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  1. I don't keep close tack of them either, so I have no idea how long it's been since the reviews disappeared. I've sold a few copies through them, but not many. I started a trial BookBub promotion, and for whatever reason all the click-throughs on it yesterday went to B&N, which led me to go check. Anyway, I'll have to send them an email today, but I don't have high hopes since I don't know how long it's been.
  2. I just noticed that the Barnes & Noble online listing for my book has no reviews. Previously there were a handful of reviews on there. Has this happened to anyone else? I've heard of Amazon zapping reviews (thankfully hasn't happened to me) but I've never heard of B&N doing it.
  3. A weakness is a strength overused (or so I heard in a sermon once). So the loquacious outgoing type can be a gossip. The guy who gets everything done suffers from burnout but won't slow down. The tough lady won't go to the doctor when she's ill because of pride... The other interpretation of that saying is the cliche that when all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. So Accord64's pastor uses his great debate skills in every situation. That outgoing type won't stop talking even when silence is needed. The burned out workhorse thinks working harder is the solution to every problem and won't set priorities or boundaries.
  4. This site has a lot of information: https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/well-good/teach-me/86945440/how-have-bed-sizes-changed-throughout-the-ages-why-has-the-double-died When I think mid-19th century, it seems like most of the museums/stately homes/historical sites I've visited had what I would consider very small beds. Even in master suites it seems like they were maybe like a modern queen size at the most. Not that helpful I know, but my gut feeling is that you're probably looking at single (or smaller!) size beds.
  5. Since you guys helped me come up with the promotional idea, I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to enter too! My new book, Testimonies of Grace, will be released Labor Day weekend. I'm doing an email sign up list to be the first to know when the book is out - and you'll also be entered to win an Amazon Gift Card, a signed copy of Testimonies of Grace, and a signed copy of Child of Grace: A Death Row Story! Simply send an email to info@childofgracebooks.com with "Sign me up!" in the subject line. [I promise not to spam you!]
  6. This is great advice! The opening line of my first book was, "I wasn't born in jail, but I came pretty close." It was my one-line hook for a memoir. My new book is a collection of 8 testimonies, and I started each one with a climactic paragraph from the person's story, then went back to the beginning of their story. Each one starts with a paragraph-length hook. That also gave me ready-made teasers to use in marketing, so I've been giving the opening paragraph to a story along with "coming soon" posts. I've gotten pretty good responses on some of them (and surprisingly negative feedback on one!). I always wonder if classic books would get published today. There's no telling how a classic would do in a different time and place. Pirsig went through dozens of rejections with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but once it was published it sold millions of copies. How many potentially great authors stopped just one submission short of making it?
  7. Thanks everybody! Lots of good advice here, as usual
  8. I'm thinking signed copies of my first book and this book plus an Amazon gift card.
  9. Yep, I'm pretty much sold on the raffle idea. I was briefly concerned because I live in one of 3 states where raffles are illegal, but that only applies if people have to pay for tickets. 😅
  10. Now there's an idea! Everyone gets entered in the raffle, but I just have one thing to put in the mail.
  11. It's a collection of 8 testimonies that show different aspects of God's grace and the journey of a believer. Each testimony ends with some additional material and scripture about the topic(s) of the particular testimony. I'm calling it Testimonies of Grace (my first book was Child of Grace, and I do business as Child of Grace Books, so it sort of fits the theme). I can give you WAY more on what it's about if you're interested. 😅
  12. I'm getting ready to release a new book around Labor Day, and I'd like to entice people to get on a sign-up list to get it when it comes out. But I'm having trouble thinking of a good freebie I can offer people who sign up before it is released. It would basically have to be something digital as I'm not going to try and pay to mail anything to people. But what would people actually be interested in? It's non-fiction so I can't really offer a bonus short story or that sort of thing. So I'm just drawing a blank on what I could offer as a reward for getting on the email list for the release that anyone would actually want. Any ideas?
  13. Totally missed seeing this in time, but in the future this site might help: https://www.pdinfo.com/
  14. Good advice... Although I've got a true story: A young man who works at my local library wrote a book and called it Becoming. Mere months later Michelle Obama released her incredibly popular book by the same name. I asked the young man if it hurt his book, and he believes more people have found his book because of it. Of course, he didn't do this intentionally, and I wouldn't ever recommend someone try to confuse people, but I found it interesting.
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