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  1. Bring me home, country road, To the place I belong....
  2. Sounds interesting; I'll take a shot at it (I'll take the scatter gun approach ); just pm me.
  3. I suppose that a creative turn of phrase would eventually then become a cliche itself, and then we’re back to square one (to coin a phrase)
  4. Interesting article; here is a quote “….If the story includes sensory detail, your brain will register a sensory response. And if you’ve done the job well, this response is then passed on to the reader. In a well-written story, the reader will also experience activity in sensory and motor areas of the brain, because this thing that you’ve created using nothing but words is actually bringing the readers into the moment and making them live it through imagination. But your description of action and sensory detail must be evocative for this to happen. Research shows that common figure
  5. I’m only about 8 chapters in, but totally mesmerized- I do enjoy your writing style.
  6. I’ve finished a couple beta reads and open for more (fantasy not really my thing, but why not)
  7. I’ll give it a shot; fantasy isn’t really my strength but I’m expanding horizons
  8. Good info; looking forward to it when you're ready.
  9. Hi Claire, I responded a couple hours ago, but maybe I didn't hit the submit button?? (Definitely not a technical person here). Sure, I would be happy to read for you.
  10. So who is your target audience? It would seem from your description that your audience would consist of young men. If not, and if the views of a retired old lady would be of help, I would be happy to read for you. How many pages/words is the book?
  11. Ok carolinamtne, I’m a-comin’ to visit!
  12. I believe it (it’s been many moons since high school English). My new goal is to know all the multiple personalities. (Insert roll-your-eyes emoji)
  13. Observation: Chicago Manual of Style has 19 pages of rules (and exceptions) on commas, while the other punctuation marks are given one to five pages each?
  14. Hi Shamrock. I would like to beta read for you; this sounds really interesting. You can pm or email me.
  15. The storms go spinning one by one Hoo-ah, hoo-ah The storms go spinning one by one Hoo-ah, hoo-ah The storms go spinning one by one The little one stops. A shear to its top! And they all go spinning, swirling Around the globe To stir up The ether.
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