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  1. Tom, the easiest thing to do may be what I just did in order to use Amazon advertising. I also published my last book through IngramSpark. What I learned is that you can upload the book through KDP and Amazon will default to the KDP version for fulfillment. Do NOT enable expanded distribution on KDP, and make sure the metedata is all the same (author name, pub date, etc.), and it all works fine. Amazon will fulfill all orders through KDP; all non-Amazon orders will still be fulfilled through IS. As for what caused the problem, God only knows. I've had a little bit of weirdness bet
  2. I once had a journal article rejection come in on Christmas Day. I was thinking I wrote the thing and I wouldn't want to spend my Christmas reading it!
  3. I no longer have enough hair to get an opinion on hair colors.
  4. I think there have been a lot of past threads on the topic, so I highly recommend you search through old forum threads about who has used what publishing techniques. My books have been self-published. My first book was through Christian Faith Publishing, one of the many options for paying a lot of money for them to do all the work. Everything they did was fine, but it cost a good bit, and there are some limitations (they don't list on Kobo, for example, and the sales reporting is not great). I don't regret having done that my first time out, but I haven't used them again and don't
  5. This was all against the backdrop of my father being on death row. I'm sure the things that happened in my mid-teens would not have been so impactful if they were not in the light of everything else already going on. My first book was a memoir, and I actually found the whole process of making it into a book very therapeutic. I'm a couple of weeks from turning 40 so all of these events were a very long time ago.
  6. I meant to reply to this yesterday and got distracted... I agree with the consensus here. From my own experience, I experienced a suicide for which I felt some guilt at 12 (person told me before they did it, I couldn't stop it). I experienced abandonment by my birth mother at 13, and felt guilt and shame over that for other reasons. And I experienced a few smaller things at 15, but it seems like at 15 the emotional weight of all of it came to bear, and that's the age at which I felt the most hardship (and suicidal tendencies of my own). So, I would answer that 15 is the right age f
  7. Thank you Lynn! The book is actually set up with material and resources at the end of each testimony that progress from basic salvation to engaging with spiritual gifts, so it lends itself to a study as it is. What I want to create is a resource for people to use in a small group if they want to - a workbook of sorts. I also want to use it as a freebie to attract new readers and maybe help me build my own list, which I have so far hesitated to do despite the entire world telling me I should.
  8. That was Plan A but I wasn't getting anywhere. I hammered out an outline last night but I'm really struggling with this project.
  9. Have any of you written a study guide as a companion to your non-fiction book? I feel moved to put one together for Testimonies of Grace but I'm having trouble figuring out where to start. I've got a stack of borrowed study guides on my desk but I'm just not seeing anything I want to emulate. Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations?
  10. My experience is pretty limited on this, but I have noticed in the 20Booksto50k Facebook community that the majority of their successful authors report getting more from KU royalties than they do from sales.
  11. I was thinking of including maps in some future writing and found recommendations for Inkarnate (https://inkarnate.com/) and Wonderdraft (https://www.wonderdraft.net/). I haven't really played with them yet; they were still in the open tabs on my browser phase.
  12. So far sales are a little underwhelming. I took a chance on releasing during the pandemic and all that, but I'll give it another couple of weeks before I decide how that bet has turned out, As it stands my first book did better during release week with a lot less force behind it (And I didn't get to choose the price on that one, they set it at $9.99 for Kindle). My intent is to mark the Kindle edition way down early and often. In a few weeks I'm planning to discount it to $1.99 and run a promotion on some of the bargain ebook sites. We'll see how it goes. My first book sold way mo
  13. Thanks Lynn! I see that it is showing up well now - I guess I got enough searches and sales to make it pop up on the search. I'm also still chuckling at that autocorrect in my previous statement... "night unto impossible"
  14. I did find it on the UK site at this link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08FZS4CLD/ It looks like it is delayed a few days (ships 10 September) but it appears to be available. I will say I've realized it's night unto impossible to search for and find on Amazon. I'm hoping once a few more copies sell it will pop up in search results better.
  15. Oh no! It's supposed to be! Let me check with IngramSpark.
  16. My new book, Testimonies of Grace, is now available! https://www.childofgracebooks.com/books
  17. I used Garamond for the interior and NeutraTF for the cover text and marketing materials. The NeutraTF I got from my designer and had never heard of beforehand, but it looks nice. Have you watched the documentary Helvetica? As films about fonts go, it's pretty interesting.
  18. I'm wondering if a Lovecraft-style psychological horror story could be done from a Christian perspective. Admittedly horror is not my thing either, but I think it's certainly possible someone could write Christian horror.
  19. I use the El Faro in a class I teach. Vanity Fair had a long but excellent article on it: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/04/inside-el-faro-the-worst-us-maritime-disaster-in-decades SS Ville du Havre is interesting of course because it inspired It Is Well With My Soul. If you don't know the story behind the hymn, grab some tissues and look it up. I got to see the remains of the Hunley at the museum, you know, back in those simpler times when people could go places and do things. Not a sinking exactly but I read a crazy true story last year about the M
  20. If you've got a story for that setting, I say go for it! If you're worried that the Titanic has been overused as a setting, see if your story works on another famous-but-not-that-famous shipwreck, like the SS Ville du Havre, or a different kind of sinking like the Lusitania or even the somewhat recent El Faro.
  21. Late to the party here, but I have a few thoughts... 1.) As a Doc Brown, I approve of time travel stories. 2.) Ray Bradbury's story about the dinosaur hunt is one of the best stories of unintended time travel consequences I've ever read. 3.) On Star Trek, in one episode of TNG I remember well none of the crew remembered the alternate timeline once they had escaped from it, except for one alien who had perception of alternate realities. 4.) I absolutely believe God exists outside of time. Time is part of the created universe. I'm less sure about angels being outside time. If
  22. My first book was a memoir and there were definitely characters I hated. In all seriousness, I have a fiction trilogy in mind and I am very worried about my ability to write real characters. I have a concept and overall story that I'm excited about, but telling it through real characters is going to be difficult. I expect I'll hate a lot of them before I get to the point of a complete draft.
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