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  1. Goodness! I totally just saw this! Thank y'all so much! 😊 Not until the last book in the series is released. Sorry. Thank you! (That's probably like, the one thousandth time someone's wished me happy birthday in the past two weeks, LOL) Thank you! Also thank you! Thanks! If it weren't for y'all's help, I hate to think of what it would've looked like.... *shudders* Aw! Thank you so much, Miss Nicola! The launch went quite well, at least, for my first book. LOL, I did go to great extents for reviews. Advanced readers, literally hundreds of review sites (only to get accepted by two of them, one of which having 13,000 followers 😱)... I even asked my proofreader if her little sister would read it and write an honest review. I may have been a little desperate 😬😂 *Gasps for breath* That was a lot of thank yous! But I meant every one of them 😊. And just for the cherry on top, thank y'all!
  2. *Facepalms* I was so busy with life that I totally forgot to tell y'all about the release of my first book!!! Links of the Two Worlds came out on the seventeenth, just as planned... along with a five star review from the author of 63 books (Jenn Faulk)! *Faints* I just want to say thank you so much to @Jared Williams, @Zee, and @Other people whose names have slipped my mind.... (sorry, other people!) for helping me out in the critique forum. Y'all were such a blessing, and I hate to think of what my book would've ended up looking like without you. It's surprising what a difference can come from critique partners, a couple dozens betas, and a proofreader, isn't it!? Thank you so much to @Nicola, as well. For 1) being an early reader for me, and 2) offering me the opportunity to be interviewed (for the first time in my life)!!! And also thank you so much to everyone in this group. There are so many people here who have supported me and lifted me up in numerous ways on this corner of the internet. Y'all've been more of a blessing than you'll ever know. 😊
  3. @JasmineH I do have a Goodreads account, actually. Hm. I've never heard of them. Do the copies have to be paperback? 'Cause I'm currently unable to do that. Thank you!
  4. @suspensewriter Blurb: Lindsay is a two-inch-tall, fourteen-year-old girl who lived a normal life with her tribe until Nathen came along. When an Upperlander shrinks, will she be able to put things back to normal? Join Lindsay and Nathen in "Rise of the Royals: Book One" as they discover this magic that has come upon them. Probs not something you're gonna be interested in.
  5. @suspensewriter, I've actually already read the thread you posted, it would be helpful if you could review my book... however, my book doesn't have anything directly Christian (I think that was mentioned).
  6. From my experience, it's not a phase. It's actually good that you want to make your writing better than it is. I'm part of a paid online writing group and they're constantly making lessons about how you should harness those emotions and use them to make your writing better rather than tearing yourself down. My advice would be to be proud of that feeling. be proud that you're constantly straining yourself to make your writing better. Give yourself a stern look in the mirror and say, "You're a writer. You're a good writer. Now make your writing better." Most importantly, remind yourself that God gave you this passion for a reason. He made you writing the way it is. He gave you that feeling. Now push through. I've read some of your work on the critique forum, Shamrock. It's very strong and clear, something to be proud of. Just push through. Continue using your passion to the wonderful Glory of God. Hope I helped. 😃
  7. Hey, y'all! So, I recently submitted a book for preorder (my first!) and now I'm going through the straining process of trying to get some reviews and recognition. I was wondering if any of y'all know of some good (free) book review websites and/or blogs? I know about Team Golfwell and Pages and Paws, but they're about it. Thank y'all so much in advance!!!
  8. I'm looking for Advanced Readers for my book, "Links of the Two Worlds." Title: Links of the Two Worlds Genre: Middle grade fantasy Blurb: Lindsay is a two-inch-tall, fourteen-year-old girl who lived a normal life with her tribe until Nathen came along. When an Upperlander shrinks, will she be able to put things back to normal? Join Lindsay and Nathen in Rise of the Royals: Book One (don't worry, it's not a cliffhanger) as they discover this magic that has come upon them. Release date: July 17th, 2020 Interested in helping? Fill out this form to receive your free Advanced Reader Copy!
  9. Heck, dude! You're not bad! Not bad at all! #BeautifulMusic #SuperEncouraging
  10. @lynnmosher, I'm currently unable to invest financially into any of my writing. I may pour my entire being into my books, but unfortunately, I can't pour any money into them. I've been extremely blessed to have a close friend who happens to be a professional proofreader and this group who have helped me a lot. But when it comes to cover designing, I'm pretty lost...
  11. *Holds breath and crosses fingers* How about this? Have any thoughts?
  12. lol, The blurb was a quick pull together. I was asking about the cover itself. How does it look and feel? Is there something I should change?
  13. *Chuckles nervously* I, um, I suck at naming things. It too me forever to come up with "Links of the Two Worlds." Compared to the filler title, "The Adventures of Lindsay and Nathen," it was awesome lol. TBH, I didn't even name my own characters! Lindsay and Nathen was a combination of names that my sister came up with when I was telling her the original plot, and the background characters' names were mostly created by my friends. Naming is not my specialty. At all. If I were to rename it, I don't have even the slightest idea of where to start.
  14. IKR?! I decided to try another (the one with the pine trees that y'all really liked is being fixed up right now): Thoughts?
  15. *Winces* The "the" kind of ties it together, I think.
  16. @Zee@lynnmosher, those are both very pretty images, but I think they give off too much of a romance vibe. "Links of the Two Worlds" has no romance whatsoever.
  17. I gave up and decided to have some friends make a couple for me: Thoughts?
  18. I've been jumping around with several ideas. A couple days ago (I hadn't read your message, Jared. I'll have to try that) I was completely dry. I had no idea what to do. I talked to my closest writer-friend about it to see if she had any ideas, and she volunteered to paint something. Seeing as most of the best sellers in my genre had paintings or fake pictures on the cover, I happily agreed. This is what we came up with: Since beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, I decided to see what y'all think.
  19. *facepalms* They're not literally from different worlds. They even live in the same area, and they have very similar lifestyles. It's the "Links" part that I'm trying to draw out, not the "Two Worlds" part.
  20. @lynnmosher, I really like that idea, but if you were to read the story, you'd see that it's not your average "Two Worlds" situation. Nevertheless, I did search a few places including Pexels, but I couldn't find anything with the "Two Worlds" vibe I need... Also, I added another image to the thread.
  21. So, a couple weeks ago I posted a cover done by a friend... the feedback I got on it wasn't very great. I've made a cover this time, and though I'm not emotionally attached to it like I was the other one, I think it might be a little better (I really miss the chain, though 😟). The genre is middle grade fantasy.
  22. Boy, can I relate to that! Lol, horror is... definitely not my favorite, lol.
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