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  1. Written Word Media's 2020 author survey data is out, and pretty interesting: https://www.writtenwordmedia.com/the-evolution-of-an-author-how-to-go-from-zero-to-100k-from-your-writing/
  2. I'm working on getting mine up to 50k right now. My impression is anything over 50k is long enough to be a novel.
  3. And this is the other half of the story. It's getting harder and harder to see where the benefit is in signing on with a publisher that will accept a new, unknown author. The author still ends up being responsible for all the promotion.
  4. It may be that easy for some agents, but I've also seen hard requirements on numbers of online followers and participating in live events... I watched a friend last year spend almost every weekend travelling to events as required by her agent and publisher.
  5. This is exactly why I haven't gone the agent route so far. Like Lynn said you'll be doing marketing and promotion no matter what, but with self-publishing you get to decide when, where, how much, etc. An agent will have a list of expectations about platform and availability that you may not be willing to meet just yet.
  6. I wrote a screenplay based on my first book. The writing part you can do yourself, just like a book. But there are a whole lot of steps between that and a movie being made. Pureflix will actually accept unsolicited manuscripts, but pretty much anywhere else you have to have an agent, and that is tough to do. Writing a screenplay can be fun but it is really a different animal with very specific formatting and very set expectations for plot points.
  7. The well of the same small number of franchises is running dry. Christian chain stores have mostly died out because they didn't offer any reason to go in to their stores. If someone wanted the same top 10 franchises they could just go online. Independent bookstores have increased over the last 5 years, because they offer something more than a sterile outlet for the same old thing.
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking. The last two decades of Hollywood have been mostly reboots and continuations of old franchises. The other thing this reminds me of is chain Christian bookstores right before they died. They had whatever was new from the top 10 Christian authors, and nothing else. Eventually the well runs dry.
  9. Just typed THE END with a bit over 40,000 words (which was my goal). I'll be going back to add more detail and description throughout, but my goal was to get the main story down and hit the 40,000 mark.
  10. I wonder if there is a colloquialism at play here. Are there regions where "bring me home" is a common saying?
  11. As someone mentioned above, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is a great place to start for the textbook answer to the grieving process. She had later work on the topic as well, and there are a lot of other more modern researchers on the topic that you'll easily be able to find. An important thing to remember about the five stages is that they don't necessarily happen in order, there aren't clean breaks or transitions between them, and they can have vastly different durations (some may be skipped entirely). Someone else pointed out that the character's base personality will define a lot of ho
  12. I see it as a ministry. My first book was a memoir that I had felt called by the Lord to write. It has allowed me to speak and minister in forums that probably never would have been open to me otherwise. My second book is somewhat along the same lines, but allowed me to help others tell their stories. At the moment I'm more writing for enjoyment of it, but when the pandemic season passes I hope to hit the ground running on continued ministry opportunities.
  13. I really appreciate you taking the time to express all of that. Your framework shows a lot of consideration and maturity. I am not nearly so far along in my own development yet.
  14. True Confessions: They say to write what you know, and that main character is, more or less, me. Thus far I have definitely spent some time on the question of nonviolence and whether it's realistic, especially in a lawless new world. One encounter in particular involves an armed desperado who has, let's say, a particular interest in one of the ladies in the trio. In some ways I'm wrestling with my own philosophy through the character on the page. In my case I'm strongly influenced by Menno Simons, but I feel like I am far from really having a mature philosophy or rule of life on t
  15. Definitely. Email me at chris@childofgracebooks.com It will be a WHILE before I have this to a point where I'll be willing to let anyone else see it though. I barely know what I'm doing writing non-fiction, I have no idea what I'm doing with fiction.
  16. This thread is interesting because I predominantly read non-fiction, and my writing is all non-fiction. BUT I got caught up in NaNo fever and I'm 32,000 words into my first ever novel. Imagine three Christian co-workers are on the wrong side of the country when a civilization-ending nuclear exchange between the U.S. and China takes place. The friends set out to make it across the post-apocalyptic landscape to get back to their families. The main character (the only man in the trio) wrestles with his philosophy and theology of nonviolence as they dodge would-be bandits and attackers
  17. The KDP eBook would have let you advertise on Amazon. IS gets me on B&N, Kobo, Apple and Google. I also have relationships with some bookstores, so they are able to order through Ingram.
  18. I'm at 22,000 words total. I'm pretty happy with that since I started a few days late and I've never written a novel before.
  19. In my case, the book was visible on Amazon. I did the extra KDP upload so that I could advertise with Amazon. IS lets me list with other retailers, which is important to me. I don't see any disadvantage to maintaining the IS version and having a separate KDP version just for Amazon.
  20. Yep, it's a program on a local Christian station. They just celebrated 30 years of the program and have a pretty big following in the area.
  21. I returned to the 2nd Chance Radio program today. Video here: https://www.facebook.com/2ndchanceonline/videos/1008029846339057/
  22. Agree that's amazing... I don't think I could physically type that much in two days. My hands would fall off.
  23. I didn't start on time for reasons... But today I wrote 4300 words. If I manage to get to the end it'll be my first novel. I've only written non-fiction to date.
  24. This might sound funny, but you can watch some Sesame Street. They introduced an autistic character named Julia about 5 years ago: https://autism.sesamestreet.org/video/meet-julia/
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