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  1. Those are some great thoughts Celebrianne. I also was thinking is what i say my opinion or is it biblicaly worth to be a long side the bible. I just thought it would be a good idea to minister to me. But i don't want to be the voice of all PKs lol
  2. Thank u all for the warm welcomes. if any PKs here want to be part of the PK bible project let me know
  3. if any PKs want to share their thoughts on this. use this thread. im going to start by writing notes in my olive tree NIV study bible app. i never done this..... kind of nervous lol
  4. Hi im Dan. Im a PK with an interesting history. i won't bore you with the details (unless u want to hear them). BUT all my life i have tried to find a healthy balance between living a godly life and just being human lol hearing all the politics of church and members of church. i lose myself. what does it mean to be a christian if u all know the inner workings being a pastors son? do we as PKs see the bible in a different light since church never really ends for us. We all know there is a Jesus Centered Bible but is there a Bible for PKs? If no one in history has done it. Im going to start the PK Bible Project. if anyone wants to be in on it, Let me Know. Blessings.
  5. Hi. I grow up with a father being a pastor. pk's know that our spiritual Journey is different from people that aren't pk's. is anyone a preachers kid here? i know that i could just buy a wide margined bible and put my own thoughts in but id love to read other PKs thoughts on the Bible scriptures. does anyone here want to take up the challenge of writing an niv pk centered bible? i know what you are going to say: why don't you starting writing one?" i could! but has it been done already?? Thanks
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