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  1. Your writing is always thought provoking. It's getting better all the time.
  2. I recently read "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" .... what a hoot!!
  3. Hi Jared, is it too late to respond to this? May I beta read it?
  4. My mind is still tarp as a shack...
  5. Ora


    Oh thanks for explaining 😃yes that would be it. I’m happy it’s something easily remedied!
  6. Hmmm, since I can read your messages but I can't send you a message... would you mind messaging me with you email address and I will respond by email???? I did send a message to help to ask them to let me message people, but I suppose it could take awhile to fix.
  7. Ok I tried to respond in messages but I got an error saying I’m only allowed to send 0 messages daily🤣🤣anyway I got your message and I look forward to reading!!! I received both parts 1and 2. Thanks!!
  8. Ora


    I tried to respond to a message and it says I’m allowed to send 0 messages???
  9. Hi Shamrock, I just joined in December and am now becoming more active on this site. (My husband and I are caregivers for my elderly father- and we’re not spring chickens either 😂😂). I do enjoy reading—I read mostly nonfiction, but also enjoy reading other genres such as mystery, poetry, sci-fi.
  10. Ora

    Reader from FL

    I read mostly Christian and nonChristian fiction; then some historical fiction, occasional science fiction/fantasy, cozy mystery....
  11. Ora

    Reader from FL

    I joined in December and have been enjoying the Reading Room, especially. I'm interested in learning to be a better beta .☺️
  12. I read a lot. Now that I'm retired, I read a lot more. So now, I'm reading about writers. Not that I want to write, I just want to read more. (Read that as reading clean/not worldly matter). I am happy to find y'all, and I'm looking forward to seeing your work in the reading room!!
  13. Creative and entertaining; I enjoyed it!
  14. Hi, I would like to ... I have not had a ton of experience (I reviewed two books; then I recently learned I’m called a beta reader)..... so take my comments with a spoon of salt 😉
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