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  1. dlodes


    We've all got your back, Zee.
  2. I store my writing on a flash drive so if my computer messes up I don't lose it.
  3. So glad you're getting better.
  4. Some would say using other than said or answered is a no no. It's more telling and not showing.
  5. We can lost in the debate over Christian or public, but the breakdown of the family unit is the major issue causing a lot of the failures in our school systems. The unfortunate things is public schools get what's left after the people who can afford to send their kids out of the public domain, do so. Thus in general you get better students in the Christian schools. Most teachers try their best, but have been dealt a bad hand because of the family break down. I've seen it first hand. One family I know of all four kids dropped out of school. Is this the schools fault? Of course not. It's because
  6. Might be tough to give a realistic review after the edit of a few pages though.
  7. I've been beta reading his book and have sent a few emails but have not heard back from him.
  8. dlodes


    Thanks, Zee. Great info.
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