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  1. Jesus said the children have angels to watch over them. Most children I know need full-time angels.....
  2. I just saw this. I enjoy your stories. If you still want another beta reader, let me know. You can pm me if so, and I'll send you my gmail
  3. You can see it also in those disaster movies; the individual backstories are given prior to all the people ending up in the same plane, train, avalanche, etc. disaster.... I really don't know how they keep you oriented to all the different people. But, that's Hollywood....
  4. This is a fascinating sci-fi story about humans and sentient androids working together to make the solar system habitable . I hope more of you beta readers will take a look; it’s an enjoyable read. (John, I’m nearing the end of my first read through; hope to get some general comments to you later this week)
  5. Hi John, I occasionally read sci-fi (if it’s not extremely violent). If you would message me (general theme and word count) and let me know a little more about it I’ll consider it.
  6. So, do you live near PB? I wouldn't mention Mar-a-Lago (at least in Christian writing); it has a checkered history with the locals. PM me if you want to.
  7. Bring me home, country road, To the place I belong....
  8. Sounds interesting; I'll take a shot at it (I'll take the scatter gun approach ); just pm me.
  9. I suppose that a creative turn of phrase would eventually then become a cliche itself, and then we’re back to square one (to coin a phrase)
  10. Interesting article; here is a quote “….If the story includes sensory detail, your brain will register a sensory response. And if you’ve done the job well, this response is then passed on to the reader. In a well-written story, the reader will also experience activity in sensory and motor areas of the brain, because this thing that you’ve created using nothing but words is actually bringing the readers into the moment and making them live it through imagination. But your description of action and sensory detail must be evocative for this to happen. Research shows that common figure
  11. I’m only about 8 chapters in, but totally mesmerized- I do enjoy your writing style.
  12. I’ve finished a couple beta reads and open for more (fantasy not really my thing, but why not)
  13. I’ll give it a shot; fantasy isn’t really my strength but I’m expanding horizons
  14. Good info; looking forward to it when you're ready.
  15. Hi Claire, I responded a couple hours ago, but maybe I didn't hit the submit button?? (Definitely not a technical person here). Sure, I would be happy to read for you.
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