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  1. I'm getting ready to release a new book around Labor Day, and I'd like to entice people to get on a sign-up list to get it when it comes out. But I'm having trouble thinking of a good freebie I can offer people who sign up before it is released. It would basically have to be something digital as I'm not going to try and pay to mail anything to people. But what would people actually be interested in? It's non-fiction so I can't really offer a bonus short story or that sort of thing. So I'm just drawing a blank on what I could offer as a reward for getting on the email list for the release that
  2. Totally missed seeing this in time, but in the future this site might help: https://www.pdinfo.com/
  3. Good advice... Although I've got a true story: A young man who works at my local library wrote a book and called it Becoming. Mere months later Michelle Obama released her incredibly popular book by the same name. I asked the young man if it hurt his book, and he believes more people have found his book because of it. Of course, he didn't do this intentionally, and I wouldn't ever recommend someone try to confuse people, but I found it interesting.
  4. Does it need to be the gospels or any part of the Bible for your character and story to work? Could it be something like Josephus' Antiquities or some other book from the same time period that is important historically, but not scripture?
  5. The concepts I suggested might work well if you're starting 3rd-4th century and going through the dark ages... Going all the way back to 1st century makes it harder. You could do apostolic letters that we don't have, i.e. other letters from Paul or Peter or John that are not recorded in scripture. If you really want to go fantasy it could be other prophecies that play out in your story (I would just be careful not to cross actual scriptural prophecy). There are a lot of interesting directions to go with it that don't contradict or dishonor scriptures.
  6. Depending on the era you could make it some of the apocryphal gospels (e.g. Gospel of Thomas), OR make it similar to one of the early heresies (e.g. Donatism). In the same vein you could also make it the writings of a fictional early church father (e,g, take something like Augustine's City of God and change it to a fictional version).
  7. Know the difference between traditional publishers, legitimate self-publishing methods, and scams. Any traditional publisher you've heard of will require you to have an agent, and good ones are hard to come by (and will have a lot of expectations for you). There are very small traditional-style publishers out there that might take you as you are, but my opinion is those are not really any better than self-publishing. Self-publishing, even the so-called vanity publishers, are not the stigma they were 15-20 years ago. Just beware of scammers and those charging exorbitant prices. There are plenty
  8. One word: Hustle. Let me be clear though, I have not broken even financially because a lot of the things I have done to sell books have cost as much as I made on them. I have sold roughly equal numbers online (or through bookstores) and direct in-person. Online it's mostly a matter of social media presence and all that, and I've definitely paid for some online advertising (most of which, again, cost as much as I made). In another thread I detailed my painfully time-consuming process for getting into local bookstores, which got me into a couple dozen stores around the c
  9. I self-published my main book (a memoir) through Christian Faith Publishing, and have sold 400-500 copies. I did a little supplement to that book through KDP, and I'm not sure how many I really sold - I did a free promotion of it recently and got about 1500 downloads. And in August I'll be self-publishing my next book (a collection of testimonies) through Ingram Spark.
  10. Thanks everybody! I think it went well. This is the link to watch the video of it for anyone interested: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=276571877042066&notif_id=1590951852082744&notif_t=live_video
  11. She came to America for a couple of decades, and now she's back in England living in Cambridge. Definitely a small world!
  12. I'll be on the radio tomorrow with 2nd Chance, a popular program in my hometown that's been running for 30 years now. If you're interested and close enough to Huntsville, AL you can listen on WJOU at 2:00CDT, otherwise you can catch the Facebook Live - @2ndchanceonline on FB. It's my first radio appearance of any significant length so I'm pretty excited.
  13. That's pretty cool, but I'm commenting because I was surprised to see Ely get a mention. That's where my stepmom is from.
  14. Sometimes you don't know until you try... I did realize that there were~1500 downloads, but only a handful had started reading it, so there may be some continuing residual interest in the main book as people get around to reading the freebie. And as I've said elsewhere, writing is really a ministry effort for me, so if 1500 new people get exposed to my message of God's grace, then I'll call that a big win.
  15. Update to the update: During the 5 days of having my follow-on eBook free on Kindle, with the freebooksy promotion on day 1, there were approximately 1500 downloads.
  16. There is a lot of opportunity in this current situation if we're willing to seize it!
  17. I've been using PowerPoint in the grid layout on a current project. It's working surprisingly well for me.
  18. YES! An outline is a must. Even if you move things around in the outline some, you need a roadmap.
  19. I didn't attempt a true blog tour. I felt lucky to get two bloggers interested in reviewing my book (as I mentioned on the promotion thread). As far as writing content for blogs, so far the only place I've published articles is Red Letter Christians, where I'm acquainted with one of the founders. I think I logged maybe 4 sales from the first one I published, and they have a pretty big following. Let's just say I haven't really cracked the code on any of this yet.
  20. Update for anyone interested: A couple of days after the freebooksy promotion, my "loss leader" free eBook is still #1 in the really narrow category shown above, it peaked at #6 in free Christian eBooks, and cracked the top 100 overall free eBooks. So, in that sense it was a successful promotion and I'm glad some people are seeing it. However, so far it looks like I've sold exactly 2 copies of the main book, so nowhere close to paying for the cost of the promotion. There may be some lingering impact that I won't see immediately, but right now it seems lots of people downloaded the freebie but
  21. Great advice as always on this thread... One other thing I'll add is don't be afraid to write out of order. Maybe you've got an amazing ending in mind - go ahead and write it. Don't wait to write everything else before you get to it, and don't worry about having to change something later, because you'll have to change lots of things later. I wrote the "climax" of my memoir/biography first. Really, any scene that you have a clear concept for and you're excited to write, just go ahead and write it. And, if you're writing fiction, go ahead and write scenes that you may not even use in the current
  22. Deb should be Debian, and rpm should be Redhat Package Manager, so you may be on to something if his environment doesn't play well with those two choices.
  23. This is going way, way back... But when I was a younger man I ran Redhat 9 on my desktop and I used OpenOffice for Linux. It worked very well with MS Office products back then.
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