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  1. Yes that’s a lovely story.( The young woman may have had alopecia like a friend of mine who went completely bald and has to wear a wig for the rest of her life ) but if she was having chemo. she could have been terminally ill or would recover . Anyway the point of the story is clear and a great example of how we should live . When I was “ confirmed “ aged 14 by the Bishop of Gloucester ( UK) He said “ walk as children of light “ and I have tried to do so ever since ( 55 years ago ) Golly is it that long 🤪🙋
  2. Yes I agree with both of you but it says in the Bible that 2 wrongs don’t make a right and we should love our enemies , hard as that is . I can think of many heinous killings ( e.g the Holocaust ) perpetrated by non Islamists . Extremism in any form is terrible and leads to horrendous acts - white suprematism - horrific murders ( also live streamed ) in Christchurch Mosques this year... On the bright side there are more Muslims converting to Christianity than ever before .
  3. Oops ! Who is my neighbour etc . Then yesterday I heard the news from Syria and whilst we are pleased the leader of ISIS is dead I don’t think this will bring peace to the Middle East . Also I felt sick when I heard the way President Trump described the way he died like a dog , whimpering etc . In a way I think it would have been better if he had been captured alive and made to face justice and reveal info . re ISIS plans .But I am not a military or terrorist expert ! 🤔
  4. Oh good it worked ! I was just saying , in a nut shell ( I am pretty nutty !) that I’d run the children’s program at church and I took the Good Samaritan as my theme . They acted it out which was fun and we talked abou
  5. I wrote a bit of a spiel yesterday but being a newbie somehow only sent it to lynnmosher ! If I can get this accepted I’ll try again 😃
  6. Good morning all . The All Blacks lost semi- final against England in Rugby World Cup on Saturday ( Japan.)

    I led children’s section in Worship at nearest Anglican Church Sunday morning ( there are 3 I go to in the area I live ! )We acted out theGood Samaritan story emphasising Jesus ‘command to treat our neighbours as ourselves , tend to those of any colour or creed , culture ,disability ,homeless, drug addicts ,prostitutes , prisoners etc . We also prayed for those who help them - first responders - ambulance , police ,  fire brigade , doctors, nurses , therapists etc.teachers , chaplains etc etc.The importance of action as well as prayer etc . I hope the message got through . The acting , which was hilarious at times , should help !! Trumps description of the killing of the ISIS leader makes me feel sick.Surely it would have been better to have caught him alive ?

    1. lynnmosher


      Bless you for ministering to the children in worship. I may be the only one seeing as you posted it on my profile and not in the regular forum. If you'd like, you can repost this in the general forum. :D

  7. Oh hi everyone I finally got to the place where I can introduce myself ! I am a soon to be retired Speech Pathologist.( maybe semi- retired !) I live in New Zealand but was born in the UK ( Yorkshire) I have been a Christian all my life and a keen creative writer of poetry, prose and songs. Have just corrected spelling (phone has a mind of its own !)
  8. Thanks Lynn I agree with what you say ( to be honest I was just thinking of a topic to start a conversation going ! ) I do believe God is listening to my prayers and I must be patient and wait on the Lord ( I sang the song last year at our local music society” O Rest in the Lord “by Mendelssohn Inspired by Elijah .) I guess , as our minister is young , not yet ordained and trying his best I won’t say anything. Just thinking of new people coming to church being a bit bewildered. I was going to ask for prayer for certain things but didn’t get the chance as they started with great enthusiasm and I thought it would be rude to interrupt !!
  9. Oh well I’m sure they were trying to do the right thing( if they had any control over it ?) but a translation would have helped ! Anyway I felt better afterwards although I’m still waiting patiently for God’s guidance regarding some relationship issues . I don’t seem to have much luck with the men in my life .
  10. Am I on the right track ? I was wanting to ask how people feel about speaking in tongues as I went up for prayer at the end our service on Sunday( first time in ages ) and our new Minister and wife prayed over me ( not knowing what I wanted prayer for as they didn’t ask ! ) and they started praying in tongues - without any translation ! I found this a bit weird Just wondered if others had experienced this ?
  11. 🙄 Am I meeting and greeting now ? I m new to this forum !
  12. I think I tried to go to meet and greet but will try again !Thanks for replying as I feel a bit like little Red Riding Hood lost in the woods !!
  13. Yes please 🙋🏼‍♀️
  14. What do I do next ? I submitted a topic, one person saw it so now am wondering if I can chat with them about it.
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