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  1. I have a lot on my plate recently, so time frame is whenever... kind of open ended. I've not been on the site for a while, but I hope to be more active again very soon. If you are still interested in reading, @dlodes, @Shamrock, or anyone else, please let me know. Pming me your gmail would be the quickest way for me to share the document with you, but if you prefer a different method than google docs, please let me know.
  2. The surgery went well. Recovery has been a bit dicy, but I'm on the mend.
  3. No. The other forum is called Critique Circle and isn't religiously affiliated at all. As far as how I'm doing, thank you for asking. A bit anxious for it all to be over. The surgery is this thursday. also, I was pretty glad with the relatively even split. In researching this topic, I found that most surveys that were given online were terribly skewed towards democrats for some reason.
  4. 5 Republican, 7 Democrats, 4 Libertarians, and 5 others (two independents, on apolitical, one 'christian' and one undeclared). From what I could tell, most of the Democrats came from the other forum.
  5. Interesting results... though it's only a preliminary finding and should not be read into deeply, requiring much more in-depth study and research.... but democrats scored statistically lower in spirituality measures than all other political affiliations. (Average score of 4 out of 10 compared to other affiliations that averaged 6-7 out of 10). That may not seem like a large difference, however, it is an average. Democrat participants were more likely to list zeros across the questions. (A second writers forum was used as well as this one, so many of democratic participants came from that forum...) - That is NOT to say that Democrats can't be spiritual. It was a correlation study, not cause-effect, so it only measured tendencies... it had a correlation coefficient of 27%, which is a weak correlation effect, however with such a small sample size, that could be either over or under inflated. All that to say... preliminary results of my study suggest that spirituality, or having a personal relationship with God, could be related to the political affiliation we have.
  6. survey complete! Thank you so much for everyone who helped me with it!
  7. Thank you so so so much for everyone who's filled the survey out. Only takes about a minute, if that. Just need 8 more to go. Again, thank you for helping me with this endeavor.
  8. Just posted an urgent request in the job section of the site. For a class, I have to get 20 participants for a survey. Please consider taking a look at it. won't take but a few minutes, if that, to fill it out. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  9. Update: The surgery is set for the 1st, next thursday. It will be a two part surgery. They say I'll be in the hospital for 2-3 days but recovery will be between 4-6 months, then they'll have the second part of the surgery after around 6 months after the first. Not sure what it will look like, but with trying to balance two masters classes with it, not sure how much time I'll be able to be on the site for a while.
  10. Update: unfortunately, Oct. 5th is the earliest possible date for surgery. I'm currently home, the meds seem to be helping with the symptoms so far, but still very weak. thank you all so much for your prayers. Please pray that my UC won't put me back in the hospital before the surgery and that things will go smoothly as things progress.
  11. Finally sat down and finalized the edits from this and another forum I'm on, fixing and updating all the critiques graciously given to me so far. I think it may be ready for beta reading now. I have a number of beta readers on it right now, but they are from friends, and not writers themselves, so it's more of an audience read for me. I would love any further help that you are willing to give toward the book. The easiest way for me to share the book would be to share it through google docs, which I would only need your gmail address for. In that format, you would be able to directly message me through the webpage. But if you do not have a gmail account, I can also do a similar sharing method with your general email, but i would be providing you with a URL, privately published website from which to view the manuscript. If you do prefer a different method, please let me know, and I can see if I can't oblige you. I don't have word on my mac, so it can be cumbersome transferring between the systems, but it can be done. I have yet to write a synopsis for the book, but here's a brief attempt: Abirami, orphaned and ostracized, struggles to survive with his adopted family of outcasts. Hiding from the tyrant upon the throne, he quickly finds his past throwing his present into chaos and clouding his future. In this original fantasy adventure, filled with different races that can fly, transform, and even manipulate nature itself, the imagination is inspired and the sky's the limit. I welcome you to come and explore this brand new world in the Adventures of the Last Aygiff.
  12. Update: Out of the hospital today. Since I was only there to get stronger IV meds, and we decided to go ahead with the surgery, it was decided I could just take the pill form of the med at home, which is nice. I hate being in the hospital. Especially when no one can visit. I think it drove my mom madder than me, though. Not sure what surgeon or what the schedule will be, and insurance may be an issue with pre approval, if it's needed, but I hope I can do the surgery this week. Schedule wise, it would probably work best. but won't know anything more until Monday.
  13. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - "Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius." 

  14. Back in the hospital. Was home for two days, when I called my gastronologist for a follow up appointment. when he heard I was still struggling with the UC flare up, he ordered me back to the hospital because the IV meds, that I can only get while admitted at the hospital, are more powerful than the pills available to me at home. He also advised me to consider surgery. The colon was severe enough he isn't sure the new med we are trying is going to cut it. it only had a 30% chance of working and had increased risk of cancer with it. We are leaning toward surgery now and am going to talk to the surgeon tomorrow about scheduling it. They will take out the entire colon and I will live with an ostome bag. its not too bad or as scary as it sounds. It just means I empty my stools from a bag in the side of my stomach instead of the traditional way. It doesn't hinder any daily life activities. I can even go swimming with it. I hope to catch up to the site soon. School has been super time consuming on top of everything. I only have two classes, but compared to the work load of the one class I took over the summer, it's more like triple the load. Still, it's been very interesting and helpful to have something to occupy my mind. Please pray that this is the right decision, or that God would get ahold of us if it is not. It was a family decision. I couldn't make it on my own without their approval. It's too big of a life change. Speaking of prayer, you can praise God too, for my cousin, who has two young boys, just successfully got out of surgery herself. She had a massive tumor surrounding the base of her skull. The doctors were amazed at its size, and it took 12 hours to cut it out, but she survived, and it was successful without any complications. Praise God!
  15. (Warning - politically charged...) 


    If you haven't heard of Project 1619, it is a despicably inaccurate historical revisionism that is being championed by the New York Times Magazine to overturn the focus of our history education in schools to focus upon slavery and the evils of American culture - it attempts to retell American history to start in 1619, the date the first slave ship arrived from Africa - and colors all American history with the narrative from the perspective of the evils of slavery.


    I have yet to personally look into the curriculum NYTM is touting, however, what I've heard from BOT Radio has not been flattering. I do plan to soon, once I find the time... However, I just found an article on FOX News that says California (one of three states that have perhaps the greatest influence on education across the nation as far as setting trends) is looking into using the curriculum from Project 1619. 


    I hope this alarms you as much as it does me. Thankfully, Trump has said any school who pushes/requires Project 1619 to be included in their curriculum will lose national funding. I just pray he holds up to that threat! 


    As a historian at heart - that gleans writing inspiration from history, I hope this attempt at historical revisionism is nipped in the bud. 


    “Not to know what happened before one was born is always to remain a child.” ~ Cicero


    “Without this historical knowledge, this memory of things said and done, his today will be aimless and his tomorrow without significance.” ~Carl Becker


    "To forget where you came from is to forget who you are." ~ me  


    (if you can change the narrative of the past, you can alter the narrative of the present) 


    "To ignore the future is to walk into a brick wall, but to ignore the past is like walking into the brick wall...again." ~ me



    1. HK1


      I hadn't heard of that. Makes me sick...

  16. I'm home. They want me to follow up with my doctor and gastronologist next week for next steps and prescribed some medicine for me in the meantime. Thank you, everyone, for all your prayers!
  17. update: had an endoscopy, just got out about 15 minutes ago. they found a tear in my lower asophogus, a small ulcer and a hernia in my stomach, they said they all looked superficial and weren't currently bleeding. plan is to release me by 7 tonight. Aside from that, they haven't told me anything about next steps or treatment.
  18. depends upon purpose and intent. i think there are just as many examples of extraordinary characters that are able to handle the extraordinary circumstances because of who they are. - example - 'the chosen' motif
  19. Ravi Zacharias - "As questioners, we think we understand evil and its nature. We only do to a limited extent - and it is like seeing a candle when God sees the devastating power of evil as a lightning bolt to the soul. We only grasp in small measure how heinous evil is. We look at the symptoms; God looks at the disease. We look at the rape as a violation of one person; God looks at the violation of the one as the violation of the very image of God. We look at moral issues that hurt society; God looks at the profane heart that desecrates everything in the process. We look at laws that will make life mutually livable; God looks at the regenerate heart that will make life in itself pleasurable."

  20. still in the hospital. the meds are helping the pain, however still having bloody stools. the first night I had some really bad throw up with blood in it, but none last night, but they still want to do an endoscopy to see if there is any damage to my stomach, so I will be staying another night because they haven't been able to get ahold of the surgeon. thanks for asking.
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