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  1. well, I have pages, not word, but I can transfer it to a word doc, then you can do your edits/comments, then perhaps you can transfer it to a pages document before sending it back?
  2. Please pray for my health. I have been sick for seven months now, stomach issues. Currently I have something called cdif and the medicine isn't working. My gastronologist is at his end and wants to send me to a disease specialist.
  3. It is the same book I have been submitting piecemeal in the critique section.
  4. sure. what format would be best? I wrote in google docs, so I can give a website url if you'd like, or I can download it as a pages or word document...
  5. i was actually more curious as to how you went about writing the story of Joseph. was it mostly based on the biblical account, was it from Joseph's view, was there particular themes or parts of his story you emphasized more than others? I don't want to copy you, but looking up what other people have done has given me some ideas of what I can do different...
  6. @PenName, thank you. What does your book look like, if I may ask?
  7. so I'm not sure how beta reading works... if someone is interested in beta reading my book, what's the protocol for getting that book to them usually?
  8. Awesome! The word count is around 104,000 words, and the intended audience is young adult, though probably focused on the older youth on up.
  9. A memory is worth a thousand tears. Tears of joy or tears of sorrow; that is up to you. Although it would be great to live in a world with no hate, pain or evil, I would not trade it out for the world if it meant loosing the love, joy, and beauty of this world. An education is only as good as how you use it. Don't miss today on account of yesterday's sorrows. Eternity is not a number. Eternity likewise cannot be a measurement of time. Therefore, to save sanity, time must have a beginning. For if time is eternal, time ceases to exist. Failure is not the act of falling down, but giving up. The disaster is not when you fall, but when you fail to get up. Faith is a relationship, not a roadmap. Let God lead you. Trouble will come, Let God lead you through it. It may be a torrid storm, but after comes a rainbow and the bounty of the harvest. Hope and Love can triumph over despair, but it is the object of that hope, and the person of that love that makes all the difference in the world. I say there is hope not because hope is the only thing that can keep me going but I say there is hope because it is true. I do not say it is true on some blind faith clinging to some purpose I have failed to obtain but because it has been promised by a reliable source outside of myself. It's because the Bible is God's word that we cannot shy away from the hard questions. I go ahead and ask the hard questions because perseverance may bring answers. Answers may bring understanding and understanding opens windows into the heart of God. Just like priorities, faith is set by the mind, but it is realized through your actions. Knowledge is useless unless you have the wisdom to know how to use it, the understanding to know where to use it and the discernment to know when to use it. Only one thing is more burdensome than the tears of a child, only one thing more heart-wrenching - that is the tears of the mother. Our love is not true without obedience, but our obedience is pointless without love. Reflection in the still waters brings direction in the storms, but it is only in the maelstrom that the truth is tested. Reckless love is not reckless because it is without forethought, but because it is given without thought to self. And to the world, that is foolishness, but to us, it is the world! Experiences from the senses without logic to balance it is highly deceiving, but logic without the use of the senses is a mind caught in a fantasy. Pain and strength are two sides of the same coin. You cannot go very far in one without finding the other. People often say you should make sure to follow your passions: but rather you should make sure your passions follow you. Tears in the eyes of a child brings tears to the heart of the Father, but the laughter in the heart of a child brings tears to the eyes of the Father. The difference between being single in the world and being a Christian single: in the world, they search for someone to fill the void in their heart, in Christianity they search for someone to share the overflow of their heart. The eternal perspective pales all deference and fear. The greatest evidence against Christianity is Christians. Much of the time it is the Christians who destroy and distort the Truth of the Bible by the actions and words of their witness. Thank goodness Christianity is not founded upon it's followers, but upon what the Bible says about the Savior and who He is. The laughter of a child is like a drop of rain in a barren land, as to a breath of light amongst this despotic world. The wonder of being created for community is that being servantly is kingly. Think where you live, otherwise you will constantly dance upon the lines of insanity. To forget where you came from is to forget who you are. Who you will be, well now that is up to you. To ignore the future is to walk into a brick wall, but to ignore the past is like walking into the brick wall... again True honor is humility. To nobly give out of strength even when it does not benefit you. Charity is not giving in expectation of receiving but receiving contentment in giving of your complete accord. When Agape love is on top, all others fall in line. It matters not recognition or what others do for you, you are called to love unconditionally, continuously giving of yourself. Focus on Agape, and all else will fall in line. Focus on Agape, and nothing else will matter. When denominations Capitalize on the small stuff, they misspell the name of Jesus. They spell it jesUS. When you call yourself a Christian, whether or not you want to be, you become ambassadors of Christ. People around you see you as a Christian and they will measure you up as such and by you will judge Christianity. So when all the Churches speak of this great jesUS, all they see is a typo... just us. They see that it's just us. And that is a travesty.
  10. I am considering, for future projects (perhaps WAY future...) writing a Historical Fiction novel from the biblical account of Joseph. Do you think there would be a desire for such a book? Do you know if that has been done? I know there was a book, way back in 1980, that was from the viewpoint of the five women who loved Joseph, but I am thinking about writing it from Joesph's viewpoint... just playing with the idea for now...
  11. English has always been hard, we're just too stubborn to realize it. 😜
  12. i agree. So many shy away from their emotions or somehow think their emotions make them weak or wrong. But my favorite verse that I originally memorized as a joke, but has become a cornerstone verse for me, is "Jesus wept." Emotions were not a part of the fall of man, which leads me to believe that although our emotions are imperfect due to our fallen nature, emotions themselves are a Divine attribute, that should be embraced in balance. I love how you balance true emotions with biblical truth and faith. It's honest and very relatable.
  13. The Atheist and the Evolutionist - many times one and the same - have postulated that there is no spiritual world. The physical is all there is. Why? Because that is all science can prove - the spiritual cannot be seen, touched, smelled, tasted, or heard. One question, in which one of those senses does your thoughts fall into? The anti-theistic scientist will say that your thoughts are merely chemical reactions in the brain. But our thoughts are not observed, as the other perceptions are. It is by our thoughts that we register all our other perceptions. These perceptions come to us through exterior reality, but our thoughts are internal. They do not come from outside ourselves. This is something the five senses simply cannot perceive, nor can science measure, so how can they be physical? Yes, we can test and manipulate our thoughts through fiddling with our brains, but that does not prove there is nothing more to them than chemical reactions. Science will never be able to prove whether it is the chemical reaction that causes the thoughts, or the other way around. If there is a spiritual soul, then we must conclude that it has some sort of interaction with the physical, otherwise our conscience would not be tied to our perceptive body. Merely because the physical can likewise influence our conscience does not mean there is no conscience. Only that they seem to affect each other. But the Atheist goes one step further into his scilosophy (Philosophy masquerading as science - as it is more assertion than science) to say that since there is no conscience, and it is all based upon chemical reactions upon the brain - all a complex chemical machine - the machinations of your mind create merely the illusion of free will. You really do not have any free will. All is prearranged by the chemical reactants and inputs of the universe. All completely out of your control. (Even the thought you just thought.) But then if that is the case, a lot of issues arise. First, if that is the case, then how can we trust our minds to be accurate? A chemical machine is simply input-output. No matter how complex. There is nothing in the universe that assures us that our mental machinations will be accurate. Second, we all hear truth claims and decide for ourselves whether we will believe them or not. Atheists reject any truth claim that claims there is a God. Theists reject any truth claim that claims there is no God. If it is true that there is no free will, and all is simply the chemical machinations of a very complex natural machine, then there is no room to say that either side is wrong in their beliefs. They were merely wired to believe so, and there is no changing of that fact. True, there would be some that, depending upon the inputs you put in, will change from one side to the other, but then there will be those that will not, no matter what input you put in. So the Atheist would have no quarrel with the Christian. They were just wired to believe such. Yet the new atheists are adamant about the evils of religion and any belief in such fantasies. (Not to touch on how evil is a moral statement that resides outside of the five senses….) By objecting so adamantly to the Theist, they are undermining their own foundational beliefs - unless they admit to the will. The soul. The independent free will of conscience. But then they would have to admit to the spiritual. Trapped themselves, they have. Jared Williams
  14. Rolling peaks in the bleak void, Dizzying repetition of the mind it toyed. In soaking misery of the waters endless rush, The heart heaves a futile hope lost in the hush. Eternal feelings envelop the waters falling, Lost to the vastness of the failed calling. Swirling in the torrents of sorrows endless bend, Drowning in the fathomless depth of the winless trend. Purpose at last is cast without hope to send, No sail is seen come past, yet a man descend. Suspend to all reason, above the waters he do trod, With outstretched arms, he shines as the Son of God. Why he would brave to save such as one as I, Is beyond belief, yet here He is and there I lie. Yet his shelter is like the falling rays, Of spring, of summer, of all ends at bay. My hand he seeks and in loves embrace, I hover with him over the abyss in pace. I dare not let go lest then I should falter, Away from my sorrow he leads, this witness I, the Psalter.
  15. Doubt is very natural, especially for us humans. I relate greatly to the father who asked Jesus to save his daughter - "I believe, please help my unbelief." It sounds like a contradiction, but it came from a heart that really wanted to believe but found it difficult to do so. Some people say doubt is evil, but I disagree. Allowing doubt to influence our actions can lead to evil, but doubt itself can propel us to desire to know God better. It depends upon how we react to our doubt that makes the difference between the two. As a youth I had a great many doubts. It took over a decade, but God slowly answered every one of my questions in quite amazing ways. Do I still doubt today? There are times I feel doubts enter my mind, but my faith is so much stronger because of the doubts that I have had in the past, not because I doubted but because I sought answers - I sought to know the Lord better. I think Lynnmosher and HK1 are also correct, our emotions are fickle things. The quote goes "Emotions are great servants, but terrible masters." I would be foolish to say ignore your emotions. None of us can do that. But realizing that our emotions sometimes do not depict reality as it is but rather how we feel. It is a distinction that is important. We cannot flippantly abandon our emotions. They are truly how we feel, but we also do not want to be mastered by them. I mentioned my favorite poem, "Footprints" somewhere else, but I really think it's applicable here and bears repeating. The poem is about a man who sees his life before and behind him as footprints in the sand. As he looks back, he sees two footprints aside the seashore. His own, and the Lords. But he notices that at the most difficult times in his life, there were only one set of footprints. - In our own lives, especially in times of trials, we feel alone and abandoned and question why this is happening to us - when the man asked the Lord why he abandoned him in his times of need, the Lord looks at him with love and replies, My son, that is when I carried you. It is important to recognize your feelings, don't ignore them, but at the same time do not let them dictate reality either. If you feel like you do not truly believe, perhaps seeking answers like I did as a youth will help alleviate these doubts and feelings you have. Seek the Lord and try to get to know Him better. We all can benefit from getting to know the Lord better. Seek His promises and learn about his Faithfulness - not just learn, but witness them, seek out examples of them from within your own life. Your emotions are a gateway to your heart, and your head cannot move very far from your heart. Pray, ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you. The Lord is not hiding, He wishes to be known by you.
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