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  1. Sorry I've not got back to you sooner - I will reply accordingly.
  2. Thanks for your input Nicholas. The first post - I assume you mean "How many Christians are there in the world"> If so, this was a research piece so yes it was a little hefty for a blog post. We'll be sure to check the number of words in "Word" before publishing - Many thanks
  3. Hi there everybody, My wife and I run an online Christian clothing website and are finding it very difficult to find the time to sit down and write articles frequently for our blog. We’re looking for a couple of writers to help out and produce articles which would keep our audience interested and re-visiting the site. Obviously, we would expect to pay you for your efforts and would be looking to forge a long-term relationship if that interests you. Please feel free to have a look around the blog as it stands now and see if you would be interested in helping us build something beautiful. https://christianclothingbrand.com/blogs/christianity-blog Articles could be on any topic that interests you, as they would be most passionate and interesting for you to write. Personal experience stories or just writing about what is relevant to Christians as a whole would be perfect. Ideally, we are looking for somewhere between 1300-1800 words as that provides a good read but at the same time it’s not too long. The best method of contacting myself or Lindsey is via the enquiry form on our website or just reply here. Email dialogue may be better if we would be discussing such things as remuneration. I very much look forward to speaking with you guys soon. God Bless! Martin
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