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  1. Me too.

    I find it helps to pray for the doctor/ nurse administering the procedure as well as thinking happy thoughts while you are going through such things. If you can visualise a lovely place  you’ve been to that can also help ( or listen to music ! )


    I remember singing and chatting to my daughter when she was going through a painful medical procedure and she said it helped !! 
    I have been trained in hypnotherapy for medical and therapeutic purposes ( not “ entertainment “ ) and have found it very useful in my career.

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  2. Now I’m on a roll thanks to Alley ... the Clay Aiken version is also lovely and depicts Christ’s life ( but not the footage I was referring to earlier !) 

    I also love Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant ( and El Shaddai .)

    etc. etc.etc. 😃🙋

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  3. Hi everyone 😃 thanks for all your help. The versions I like best are the ones where there’s the film of the story of Jesus’ life and another sung by a group of young girls in a forest !
    Still can’t do it despite you instructions but if you go on YouTube you’ll find the versions I’m referring to ( And more no doubt ! ) 

    It’s a shame I can’t send a recording of me singing it as a solo in Church last Christmas !!

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  4. My tree is artificial and about 25 centimetres high !! It’s summer here and I’m spending Christmas with my daughter and new baby in the South Island . I keep my tree and Nativity set out all year ! My neighbours put up pretty  lights and flags but being on my own can’t climb high to put up lights .

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  5. Oh my goodness did you say your uncle died recently. I’m so sorry to hear that.An added level of stress you could have done without , I imagine.

    When I first read it I thought it said husband ( must be ‘cos I’d read earlier he is unwell .)

    Hope you are managing to stay calm and positive.Prayer always helps😃🙏🙋

  6. I love this and all the Veggie Tales - I wonder if they could do a Christmas version for us “ down under “ who celebrate Christmas in mid - summer !! When I came to NZ from England 46 years ago it seemed really odd but I’m used to it now ( but still have family in the Northern Hemisphere so I can vicariously enjoy it their way too ! )

  7. Hi everyone as a Speech Pathologist and Voice therapist and professionally trained singer may I just say that if your voice gets hoarse ( funny there are references to someone in a tight suit on a horse ! ) stop singing or you will develop vocal nodules ( or worse.) If you are experiencing any prolonged hoarseness, loss of voice and pain Or difficulty swallowing please seek medical advice as you may have laryngeal or oesophageal cancer. 
    I don’t believe everyone can sing well. Nor can everyone play tennis well or play the violin or trumpet well .Training and practice help but some are just more gifted than others !

  8. Sorry to hear this   . Praying that more work will come your way . It can be a very expensive time of year . However we have trimmed our present giving so I only spend about $100 total ! Most of it on little grand daughter 💖😆

  9. Hi Sarah Daffy ( love your name btw.Do you like ducks ?!) 

    No haven’t been in any films ( but my daughter, now in Berlin , has been an extra ).
    I’ve been on TV and radio being interviewed about the NZ Stroke Foundation ( which I started 40 years ago ! )

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  10. Oh gosh an invitation to what we like doing  !! So much but don’t  

    know how talented I’ve been !

    In no particular order .

    Acting ( have been in the sound of Music , the Full Monty , Rent, Fiddler on

    the Roof and a small farce ) Chase me up the road s’il void plait - or something like that .

    Music - singing mainly - in church music group and

    choirs , at Folk club and Music society and on stage as above.



    Writing - poetry and prose . Song writing a bit

    Animal loving ( specially my own dog and cat ) but before now my donkeys , sheep, goat, ducks and fish !!
    Swimming , walking ,golf ( very new player so not talented yet !)

    Travel 🛳✈️
    Belly dancing ! ( not now- less flexible !)

    etc. etc.etc . 😃😃😃




  11. Yes as a newbie I too am very grateful for this forum .

    Today I was talking about giving thanks to the Lord for all the good things he has given and continues to give us . Some of the kids are American so we mentioned THANKSgiving too and it all seemed to gel nicely . God working with us all individually ( as they didn’t know this was going to be my theme !! )

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