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  1. thanks, Sarah! I know 'em, too. My dad and my maternal grandpa were country preachers. Ohhh, the stories I could tell - and probably will. 🤪
  2. BALLAD OF FEATHER CREEK "Way back in the Ozark Mountains Was a place called Feather Creek And everybody got along; At least, all through the week. But soon as Sunday rolled around, The arguments grew hot 'Cause half the folks were Baptist And the other half were not. Cletus Parker made some money Working down in Selbyville And he left five hundred dollars To the village, in his will. They already had a tavern And a picture show, combined, So they thought to build a church house But they didn't say which kind. Everyone donated something, Be it lumber, tools or time. Then Wanella Cole remembered That a church must have a sign. Well, that started up a ruckus 'Cause the Baptists all agreed That the sign should bear their slogan But the others disagreed. Through the fire and smoke that followed Came a small but frenzied voice - "Let the church which has most members Be the ones to make the choice!" Toby Brown swore he was neutral So they let him take the count But, when all the votes were tallied, Both sides had the same amount. They were stumped till Monroe Walker Came up with a foolproof test; To the choir which sang the loudest And the longest and the best Would belong the right to chisel Their church name upon the sign. They agreed to meet next Sunday, By the creek, at half past nine. Everybody fried a chicken. Someone brought some lemonade And the singers faced each other While Jim McKelhenny prayed. Then both factions started singin: "Rock of Ages, cleft for me"; I'm a poor., wayfaring stranger"; "Just a closer walk with Thee". "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound" Rang through the summer land While butterflies redeemed themselves And everybody fanned. Suddenly, young Timmy Wheeler Made a loud, prophetic claim - "Ma? These folks all say they're different But the songs are just the same!" Mockingbirds filled in the silence. Everybody hung his head For they realized the meaning In the words the boy had said. If you're driving through the Ozarks There's a church you've got to see. The sign above the doorway Blazons “Church of Harmony."
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