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  1. Thanks, everyone! Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Hello, fellow writers! My adventure/romance novel, Rescued, book 1 in the Heirs of Redemption series, is FREE on Kindle ebook from now through Monday, February 24! Here is the link if anyone is interested in checking it out: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077PYSQX1 This webpage gives a bit more information about the book: https://www.saranicole2612.com/rescued.html And here is the back cover description: A chance meeting in the woods leads to something more than friendship between Peter the penniless woodsman and Lady Olivia of the House of Thomas, daughter of the most powerful baron in the region. Secret rendezvous are put to an end when the lady is kidnapped, and Peter sets out to free her. Yet along the way he finds himself meeting someone from his past, someone he never expected to see again. Someone who causes him more trouble than he could have ever caused himself. Betrayal leads to war, and it is a fight for love as Peter struggles to survive in Olivia's world, a world of beauty and opulence, rivalry, honor, deception, and sacrifice. Soon he comes to realize, Lady Olivia of the House of Thomas is not the only person needing to be RESCUED. I hope everyone is having a wonderful February! God bless!
  3. I'm so sorry to be posting this so late; my ebook of Silvyn's Tale has actually been free all weekend, but there's still time to snatch it! The free promo ends tomorrow (Tuesday, January 28) at midnight. Here's the link! https://www.amazon.com/Silvyns-Tale-Legend-Kiwaft-Book-ebook/dp/B083Z3X319/ An insider tip: Silvyn's Tale is a story of redemption and transformation. Anyone who's attended public school in the last two or three decades - or knows someone who did - will likely recognize the main character's philosophy on life at the beginning of the story. But the purpose of this book is to answer that philosophy with the truth. I in no way condone bullying or harassment of any kind, although it may seem that way at first because this book is written in first person. However, when the gospel takes control, even stubborn bullies can change. 🙌
  4. Silvyn's Tale is now available in paperback too!
  5. That's awesome! I love how God has gifted us all differently and put different passions inside our hearts! It sure makes life more interesting! I totally agree with you about the time loop! What you said sounds just like what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:9-11. I'm very intrigued by your story and your purpose in writing it! It sounds great! South Africa is a fascinating country with a fascinating history, and I'd love to learn more about it. I've heard modern stories about difficulties handling the differences in culture in other countries. For example, in certain place in the Middle East, if you compliment your host on an item he possesses, he will offer to give it to you, even if it is his most valued possession. When you decline, he will offer it again. If you decline again, he will offer it to you insistently. According to culture, he will offer it to you with very insistent and sincere words three times, and if you decline graciously three times, he will drop the matter and all will be well. But if you don't know that and fear you will dishonor him by refusing, you might accept the item from him. This actually happened. A visitor was offered a family heirloom by a gracious host and accepted it out of fear of insulting the host. The host was honor-bound to give him the heirloom and did so with no bitterness or ill will. But the host's son, who was to inherit the valuable item, became very upset. The host then became upset with the son for dishonoring the family by inhospitality. It turned into a giant mess, all because the visitor was trying not to offend anyone but was unaware of the proper way to act in that particular culture. It's tough! And in your story, in 1552, they didn't have internet to research the area/people's cultures! The story I just told, though, was a plain case of ignorance, not pigheadedness. The visitor was trying not to be offensive and accidentally caused great offense. But there are also stories of altercations that began and were perpetuated because people were stubborn, prideful, and unwilling to be observant, gracious, and try to look from the other person's point of view. It's always sad when there's a tragedy that clearly could have been prevented by having Christ's humble attitude instead of arrogance. And you're absolutely right that we should learn from such stories and not make the same terrible mistakes. I'd love to visit someday! I'm so sorry your currency is low. That's difficult. I love your perspective, though! I will also pray.
  6. I just published Silvyn's Tale, which is the first novel in my series, The Legend of Kiwaft. Silvyn is a gold-tailed merman with a devil-may-care attitude, and his life collides with that of a land-dwelling woman named Graiceyl, who is far more than she at first seems. This story is not an allegory, but there are aspects that are definitely allegorical, for those of you who like finding deeper meanings. *SPOILER ALERT* (Highlight the following sentence to read it.) My sequel to this story is going to be very much an allegory for Jesus's life on earth, and that particular character gets introduced at the end of this story. For those who don't like searching for deeper meanings, this is a fun read with plenty of humor - Graiceyl is sassy! The first chapter can be read through Amazon's "Look Inside" feature. Also, I created the book cover. Please let me know what you think! Here is the link and the description from the back cover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083Z3X319 Kiwaft is a forbidden land full of wonder, magic, and danger. Surrounding Kiwaft is the Nevaltasha Ocean, home to a mighty race of merpeople, the Coralaens. Of those gifted with the ability to transform from legs to tail and back, Silvyn with the golden tail is average in many ways. He loves his fun and just a bit of mischief, especially at the expense of the tail-less land-dwellers. But sometimes a bit of mischief is all it takes to turn a world upside down. Graiceyl, of the purple eyes, is not your average land-dweller woman. When her path and Silvyn's collide, the ripples quiver across land and sea, swelling into a storm that will reshape the lives of many and put both in danger. But this is just the beginning. Soon the tides will change, the Wistaor Mountains will shake, and the Legend of Kiwaft will enter the shrouded lands, as it was long ago foretold. (Btw Silvyn's Tale is available only on Kindle ebook currently, but the paperback version should be available within the next two weeks! I'll post a reply when it's available.) For a look at my other books, you can check out my website here: https://www.saranicole2612.com/
  7. Welcome! And wow! That's an incredible story! Best of luck with it! I wish I could say I could help, but historical fiction seriously intimidates me, which is one of the reasons why I make up from scratch what I write - as long as I'm consistent, no one can prove me wrong, right? But even though I'm too chicken to attempt writing it, I very much admire historical fiction authors! Also, shout-out to SA! I've never been there (yet), but one of my friends just got engaged in Johannesburg.
  8. Welcome! I like your name! Like some others said, I am also hard to offend. I got called "delusional" by an atheist once, and it didn't bother me. Tbh it amused me. I love that your character's iguana is really a baby dragon! That's awesome! Isn't fantasy so much fun to write?! I love creativity. After all, we serve a super creative God! Haha, and now I'm rambling a little bit. So glad to meet you!
  9. Welcome back, Pax! I didn't know you before (I just joined), but I look forward to getting to know you! To be honest, we're all terrible people. That's why Jesus came. Even when we don't always outwardly show our sins, we all have sinful hearts still, even after conversion. I know I do! But those sins aren't counted against us, nor yours against you, not ever, because Jesus took the punishment for them upon Himself. And that is why we praise and sing and rejoice! I recently did a personal study about this because I often try to make myself perfect too, and it's way too stressful and doesn't actually work! In the Bible, the whole Old Testament is about the Old Covenant, the original "deal" God made with humans, particularly Israel. That deal was all about our works and trying to live up to His standards. We failed. We still do. The New Covenant is the one Jesus put into place, and it's all about His life and choices and Him living up to God's standards. Now the pressure is entirely off of us! I know a lot of Christians don't live like that, but that's because we're all still growing in grace. It's hard for me not to slip back into old ways of thinking I need to be perfect or earn God's favor or even other people's favor or something. But those are all lies. Jesus earned God's favor for me. And for you! We don't live up to God's standards by our own efforts, but Jesus did - and God looks at Him and sees us when we choose to believe in Him and confess Him. Christians do start acting differently and start doing a better job of living up to God's standards, but that's not through our own efforts; it's because the Holy Spirit living inside of us (which Jesus sent after He was resurrected and ascended into Heaven) is transforming us from the inside out. God is really an amazing God - He created us, died for us, calls us, and does the transforming work to make us exactly how He designed us to be, all because He wants us to live with Him forever! Truly, His grace is amazing grace, and His love endures forever! So sorry to go on and on! I meant this to be encouraging, and I hope it was.
  10. Welcome, Craig! Love your motto! Thank you for all your service!
  11. I like this idea! Joseph's story really encouraged me this week.
  12. Hello, everyone! I'm new here, thanks to my brother recommending this website to me. I'm looking forward to getting to know this community! I'm an indie-published Christian author, and I've done a bit of freelance editing. I write adventure, romance, and fantasy novels in fiction, and I've written some theological nonfiction. As for the title of this post, Kiwaft is a fantasy world I'm writing, much like Narnia or Middle Earth. I love making things up yet trying to at the same time make the fantasy as realistic as possible (or at bare minimum consistent). I write for myself first, to explore a topic or characteristic of God's, then when I'm finished, I publish so that others can see the lessons God has taught me. Writing is like a heart language for me, and God speaks to me a lot through stories - like Jesus and the parables. Glad to be here!
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