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  1. dlodes


    Thanks, Zee. Great info.
  2. I might be tempted to buy something from an unknown author at 99 cents. Making it more and I would probably pass.
  3. You can email the pictures to yourself. Just share the pic to your email.
  4. I think you can get a pretty good cover on fiver for 20 bucks.
  5. When you get the double arrow when you hold the curser on the edge of doc you hold down your left mouse button while you drag the double arrow and it will make the doc bigger or smaller.
  6. I chose side by side here and it shows my browser and two word docs I have open. You can then left click on these documents to move them around on the screen or minimize the ones you don't want. You can also hold your curser on the edge of the doc and a two way arrow will show. You can then make your doc larger or smaller.
  7. Here is how I do split screen. Right click on task bar at the bottom of the computer and choose open side by side or stacked. The windows you have open will appear. You can minimize the ones you don't want or close them. The ones you want to use you can move around the screen and make bigger or smaller.
  8. I have done one in the past, but my characters change so much in the writing process the interview was off. My characters change and evolve as I write. I don't really know them well until I get into the writing process.
  9. For those interested in the free alternative to Photoshop, try GIMP. I'm all about free, I use Libre Office instead of Word and Gimp instead of photoshop. In Libre Office you can even save the file as a docx and export to PDF.
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