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  1. (Warning - politically charged...) 


    If you haven't heard of Project 1619, it is a despicably inaccurate historical revisionism that is being championed by the New York Times Magazine to overturn the focus of our history education in schools to focus upon slavery and the evils of American culture - it attempts to retell American history to start in 1619, the date the first slave ship arrived from Africa - and colors all American history with the narrative from the perspective of the evils of slavery.


    I have yet to personally look into the curriculum NYTM is touting, however, what I've heard from BOT Radio has not been flattering. I do plan to soon, once I find the time... However, I just found an article on FOX News that says California (one of three states that have perhaps the greatest influence on education across the nation as far as setting trends) is looking into using the curriculum from Project 1619. 


    I hope this alarms you as much as it does me. Thankfully, Trump has said any school who pushes/requires Project 1619 to be included in their curriculum will lose national funding. I just pray he holds up to that threat! 


    As a historian at heart - that gleans writing inspiration from history, I hope this attempt at historical revisionism is nipped in the bud. 


    “Not to know what happened before one was born is always to remain a child.” ~ Cicero


    “Without this historical knowledge, this memory of things said and done, his today will be aimless and his tomorrow without significance.” ~Carl Becker


    "To forget where you came from is to forget who you are." ~ me  


    (if you can change the narrative of the past, you can alter the narrative of the present) 


    "To ignore the future is to walk into a brick wall, but to ignore the past is like walking into the brick wall...again." ~ me



    1. HK1


      I hadn't heard of that. Makes me sick...

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