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  1. Hi, I have emailed twice but have not received a response. Is the offer still open?
  2. Hi, I emailed. I have been writing since I was young. I have a BA in English; although I have not written for a magazine before, I have taken a few journalism courses and am a very fast learner when it comes to writing. I emailed on Monday. I will email again. Thank you
  3. Hi, My name is Nakeba. I am a fantasy and realistic fiction novelist. I am a soon-to-be veterinarian. I love Christ first before anything, and He has given me a distinct love for His creatures. Other passions of mine include ADHD [which is me, so sorry if that becomes oh so obvious] and ASD [some of my friends] advocacy; I am passionate about helping people understand neurodiversity and gain more recognition for those like me in several areas, including novels. I love my family; we are a diverse group of African American-Cherokees, and I love every aspect of our culture with a lot of Native elements in my writing. This recent novel I have written is the first time I have written about a young girl not quite established in her faith. This was a leap for me because I always write about well-established Christians, who help others come to Christ. I liked to write YA novels, but right now, I am starting to shift to early adulthood. I self-published books in high school, but this will be my first all-out novel where I have put in extensive processing and sought outside help. That is about it. Thank you for having me here😀
  4. Hi, I would be interested in editing. Are you still needing writers or editors?
  5. Hi, I am very new here, but I like it so far. I have never joined a Christian writing group before and would like to practice being a beta reader; but I am interested in a beta reader to read my newest novel. It is a Christian-based [dystopian] fantasy, but I want feedback on my Christian themes and ideas, as this is very different from my traditional writing in that the main character struggles with her faith and could be considered backslidden from a troubled past. It is also a complex novel that I would like to know if it flows well.
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