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  1. Hey all! Just got a very positive review from Kirkus! Only takes a few days to read, so please grab a copy and post a review, too!
  2. Hello KMK! I made an awful lot of submissions before this one, too many to count.
  3. So, in case it wasn't noticed in my other posts, my first book 'The Alchemist's Portal' is being released tomorrow! The main genre is science fiction. There's a lot of action and laughs but if you read it I hope you'll catch the serious undertones. If you like stories with strong female characters, then my character Will should fit the bill. She comes from a rough past. There is a good message about female empowerment in this book that has a world where women can finally be ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Did I mention the androids, demons, aliens and FBI agents? Think of I, Robot, The Da Vinci Code, The Men in Black, the X-Files and Father Brown all mixed up in a short novel. Except I don't attack the Roman Catholic Church like Dan Brown (I practice). The attached William Blake painting is what I wanted for the cover but the publisher said it wasn't doable. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08189C6SC
  4. Not a PK but I wish you success!
  5. I put my tree up 12 days before Christmas like my mom taught me.
  6. Thanks! It's so friendly here! I'm trying to post about my book in Plugs & Promos as suggested but it's grayed out in the menu? Is there something I supposed to do to make that selection active?
  7. Hi all! I'm Kim. I wanted to mingle with like-minded earthlings and found you guys! Lots of new things happening to me but the biggest is getting my book 'The Alchemist's Portal' published. I asked a Catholic priest to read it to see if he thought it would offend the Church and he read it over a weekend. He loved it and said I write very well! No offense reported. That's how it went with other readers as well. A little about myself. My day job is an aircraft mechanic. I'm actually leaving my current job as an aircraft maintenance analyst for the past 6 years and going back to turning wrenches! The office environment was getting too much so it's back to the bench with my toolbox.
  8. This is my first book that was finally published by World Castle. It's set in the near future and stars a young female Catholic priest. It's got a lot of action, laughs and drama!
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