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  1. And... I've gotten my rejection notice on the ad. They do not accept ads that "depict a life event" for the lockscreen promotion. That raises the question of how they even have a memoir/biography section, but who am I to question the mighty Zon?
  2. Has anyone here done a Kindle lockscreen ad? I am looking at doing one, but I'm really struggling with the (lack of) categories. There is no Christian category at all, not even a generic religious/spiritual category. Anyone else run into this?
  3. I've tried to add character dialogue into the travel scenes, so it becomes more about them interacting with each other and with the setting than just a description of the setting.
  4. Some of you might find this interesting: https://www.writtenwordmedia.com/the-top-ten-publishing-trends-every-author-needs-to-know-in-2021/
  5. I first said I was going to write a narrative nonfiction in 2003, and only 15 years later I actually got it released! I did just really quickly bang out a short novel during NaNo with no planning at all, and based on the last couple of weeks I'll be fixing it for at least the next year and it may never be worth releasing. I've had a fiction trilogy in mind for at least 3 years, and other than reading 3 textbooks on the history of the setting for it, I haven't done anything for that, so maybe in a decade or two I'll get that out as well.
  6. Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place is another one worth reading.
  7. I've got a "Why I Write" story today. A guy I have been ministering to in prison ministry the last few years got out today, and he doesn't have any family so I picked him up and took him to his halfway house. I had given a few copies of my first book to the chaplain last year, and today the guy who got released told me that it is being passed around and read by a lot of the inmates and is really having an impact with them. When we got to the halfway house I left a few copies there, and the formerly incarcerated man managing the desk said he had read it. That was all v
  8. Written Word Media's 2020 author survey data is out, and pretty interesting: https://www.writtenwordmedia.com/the-evolution-of-an-author-how-to-go-from-zero-to-100k-from-your-writing/
  9. I'm working on getting mine up to 50k right now. My impression is anything over 50k is long enough to be a novel.
  10. And this is the other half of the story. It's getting harder and harder to see where the benefit is in signing on with a publisher that will accept a new, unknown author. The author still ends up being responsible for all the promotion.
  11. It may be that easy for some agents, but I've also seen hard requirements on numbers of online followers and participating in live events... I watched a friend last year spend almost every weekend travelling to events as required by her agent and publisher.
  12. This is exactly why I haven't gone the agent route so far. Like Lynn said you'll be doing marketing and promotion no matter what, but with self-publishing you get to decide when, where, how much, etc. An agent will have a list of expectations about platform and availability that you may not be willing to meet just yet.
  13. I wrote a screenplay based on my first book. The writing part you can do yourself, just like a book. But there are a whole lot of steps between that and a movie being made. Pureflix will actually accept unsolicited manuscripts, but pretty much anywhere else you have to have an agent, and that is tough to do. Writing a screenplay can be fun but it is really a different animal with very specific formatting and very set expectations for plot points.
  14. The well of the same small number of franchises is running dry. Christian chain stores have mostly died out because they didn't offer any reason to go in to their stores. If someone wanted the same top 10 franchises they could just go online. Independent bookstores have increased over the last 5 years, because they offer something more than a sterile outlet for the same old thing.
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