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  1. Something I haven't seen mentioned by anyone here yet: This week I tried freebooksy for the first time. I paid $75 for a promotion on their free religious eBook section (Looks like it is $30 for the bargain religious eBook section, where your price would be $0.99 - $4.99). The promotion ran this morning and I'm currently seeing great rankings for my free eBook that is a follow-on to my main book. (See attachment) Edited to note that the Wiccan book at #2 was yesterday's freebooksy religion book promotion. A little more for those interested enough to still be reading... My main book
  2. RE: Newsletters, I'll throw in my two cents. I believe 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, the newsletter was something you were expected to do and it probably had some impact. The advice I got, since I only started doing this in the last couple of years, was that the newsletter was sort of old-school and no longer very effective, at least not considering the time and effort it takes to do a good one. I agreed with that advice. I think the overwhelming response to the emailed newsletter today is the delete button. About 10-12 years ago in a totally unrelated business I was doing some blog posts an
  3. Great question, and I think others essentially answered the same way I did. If I could target advertising to readers based on demographics or what else they read, that would be fantastic. Show my material to others who read Christian memoirs/biographies - that's what I'd like. Unless it's changed recently, Goodreads wants me to pay them $75 or $100 for the privilege of sending dozens of free books to scammers or resellers. No, thanks.
  4. I contacted about 40 Christian book bloggers, had maybe 5 respond at all, and 2 actually reviewed my book. The 2 that accepted were of course pretty small, although I certainly appreciated anything I could get. I found that most of them were predominantly fiction if not exclusively fiction. Anyway, I tried to attach my spreadsheet for that and CW wouldn't let me, so attached is a screenshot of my spreadsheet. Maybe there is somebody on there you didn't find that would be interested in your books. And certainly there are others out there that I missed or that have come along since I made thi
  5. I had 20-something people show up to my launch and I thought that was fantastic. I spent all of about $50 on it too, because I had some friends willing to help out with a venue and some entertainment. Personally I wouldn't recommend spending big money or trying to do a huge event for a launch. That may sound counter-intuitive, but in terms of risk/reward I don't feel like going all-in on the single event is a good strategy unless you are already a big name or you have tons of cash. And in this brave new world we're all experiencing, many people won't want to congregate
  6. I'm on it, but I don't do much with it. I think it may have been better before Amazon took it over, but I look at their promotion opportunities now and can't see anything I would want to do.
  7. I consider my writing a ministry effort, so as long as I'm obeying God it's worth it. A few hundred people have bought my first book, and a handful have said it impacted their lives, so that has already made it worth it for me even if I never sell another copy.
  8. When I needed to change names for my nonfiction book, I used the social security list of most popular names by decade: https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/decades/
  9. I did get this book a while ago and it has a lot of good practical marketing ideas and information: https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Marketing-Books-Christian-Marketplace/dp/0972554696
  10. I've seen the same ad on Facebook. It looks like a bunch of ads I've seen for books, videos, and seminars. I personally believe anything claiming to get you bestseller status or help you sell 5,000 books in 3 weeks or that sort of thing is at best making promises they can't keep and at worst an outright scam. I don't trust anything that makes that kind of promise.
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