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  1. I used to suffer from deep depression, but God delivered me from it. I wrote a blogpost about it recently - "Escaping from the Houdini Handcuffs of Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Thoughts" As far as depression and creativity being linked, Canadian singer/songwriter Robb Nash has noticed a similar pattern. He talks about it and how to combat it in this (amazing) video - Dream: World Changers: Robb Nash
  2. Two of my books, Silvyn’s Tale and The Beauty and the Throne have updated covers! The Beauty and the Throne cover received just a little touch-up, the biggest change being the color of the title font going from red to yellow. But the cover for Silvyn’s Tale was completely redone! I love the changes! Silvyn’s Tale also received a brand new back cover description, which I will post below for those who want to check it out. If you haven’t read one or both of these books, they are available from Amazon in paperback and ebook formats! Links below! If you have already bought one or both
  3. Hello, fellow writers! My adventure/romance novel, Rescued, book 1 in the Heirs of Redemption series, is FREE on Kindle ebook from now through Monday, February 24! Here is the link if anyone is interested in checking it out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077PYSQX1 This webpage gives a bit more information about the book: https://www.saranicole2612.com/rescued.html And here is the back cover description: A chance meeting in the woods leads to something more than friendship between Peter the penniless woodsman and Lady Olivia of the House of Thomas, daughter of the most powerf
  4. I'm so sorry to be posting this so late; my ebook of Silvyn's Tale has actually been free all weekend, but there's still time to snatch it! The free promo ends tomorrow (Tuesday, January 28) at midnight. Here's the link! https://www.amazon.com/Silvyns-Tale-Legend-Kiwaft-Book-ebook/dp/B083Z3X319/ An insider tip: Silvyn's Tale is a story of redemption and transformation. Anyone who's attended public school in the last two or three decades - or knows someone who did - will likely recognize the main character's philosophy on life at the beginning of the story. But the purpose of this b
  5. Silvyn's Tale is now available in paperback too!
  6. I just published Silvyn's Tale, which is the first novel in my series, The Legend of Kiwaft. Silvyn is a gold-tailed merman with a devil-may-care attitude, and his life collides with that of a land-dwelling woman named Graiceyl, who is far more than she at first seems. This story is not an allegory, but there are aspects that are definitely allegorical, for those of you who like finding deeper meanings. *SPOILER ALERT* (Highlight the following sentence to read it.) My sequel to this story is going to be very much an allegory for Jesus's life on earth, and that particular character gets introdu
  7. Welcome! I like your name! Like some others said, I am also hard to offend. I got called "delusional" by an atheist once, and it didn't bother me. Tbh it amused me. I love that your character's iguana is really a baby dragon! That's awesome! Isn't fantasy so much fun to write?! I love creativity. After all, we serve a super creative God! Haha, and now I'm rambling a little bit. So glad to meet you!
  8. Welcome, Craig! Love your motto! Thank you for all your service!
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm new here, thanks to my brother recommending this website to me. I'm looking forward to getting to know this community! I'm an indie-published Christian author, and I've done a bit of freelance editing. I write adventure, romance, and fantasy novels in fiction, and I've written some theological nonfiction. As for the title of this post, Kiwaft is a fantasy world I'm writing, much like Narnia or Middle Earth. I love making things up yet trying to at the same time make the fantasy as realistic as possible (or at bare minimum consistent). I write for myself first, to expl
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