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  1. as far as domain, if you use weebly, the set up the domain, usually with a .weebly at the end, but you can purchase your domain and take it off. I did that, and it wasn't too expensive for me... (and don't have to go through the hoops you usually do with other sites - if I remember correctly, wordpress doesn't present you with your own domain...). but my knowledge is relatively limited. These are just my own limited experiences with weebly and word press. oh.... is wordpress.com different than wordpress.org? my employer used wordpress.org, and it's terrible... if wordpress.com ha
  2. ive used weebly.com and it is super easy and user friendly. I have had to use wordpress for work, and it sucks in comparison... it's not user friendly at all and is very limited in its abilities to format in comparison to weebly. (anectdotally, I didn't have to watch a single tutorial video to create my own website using weebly.... for wordpress, i had to watch multiple videos, most over 30 minutes long, and I still struggle with it and it's not intuitive to me or easy to maneuver.
  3. Glad to have you, jayjay. This is a great community. I pray the Lord blesses you in all your endeavors!!
  4. Different things effect my writing. I definitely can feel inspired by music when I write; though it depends upon my mood and what I am writing. Sometimes the music and the scene I am trying to write or the mood I am in clash, and then it becomes a distractor. Othertimes, they mesh beautifully and lead to epiphanies. Other things I have found is, particularly when I am in a writer's block, walks in the park help me break through. Also, I am a night person, so sometimes the time of day leads to more or less inspiration.
  5. i like it best when the reader gets to grow with the character. Actually, that's my number one go to for grading how much I like a book (usually) - character development. .... if there is nothing to develop... wow, what a flat character! even if he/she is the cherry-picked version of samson, solomon, and esther all wrapped up in one
  6. i've posted chapter one of the book in question, if you want to take a look... may give you a better picture of the circumstances.
  7. hmm... he knows nothing about culture. He can't understand the language. Think of it this way. For a time, he thought he belonged with a wolf pack. since he can transform into animals, he ran with the pack for some time until an event occurred in which he transformed into something else in front of the pack, and the pack rejects him. He then considers whether he belongs with the bipedal creatures, even though he can't speak their language or understand them. For instance, one event I'm considering for this section is he takes an apple off a food stand and gets in trouble and has t
  8. hehe. my fantasy characters are anything but average (well, I guess they are average for their perspective races, but their races aren't the average ones), but I'm glad I didn't every stoop to describing them as "hot" or anything akin to that. I am so glad I've never picked that book up! That sounds horrible!
  9. So, I am about half a chapter away from a point in my book where Abirami comes to a port town on the outskirts of the empire. (as a reminder, Abirami's race is ostracized in this empire's culture, and the emperor himself is chasing Abirami and wants him dead - but Abirami remembers none of this...) Abirami has lost all his memory and is acting on animalistic instincts only. His race, Aygiff's, are able to transform into animals. Abirami lost his memories because his essence (the magical system in my fantasy book) went out of control and has now, for all practical purposes, taken over Abirami's
  10. Thanks Shamrock, Suspenswriter, and Zee. It's refreshing to be back.
  11. Counter Top Ministries is an apologetic (defense of the faith) website set up for Christians and non-Christians alike to view the big questions of life.
  12. I have started posting book two of the series in the critique section; however, it's been a long time since I posted book one. If anyone is interested in reading it, please pm me, and I can share it with you in whatever format you prefer. I would still like more feedback on the first book, as it has been relatively well edited - however, overall impressions of the book, I haven't gotten very much input so far... any help would be greatly appreciated.
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