housemates has my old Fire TV stick which I do not need so I gave it to her. The staff of my home is borrowing my Roku stick (or whatever the little Roku thing is called) There is a TV in the living room for the rest to share and that is a Roku TV. I know I have my computer and my TV so I can find something to do. I am mainly worried about my roommate but right now she is cleaning. She tends to take a lot of naps if she does not have enough stimuli. I think my goldfish's only main challenge is not to beg for too much food from me. I did just get a brand new container of fish food, but they can be greedy especially Charley. They might be wondering why I am near the tank so much of late or they might not put those things together instead just beg for food whenever they think I am watching them. Of course, they do not know it but if something happens to me I do not know what will happen to them. I am their caretaker. Hopefully nothing will happen to me, but I could take this time to do some serious water changes.
  3. Now this is going too far. I am not allowed to walk down the street. I am not allowed to do anything it seems unless it is on the premises of the home.
  4. It is more of a precaution than anyone having the virus. I live in a group home and we do not have a van of our own. We do not have any rides to go anywhere.
  5. Apparently my home is under a quarantine. I am not allowed to go to work this week. No one is really allowed to go anywhere other than taking a walk. I would like prayer for everyone before we all go stir crazy or get cabin fever. At least some of us can go take a walk in the neighborhood.
  6. It was closed last weekend and will be closed this weekend but not sure about the next weekend?
  7. Interesting. It says that there are ten more hours left but right now I do not have a good reason to get it.
  8. She passed away during the night. Now I have no living grandparents.
  9. She is not going to hospice according to new info, she is going to a hospital room instead. I hope she recovers so her soul can still be saved.
  10. I do not like Mr Boomburg or whatever his name is. From what I understand he is pro-abortion and possibly other stuff too.
  11. I forgot my password for this forum but just remembered the reset password feature. I also got my computer back but need to reinstall word on it to start back writing.
  12. I just got a text from my mum that my grandmother (her mum) had fell. I would like someone to pray for her. Not just for her physical well being but for her soul too.
  13. Had someone complain about the skin color of EJ (the character in the painting). Now I am looking at the painting to see if the skin is right for the character.
  14. Oh I forgot to say any updates. I went to the doctor last Friday. There is not much that I can do about my leg. I also fell down last week or the week before while going up some stairs too fast. I bruised my left knee. My doctor suggested trying to hem my pants and to lose some weight. I think I gained about ten pounds since the last visit. Also having other issues. Got a boyfriend and I am being accused of manipulating him. I am not sure how to react with that. Normally I would think that boyfriend issues would be keeping myself pure not this. I am not sure what is going on, but I got to go to work as I start in 4 minutes. As things get better, other things get worse and confusing.
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