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  1. You got me, my gorgeous bookkeeper is my wife - More beautiful today than she was 20 years ago.
  2. I shared this the other day, and it might be helpful to you: https://www.authorsguild.org/whats-new/seminars-member-events/tax-tips-for-authors-2021/ And that's just the IRS and state dept. of revenue... Business licenses, sales taxes, and business personal property taxes (yes, really) all can get pretty expensive and obnoxious to keep up with!
  3. Almost forgot about awards... I got some mileage out of a minor award I won with my first book.
  4. I couldn't possibly give every detail, but a few basic things... 1.) Get endorsements before you publish. Use them in launch promotion, and get endorsers to give you a mention when you launch. 2.) Maintain website/social media presence 3.) Launch party! Or just a book signing at your local independent bookstore. 4.) Advertise on FB, Amazon, BookBub, etc. if you have the money and want to. Ymmv on the results. 5.) Do discount promotions on all the discount sites (Free/BargainBooksy, ENT, Fussy Librarian, Book Raid, etc. etc.) periodically - stack them for effect.
  5. https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2015/12/cs-lewis-space-trilogy-came-into-being-bradley-birzer.html I actually haven't read them, but my wife enjoyed them.
  6. Author's Guild did a seminar on taxes last week and it looks like they have made the recording available for anyone: https://www.authorsguild.org/whats-new/seminars-member-events/tax-tips-for-authors-2021/ I didn't watch it myself, but my smokin' hot bookkeeper who I'm sleeping with did and she said it was very informative.
  7. We may already be eating more insect than we realize: https://www.vice.com/en/article/ezkeqm/meet-the-scientists-who-are-making-bread-with-cockroach-flour There are cockroach farms in China that produce 6 billion per year for use in food and medicine.
  8. According to MBTI I'm very extroverted, and as Wes B was saying based on the true definition of the term that's definitely true. According to Enneagrams I'm a type 8, which matches some other tests I had to take long ago (Ruby? Lion?), and based on the materials I've read that is definitely me. A couple of years ago an Army Colonel described me as a kick-the-door-in kind of guy. Despite all that I really enjoy sitting here and writing too, even when those small children keep interrupting me.
  9. I thought some of you might be interested in this: https://psyche.co/guides/how-to-create-and-interpret-characters-in-fiction-and-film
  10. It's a word-for-word literal translation. It is incredibly difficult to read, but it gives some insight into exactly what the original word usage looked like. And it highlights just how much interpretation goes into our modern translations.
  11. Have you ever read from Young's Literal Translation? That will give you a new respect for our translators.
  12. They say there is a deep dive coming on this data, so that will have some granularity on number of books published and marketing spend. Too bad they can't filter by terrible writing as well! It's also hard to know if there is some selection bias on who responded to the survey, but based on the sample size and the number of low responses I'd say there isn't much. I would like to presume that traditional publishers cut out all the terrible writers, but I read enough books to know that's not always the case. You also have to wonder how many people are making $0 on their great manuscri
  13. 1,600 out o 47,000 isn't a terrible response rate, but I hoped for a little more. The $0 column can be dropped since those clearly haven't published anything yet, so really you've got about 1,200 respondents with books on the market. Out of that they have a lot of people in the making-a-living category, and more than I expected in the big-money category.
  14. SW, that group did a survey last week with ~1600 respondents. Just in time for your thread, here is a rough look at respondents' 2020 earnings.
  15. And I've never been to Boston in the fall! Except really I have - it's where I met my wife.
  16. I had to search for it, but it was there. Odd that they picked up the second one but not the first one.
  17. Replying to my own warning Upon further review it looks like this is a credit card harvesting scam. They don't let you see the interior of a book until you create an account, which requires giving them a credit card number.
  18. One of my FB groups alerted me to this pirate site this morning: https://bibleandbookcenter.com/ My second book is up there. They have a whole host of self- and traditionally-published books.
  19. If you're on Facebook go check out the 20Booksto50K group. There are self-published authors making huge money in there, and a whole lot making their living through self-published books alone.
  20. So I do the same thing with long chapters but multiple scene breaks within a chapter... But if I make more chapters I have to come up with more clever chapter titles.
  21. The epic tale of Who Owns Jack Ryan continues: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/judge-cant-figure-out-who-owns-rights-to-jack-ryan-character For the rest of us, if you ever hit it big, try to make your assignments of rights as clear as possible.
  22. Nope, because it's not a business for me. As I've said before, this is a ministry for me. When I heard last month that my books are getting passed around H-dorm at Limestone Correctional Facility and the men have been blessed by them, that's worth more to me than any income statement ever will be. I won a minor award with my first book and had a bunch of endorsements on my second book (only one on the first). If you're looking for validation, there are plenty of avenues to get that without having it come through a traditional publisher. If I had wanted to go traditional, assuming
  23. Is this honestly still being debated? Are people seriously still saying you can't make money self-publishing when there are self-published authors doing 7 figures yearly? Self-publishing is not what it was 30 years ago.
  24. I'm currently reading books about writing and books for classes I'm taking from Wheaton College's Prison Ministry Institute. I usually read nonfiction, but the next time I read fiction I was thinking some classic Sci-Fi like The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. RE: To Kill a Mockingbird, I'm from Alabama and they don't let you grow up here without reading it. It really does live up to the hype though, as does the 1962 film.
  25. Blake Snyder and Syd Field... Dwight Swain and Derek Murphy and Craig Martelle for novels... The thing is there is always some tension between writing what you think is good and hopefully fresh versus writing to spec like all the write-to-market gurus tell you. The spec got to be what it is for a reason, because apparently it sells, but I think there is plenty of room to depart from it when you think that would make the story better.
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