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  1. Definitely has me wondering.
  2. I appreciate it. I look forward to learning more and interacting.
  3. Thanks! Nice to meet you, too
  4. THhank you, I'm glad to be here
  5. Is this part of a bigger story? I can definitely see some chimera / nephilim end times / NWO storylines coming from this. Sorry if I didn't see information, I just signed up here. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Great minds and all that, haha. It's excellent to meet you, thank you!
  7. Awesome thanks a lot. I'm glad to be here
  8. Hello! It's kind of a first contact meets Indiana Jones style story about the end times involving nephilim, sun god cults and tacos. I have NO idea how to write a screen play so at this point I am writing a novel with annoyingly detailed descriptions and way too much dialogue until I decide to sit down and learn the actual process. Are screenplays your area of expertise? Thanks for replying, and the follow!
  9. Evening all, I've finally done it. I've finally stopped running from the Lord and recognized that I need to be obedient in writing the stories he created my mind to tell. I am currently working on a few novels, some children's books, a number of essays and a screen play. I have a horrible habit of adding projects to the docket and not completing the older ones. Whether out of fear or laziness, I am not sure. I am hoping to learn as much as possible from the folks on this site and some day pass on some useful information. I look forward to sharing!
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