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  1. So, I'm new to the whole self-publishing business, and was wondering if any of y'all more experienced writers could help me. My question is: where's the best (and hopefully cheapest) place to get your book printed? And is it worth it? I mean, would paperback books be worth the effort to sell or should I just stick with ebooks on KDP?
  2. I just published my first ever website! I'm rather proud of it! Finally, a place to showcase my writing and gain followers, and on top of that, a blog about horsemanship! *Squeals* #Excitement #Fun #MajorMilestone Here's the link for any of y'all who might be interested: https://samhopper47.wixsite.com/website
  3. She's A-Okay! She's back into competition and doing better than ever! In fact, she has a competition this weekend, I think. Thank y'all so much for the prayers!
  4. Hey, y’all. So, a few days ago I posted about how my sister had had heart surgery on the 27th. Well, they went in through the veins in both her legs, and we’ve started to notice signs of infection. It could be fatal. I need all prayers on board, please. She’s only 11.
  5. My little sister just had a major heart surgery two days ago and we need as many prayers as possible for her full recovery. She competes in gymnastics so you can imagine how it would effect her. Thankfully everything went successfully, but she has to go easy for the next few weeks. No running, no gym, etc.
  6. So, if you throw social medias such as Facebook out of the picture, where are some of the best places to market a self-published novella?
  7. Wattpad can be good and it can be bad. It can get dangerous if you're a reader because some people will use a fake title and cover, but when you click on it...let's just say sometimes they won't give you what you expect. As a writer, it's a good way to get your writing out there, but you have to be careful. (As with all the internet lol)
  8. Assisted living! Lol I'm gonna die laughing!
  9. lol joke! Joke! I always use an older age than I actually think when guessing people's age. lol
  10. Hola and welcome! I have a friend who has the same problem, she'll write a novel, get a few chapters away from the end, and stop. I used to have that problem for no reason until I forced myself out of it. To get out of the habit I'd go back to the first one I dropped and I'd pick it up and carry it to the end.
  11. That's almost exactly how I make my stories! A picture of characters (normally two) with a fantasy world in the background.
  12. Yes, it is part of a bigger story. This is just a little jot down I made of the idea.
  13. Yeah, I'll get it professionally edited. I'm thinking about making an author website for a platform starter.
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