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  1. Do you think we have a somewhat different perspective on things given our advancing years ? ( My Dad always used that term !! )

  2. Good morning all . The All Blacks lost semi- final against England in Rugby World Cup on Saturday ( Japan.)

    I led children’s section in Worship at nearest Anglican Church Sunday morning ( there are 3 I go to in the area I live ! )We acted out theGood Samaritan story emphasising Jesus ‘command to treat our neighbours as ourselves , tend to those of any colour or creed , culture ,disability ,homeless, drug addicts ,prostitutes , prisoners etc . We also prayed for those who help them - first responders - ambulance , police ,  fire brigade , doctors, nurses , therapists etc.teachers , chaplains etc etc.The importance of action as well as prayer etc . I hope the message got through . The acting , which was hilarious at times , should help !! Trumps description of the killing of the ISIS leader makes me feel sick.Surely it would have been better to have caught him alive ?

    1. lynnmosher


      Bless you for ministering to the children in worship. I may be the only one seeing as you posted it on my profile and not in the regular forum. If you'd like, you can repost this in the general forum. :D

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