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  1. Thank y'all! The first book's doing well. The sales are doing a lot better than I thought they would, so that's a blessing (of course, I've been working my tail off on marketing XD).
  2. So, today, I did my first-ever cover reveal and pre-orders! This is a huge achievement for me, and I'm super excited and proud of it. Thank you all for the help and support you've given me. (Especially those of you who gave me tips on the cover. I did some tweaking and now it looks a bit more like an actual firefly XD)
  3. Nope. There's a ton of free writing advice online (my favorite resource being YouTube). You don't need those courses. Especially when they're soooooo over-priced.
  4. Just launched a brand new blog with my team of reviewers! We review books of almost every genre, then post the reviews on our blog and Instagram account. I'm so happy and blessed to be the leader of this wonderful trio Stuck in a Story
  5. I’m hosting my first giveaway! An autographed paperback copy of my book, Links of the Two Worlds, will be given to five lucky winners. Two ways to enter: Instagram Email
  6. Hm. I want to keep the bug-theme through all the covers. I mean, my plan's been fireflies for book 2, praying mantis for book 3, ladybug for book 4, and robotic-looking dragonfly for book 5. But obviously, that's not a very popular idea, lol! I want to stick with a similar theme to what I have on book one, with the tree branch and such, but how should I do that? Does it help if I brighten the firefly's tail to make it look like it glows?
  7. LOL, It's the same image. I just did a bit of photoshopping, removing the butterflies to be replaced with a firefly, then changed the color from blue to orange (like a fire). I even left a couple butterflies in the background.
  8. Do they not look similar enough? I used the same photo and font...
  9. The book two cover is a firefly, and the book one cover is already published, so...
  10. It's about Minniemons and Upperlanders! Two-inch-tall people and normal sized people!
  11. Hm. That's funny. Everybody else I've asked says it screams its genre. I mean, it's supposed to say "middle-grade fantasy." I wanted to go with a firefly, as it's called Links in the Broken Ashes (the ashes are both literal and figurative). Is there a different bug I should use? Or should I maybe change the color so it doesn't give off as much of a creepy vibe? Well, the bugs are there to sorta give the reader a feeling of the life of a Minniemon before they even open the book.
  12. Hey, y'all! So a while ago, I posted a lot of covers for Links of the Two Worlds... until I finally got to one that's not terrible . I will release the next book in the Rise of the Royals series in January, so I'm trying to get stuff like cover design out of the way. Be brutally honest (I can take it, lol): What do y'all think of this cover? Here's Links of the Two Worlds' cover, just for the sake of comparison:
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