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  1. Have a wonderful day and richly Blessed year 😃🎂🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. Best of luck with sorting this out and preventing it happening again. I’ve had a few minor events with apple saying I have paid for something I never ordered ( e.g . A Fishing Magazine subscription !) then luring me into cancelling it by asking for all sorts of personal financial I.e credit card details and more ! So I’ve just ignored this and thankfully no $ have come out of my VISA account . These scammers are getting more and more sneaky.
  3. Thanks for advice on such things ! I’m never sure but wouldn’t normally use inverted commas . Do we put poems on another part of this forum ? I haven’t really explored much apart from this bit ! 😃🙋
  4. Hi Sarah yes I’m praying for Sophie and you and her family and friends, all of whom must be worried about her . Do let us know the outcome ... 🙏
  5. Thanks Alley , lovely voice and song . Moved me 🙏💖
  6. Thank you so much for sharing the amazing and heartbreaking story of your Dad’s decline. It sure is a terrible illness and something you wouldn’t wish on anyone. Unfortunately it will become more common with the burgeoning of our aging populations. I would love to read your book when it’s published . Can you do it online or will I have to buy a hard copy ?
  7. Meant to add I write poetry ,short stories and songs. Now I have my first grandchild Jean I have started writing for her ( 9 months old 😍)
  8. Hi Lynn ,Fides and all . Thanks again for your welcome and nice to know I’m not the only non- American here !! Nothing against USA folk as I have friends from there - some living here in NZ and I have had great holidays there - the most recent In Hawaii which was really lovely.
  9. Ditto but let’s make every day World Kindness Day starting with everyone we meet ,think about, contact and pray for today and in the future.( Including all living things !! My dog and cat and gold fish and flowers but maybe not weeds so much . Might kindly put them out of their misery , same with wasps !!)
  10. In NZ we don’t do Remembrance Day ( as I did in Britain .) We do ANZAC Day in April which commemorates all the sacrifices made by Australian and NewZealand servicemen and women in several wars. My grandfather was killed in WW1 and my uncle in WW2. My dad was in the RoyalNavy and myMum was in the Army and recieved an MBE for her bravery during 3 years service in Italy.(She wrote a book about her war time experiences and earlier life.)
  11. That’s a terrible experience for you and family seeing your Dad go through such horrific hallucinations. It sounds as if he had Luey Body dementia which is a very cruel type . A good friend’s Dad had it . It doesn’t sound as if you got much support from the medical fraternity to understand what was happening. Was he under a Neurologist Gerontologist ? I hope you are feeling better about your loss now and have people you can talk to and pray with . Dementia of any sort is dreadful “the long goodbye “
  12. Nice to know you . I’m a newbie too and have only gone onto General Discussion so far ! Where are you from ? I’m from NewZealand but everyone else seems to be American!!
  13. I use an app called Lumosity . It has lots of Brain Training exercises and is great fun . I first came across it in my work with brain damaged clients ( I’m a speech pathologist) . You can get a free sample then subscribe year by year if you like it. They keep adding more exercises so you don’t get bored ! I’m hoping it helps. stave off dementia ( along with lots of other things I do .! ) 😃🙋
  14. Hi there I am praying too ( from NZ Down under.)I feel strongly that God has you in the palm of his hand and is already healing you. Btw . What is Nano ?
  15. I’m not sure if anyone’s interested seeing as you all seem to be American but we are having a very warm Spring down under. I believe in Global Warming. There may be several causes but we are stewards of the Earth and should do all we can to preserve and enhance it’s beauty and ability to flourish thereby feeding our population and restoring the right balance. I am a huge lover of animals and nature so it’s lovely to hear of your gorgeous autumn colours . Hope your forests aren’t being cut down irresponsibly .... Oh and I also abhor pollution of land, sea and air😢🙋
  16. In New Zealand we also have a National Health Service not unlike the British NHS . You can choose to go private but any emergencies are dealt with in Public Hospitals with no charge. You pay a small fee to see a GP but Surgeons and other Specialist Appointments are free but you need to be referred by your GP so see him/ her first.If you have medical insurance you go for Private medical care. We also have ACC so if you have an accident the Govt. pays all your medical bills, your salary for time off work and any adaptations to your house , car etc.The aim is to get you back to work but if you have a long-term disability you’ll still get financial support. Just FYI !!!
  17. I tried to post this earlier but still having problems ! Anyway in NZ we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but have Waitangi Day in February which is to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi ( between Maori and European colonists in 1760’s) But we also have Christmas paraphernalia and Easter eggs , hot cross buns etc. arriving in the shops far too early . Commercialism rules and we are trying to put Christ back into the real meaning of Christmas and Easter .
  18. Aha now I see I can remove it - learning all the time !
  19. Sorry Dlodes - I was trying to put a smiley face not a laughing one ..I’ll use my own emoji ( if I can ) 😃🙋
  20. Oops sorry 🤭Didn’t realise I’d already put some of this !! Still learning 😃🙋
  21. I started a local writers group for women - some Christian about 3 years ago . We encourage journaling for exactly the reasons above . My problem is waffling ( as you’ve probably noticed by now !!) just write a couple of lines to sum up the day ...eg . Felt elated by Spring all around me in every crevice. Had hair done .Short and cool for the imminent warm weather.
  22. I started a local writers group for women - some Christian about 3 years ago . We encourage journaling for exactly the reasons above . My problem is waffling ( as you’ve probably noticed by now !!)
  23. Do you think we have a somewhat different perspective on things given our advancing years ? ( My Dad always used that term !! )

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