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  1. Silly me 😛. Welcome to the forum and May you be blessed in Jesus
  2. Hi Iffat, If you are Urdu, then I'm guessing you a Nigerian?
  3. JukieJ

    Hi There

    Yes, great example. And then we haven't even started on the small things like greeting. In western culture it is rude to interrupt a conversation between 2 people. You keep your distance until you are acknowledged and then you greet and join in the conversation. In African culture it's extremely rude to walk into a room and not greet everyone immediately. It sounds like a silly difference until you are faced with a situation like this in a shop, for example. That is when we're supposed to set our cultures aside and the way we were raised and just be Christians, nothing else. Claire is right. We have beaches, mountains, bush, forests and a desert. All in a space that you can travel in by car
  4. JukieJ

    Hi There

    Yes, we serve an awesome God. That's a terrible story 😁 😭 Thank you very much. So glad so have met you online
  5. JukieJ

    Hi There

    Hi there Sara. For sure you could help 😁, writers must be of the most critical people I know of. That's a good thing (re writing). We help each other that way. That's interesting. I'm the other way around. I'm not so good at making up things from scratch, to be honest. I like that historical fiction offers you a framework, some sort of structure to start with. You can always choose how much or how little of it you want to use. With a story like this, I wanted to use as much of the points on the timeline as I could - political situation being a never ending story in SA. If people (all over the world) could realise that history is actually on a time loop and that everything that happens is nothing new really, then maybe we could learn from past mistakes and make less mistakes in the future. Take this story, for example. One very important thing that the Portuguese shipwrecked survivors did not understand about the culture of Africa that it is good manners to give a gift to the people who host you whereas in western culture, the emphasis is more on the visitor, the visitor is entertained by the host. Do you agree, Claire? Not knowing such a simple thing had devastating consequences on that group of castaways. So what I would like readers to ask themselves is... Whose fault was it? Whose fault was it to not know about the culture of the other and who should have conceded and said, "Okay, we'll do things your way"? Plus, it's a bit of an important story because SA was colonised in 1662. Very few people know about the shipwreck, and those survivors were the first Europeans to travel though the country. Anyway. I guess I do mince words. As far as anyone proving you wrong, well, the beautiful thing about historical fiction is that it's fiction. You should visit us. The currency's shot so it should be a really cheap holiday 😁😭 (there is no emoji for "let's laugh about the situation until we cry" but that's what we do. And we pray)
  6. JukieJ

    Hi There

    Awesome. So glad to know there is another South African on the forum. Historical fiction makes me happy, but it doesn't seem to sell well in SA. How far along are you with your fantasy story?
  7. I use query tracker, Jared. It works well, I like that it's clearly marked on one of the lines if an agent is closed to queries. Otherwise, I find myself spending time to prepare a submission for an agent, just to find that they are closed to submissions.
  8. Better that you've decided on a book 1 and a book 2. You know, I think that you're worrying and over-analysing too much. And it sounds like book 2 is what it is, it doesn't have to be as action packed as book 1.
  9. Hello Sara. So glad to meet you, I think it's wonderful that your writing is rooted in God. May all who read it come to salvation
  10. Hello Pax Pace. One thing we learn at church is "I am saved, but I am being saved." I'm glad with everyone else that you have returned to Christ and the forum.
  11. Hello Miss Bad Wolf. We're Christians, we're not supposed to get offended because in Cor. it says that love is not easily offended. I was kicked out of a forum too once. My own silliness. I didn't know the shortcut for italics so I used caps and then everyone thought I shouted at them. Your story sounds interesting
  12. JukieJ

    Hi There

    Wooohooo, that's awesome, Claire. Sorry, I haven't been at my laptop in a while. Where in KZN? I'm from Polokwane. What do you write?
  13. No, dear, I haven't. I hope I don't seem unteachable but I didn't want to make that capital outlay. If things haven't panned out yet by April or so, I'll have to self-publish and then I'll be sure get a great editor, book designer etc.
  14. JukieJ

    Hi There

    Yes, you may @Claire Tucker. I'm from South Africa
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