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  1. A blessed morning everyone, warm greetings from Malaysia. I have friends from the US, my aunts and their families are either American citizens or green card holders. Our pastors are Americans in the church I attended when I was based in Rome. I had been to NJ, NY and DC; hope to go Cali next time.
  2. Hi Gillian, I wanted to read and write as much as I can but been busy with work. Will certainly pick up later on. :) I'm an expat currently based in Malaysia. Been trying to encourage myself to write again and I believe having a group such as this would be good. I specifically searched for groups of Christian writers; thank God found this warm group. Thanks everyone for all the replies here. Hope to be able to join regularly. May the love of God fills us and flows through us. Have a blessed day everyone! :)
  3. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm glad to have found this site. I love writing (not professional though) but it has been years and this time, I would really like to do it regularly. I believe joining this kind of club will encourage me to write and interact more with people not only with the same interest but share the same faith. Looking forward to read your literary works and hope to be able to contribute as well.
  5. I am also thinking of doing the same thing. :) I want to be able to remind myself easily of God's simple blessings and miracles. I find it refreshing to recount specific events when God revealed Himself faithful and gracious. There are times I purposely read my entries again and again in my tiny green planner. :)
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