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  1. I read the story; I like fantasy and I like mystery. This is a fun read for adults as well as the middle-grade target audience.
  2. Ora


    So when I read your instruction that we should obey the "don't" command, I was tempted to disobey. 😊 But then I resisted the temptation....😉 Good advice!
  3. I'm not into collaborating but your titles are clever.
  4. Since they are short papers (and presumably you don't expect us to read Hebrew).... I'll take a shot at it with the Pneum.... paper. My first suggestion is to take that word out of the title so people will read it. It's actually an interesting paper. One initial comment: "Every Good Boy Does Fine Always" (don't forget A) EDIT: Well, upon re-reading, it's not a short paper. It's a bit confusing to open a link (say for the introduction) then go back and find the list again and open the next link. I guess I get lost too easily to be able to review something this deep.
  5. I've done limited beta reading (I'm working on getting better at it). I try to read as a "regular reader" as Lana said, and I try to limit the tendency to proof-read, as that should come later. Please do give a synopsis of the book, genre, length of book, estimated time you want comments. (Sell the concept: If it's not the type of book I would enjoy reading, I don't volunteer- one of the bennies of doing beta.)
  6. Wait”The Links” IS the story; (I read it- it’s great) you need real links in the title — IMO (and graphics too). If you don’t, you may as well write a different story 😂😂
  7. The chain links really do illustrate the whole concept of the story. I kinda miss them.....
  8. It was during the pandemic. I took my elderly father to the VA. While the doctor was washing her hands, she mumbled something. Then, “Pardon me, I was counting to twenty; I got tired of singing ‘Happy Birthday.’” I said, “Yeah, I know what you mean; I started singing ‘Are You Washed in the Blood.’” She said, “What? What did you say? What do you mean by that?” I said, “It’s a Christian song.” She thought a minute. Then, “Oh. Well, you probably don’t want to sing about blood around here.”
  9. Spelling-bound A study of commonly misspelled words Today’s irresistible task will be to aggressively acquire words that are occasionally misspelled. Please suspend judgment until you reflect on this prose written at leisure. Mind you, this is a USA, not UK spelling exercise. Perhaps I can avoid unforeseen embarrassment or even harassment from colleagues or committees (or even editors) that may be disappointed, should I let my guard down. Therefore, my personal calendar for tomorrow will basically consist of a minuscule exercise to suppress the appalling grammatical errors that unfortunately occurred in my past existence. Whether I contemplate in a quiet pavilion or a quite large religious auditorium, whether through conscious commission or negligent omission, I fully intend to suppress, or at least limit the occurrence of bizarre, though humorous, lapses in intelligence. From the beginning, in this millennium, and across the planet, it is apparent that successful spellers did not supersede others or achieve a distinct advantage. If you would like to join me in this endeavor, I have a few recommendations. First, I definitely recommend a serious and separate study of weird words. Next, pursue a persistent rehearsal of what you have been taught. Finally, receive the necessary enlightenment to perceive potential stumbling blocks. Regardless, your possession of such a confusing language may not be noticeable or accommodate business success for you. A selection of commonly misspelled words: accommodate, achieve, acquire, across, aggressive, appalling, apparent, basically, beginning, bizarre, business, calendar, colleague, commission, committee, conscious, definitely, disappoint, embarrass, exercise, existence, guard, grammatical, harassment, humorous, intelligence, irresistible, judgment, leisure, millennium, minuscule, misspell, necessary, noticeable, occasionally, occurred, occurrence, omission, pavilion, perceive, persistent, possession, pursue, quiet, quite, receive, recommend, rehearsal, religious, separate, successful, supersede, suppress, taught, therefore, though, through, tomorrow, unforeseen, unfortunately, weird, and whether.
  10. I’ve been reading your updates and have enjoyed it (and I was 15 many decades ago 😂). If you still need another beta let me know.
  11. God, the author outside of time, seeing the end from the beginning, has written my book, my story. Yet, I must choose. My mind rebels, “Inconceivable!” Nothing is impossible with God. So, as You wish, I choose to follow the script, long ago written for my life. I see myself, the blind beggar. You see me blessed beyond what I can see. "…You are the God who sees me…" Genesis 16:13 (NET) PS: if I don't choose to follow God, does that mean my book fell off the shelf??? just a thought
  12. “He took the five loaves and two fish, and looking up to heaven He gave thanks, and broke the loaves…” Jesus gave logos and the people reaped rhema; in other words, He took the earthly facts and made them living truth. The bread from heaven multiplies in our hands when we rightly divide the word of truth. When we become part of the distribution chain, we also receive an overflow; and the gift goes on….. seed to the sower, bread to the eater, multiplication and provision. Mark 6:41 (NET). “He took the five loaves and two fish, and looking up to heaven He gave thanks, and broke the loaves. He gave them to his disciples to serve the people, and He divided the two fish among them all.” 2 Corinthians 9:10-11 (NET). “ Now God who provides seed for the sower and bread for food will provide and multiply your supply of seed and will cause the harvest of your righteousness to grow.”
  13. Amen to that. Let us know when it's ready for a beta reader!! I'm looking forward to reading it--- another Outlanders series perhaps!!!
  14. In this Season, I thought of life as languishing. Each of us is in our home with our family and animals, waiting for the death angel to pass over. Life is adrift without the rigors of schedules, traffic jams, strident words, and to-do’s. No longer does the heavy woven veil hang between us and our God, but a veil over our spirit remains. In the quiet hour, in the feathered edges between wake and sleep, the thin veil becomes filmier.
  15. They are here, floating in the atmosphere, waiting to be pulled down and ordered. My finite mind wants new understanding, and my spirit desires new refreshing. Random words, full of meaning, they are near: without order, chaos; with wrong order, doubt and despair. An inspired order brings hope and revelation of truth. “May I take Your order, Sir?" “On Earth, as it is in Heaven."
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