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  1. Chris, I think you are being to hard on yourself. Sanctification is a process and we are all in it together. The Holy Spirit knows our weaknesses and He helps our infirmities. Jesus told Paul, "My strength is made perfect in your weakness." Again, I commend you for telling the truth and exposing yourself to others. Do you know my dear brother this takes courage? I love real people who are not ashamed to tell the truth on themselves. Be encouraged, the more you yield to the Holy Spirit, the more the change that is taking place on the inside, will become more evident. Love you to life 😊
  2. Chris: I love your transparency, this is what brings true deliverance into our lives!
  3. Yes I agree, this Scripture is so comforting. Thank you for sharing!
  4. I thank God for the victory that I have in Jesus Christ. As I look back over my life, I know that it was nobody but God who brought me through the many obstacles in my life. I remember the times of gross darkness and despair in my life, the many nights when I would weep in the presence of God and pour out my heart to Him, or the numerous times I suffered in silence. I felt like the Lord had abandoned me, and that there was no one who really understood my pain. There were times when I chose not to share what I was going through because I didn't want to burden my family and friends with my issues. This is the reason why and how I suffered in silence, but today I choose to handle things differently. The Lord is faithful, and He promised to never leave me, nor forsake me. He has brought me to a place of victory, by allowing me to overcome my battle with depression. There was a time when I looked at my life with so much regret. I know that was one of the things that drove me into depression. But several months ago, I recognized that my perspective had changed. I began to thank God for bringing me to the reality that He causes all things to work together for my good. It was my mistakes that He used to teach me how to obey His voice and not to listen to the voice of others, when those voices were speaking contrary to what He spoke to me. Also, to bring me to another level of maturity, and to become the woman that I am today. There is a certain level of maturity that comes with every test and trial, that God allows His children to go through. I have learned that there is victory on the other side of through. Even when it looks hopeless. As the children of God, we can be assured that our Father will always bring us out. He promised with every temptation there is a way of escape. Thanks be unto God who causes us to triumph in all things!
  5. Thank you for your transparency, no is a hard answer to hear, let alone receive. This is a different perspective that I believe will help so many of us who are struggling 😊
  6. Jesus said, "suffer the little children to come unto Me."
  7. Chris, congratulations and keep walking with Jesus. Some of your comments in your story are hilarious 😂
  8. I just wanted to take a moment to give glory and honor to God my Father in the name of His Son, Yeshua the Messiah. 


    I am privileged and honored that He has given me a platform to use the gift of writing to edify, exhort, and comfort His beloved children.


    The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!

  9. Chris I am also grateful for the gift that you are to the body of Christ. What you have shared so far in your writings have been a blessing to me as well. Thank you 😊
  10. Chris I appreciate the encouragement and I am so grateful to the Lord that it ministered to you. I believe this is one way that the Holy Spirit uses our gifts to heal the body of Christ. To God be the Glory!
  11. This is my personal testimony that I thought I would share, I had been carrying a lot of old wounds, from my childhood into my adulthood. The Lord took me through a process of healing. I had to confront every hurt, and every disappointment, one at a time. There were times when it felt like my heart was going to explode, because the pain was unbearable. I have to confess that I became angry with the Lord, because I wanted Him to miraculously heal, what I later discovered was a broken heart. But the Lord did not choose to do it my way. You see, sometimes He chooses to take us through the process of healing. As I stated before, I had to face each one, confessing forgiveness every step of the way. I had to choose to forgive, like all of us must, if we are going to receive true liberty from the pain of our past. I had truly made a decision that I did not want to hold any grudges against my offenders, and it was at this time that I had listened to two messages about forgiveness, that really helped me, and gave me more of a determination to receive the healing that I was so desperately in need of. There were times that I would share what I was going through, and I was told you have to "let it go", listen, I had no idea, that letting go meant I had to forgive. Whenever I heard those words, I would think to myself, how when the pain was so great, and it was internal. I believed that only the Lord could heal my heart. So I didn't understand why I wasn't being healed, and because I didn't understand, I became more and more frustrated. In my mind I thought that the Lord wasn't answering my prayers, and as a result, I did what only I knew to do, and that was to continue to suppress the pain. As I stated earlier, I became angry with God, because I had confessed, did everything I knew to do, but still no healing. I wanted to give up many times, because I didn't understand why I wasn't being healed. I remember praying and asking the Lord to get to the root of the problem, and that's when I truly believe my journey towards being healed from a broken heart began. I was offended by the woman I called my spiritual mom, which added another wound on top of the wounds that were already there. But today, I understand why I had to go through that experience. Remember, what I just shared about asking the Lord to get to the root of the problem. As a result of that experience, I have discovered that one of the issues of my heart was with my natural mother, who was very critical. So when I experienced the same thing with my spiritual mom, it became clear to me, that I was suffering from being criticized and judged by my natural mother and other family members. I remember sharing this with a very dear friend and sister in Christ, and I began to weep, man we never know what we have suppressed, and how much anger and resentment we can be carrying. When I began to recognize what the enemy had been using against me, I took on a new mindset, that I was not going to allow him to continue to use others to criticize and judge me. I knew that I had been empowered to shut the enemy down and from that point, the journey continued. I had participated in a class entitled, "The Prophetic Me", and one of the words that was given was, "broken heart ", and that's when the Lord revealed that I was also suffering from a broken heart. I am so grateful, oh my God, not to feel that heaviness in my heart anymore, I'm trying to tell you! We never know how the Lord is going to answer our prayers, when, where and what He may use to do it, but we must trust Him, because it will happen at the appointed time. I pray that this little portion of my testimony that I have shared will be a blessing and an encouragement to all who read it. May the Lord continue to bless you, in Jesus name 😊
  12. In the beginning the tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and if, Adam and Eve had made the correct choice they would have lived forever. We know that, that tree represents Jesus Christ. I believe that the lifespan of that generation was shortened because the wickedness and the corruption of mankind grew worse, and worse in the earth. In the six chapter it is revealed that God was grieved and expressed His sorrow that He created mankind and decided to destroy them. He said "my Spirit will not always strive with man." Sin always brings forth death and inevitably cuts short the life that God has given us.
  13. Thank you! I was one of them, I suffered church hurt, but God is a mighty Deliverer and Healer😊
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