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  1. Thanks Lynn. Fingers crossed
  2. Fiction. This is the 3rd request. The first one was for an agent, and I did an official proposal with bio, marketing plan, etc. and attached first three chapters in another Word doc. The second was for a publisher and I did the same. She emailed me back and said it wasn't done correctly because the chapters should be included in the same document as the proposal - in other words, one document. This one is also for a publisher, and I'm gun shy, LOL.
  3. Full proposal is …. proposal and first three chapters? Or something else? Just want to make sure I'm not crazy. Thanks.
  4. Thank you all so much! Lynn, you are such a resource! And thinks for digging up her list, Alley. I bookmarked it now ))
  5. Hey all, I'm (still) trying to create a website ... but good news! I've snagged a tech savvy millennial to help me! LOL. However I have a question about stock photos - is it okay to use "free" photos from Pixabay or Shutterstock? I found a cool one and inserted my book title, etc. and I'm hoping it's okay to use. I did sign up for a Free Trial on Shutterstock and was able to load the image into my files without a problem. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey everyone, I splurged and paid $50 for Bookbaby to "edit" my query letter. I figured I'd start small and see how it went since they offer a number of editing services. I just rec'd the finished project and I'm a little baffled. While they offered a few impressive grammatical corrections, the overall formatting changes don't seem like what I've been taught via industry newsletters and websites. For example, they double spaced the query rather than single spaced. They also insisted that the title and all character names should be in italics rather than capitalized. And lastly, they used a business letter format and inserted the recipient's name/address at the top. Since I usually email queries, that seems strange to me. It looks professional, but it seems more like a business letter than a query letter. Or am I wrong and it's supposed to be double spaced, and titles and characters are supposed to be italicized rather than capitalized? Thanks in advance!
  7. I've never done this - never even heard of it until this weekend. https://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/p/iwsg-twitter-pitch.html Has anybody ever done this? If so, would you care to paste your 280 word tweet to give me an example of how it would look? Or offer any advice? 280 words comes out to approx. 3 sentences by the time you do the hashtags. A daunting challenge, for sure, but I know somebody (a crime thriller writer) who actually got her book published after doing this last year! Also, for those that are in the know, do you interpret the rules as: you can tweet once an hour on the same book? If so, I thought I might work on two or three versions of my pitch and alternate them through the day. Thoughts?
  8. Welcome Rebecca! Nice to have you I write inspirational fiction as well. You'll love this group. They are gracious and helpful folks! Funny you mentioned the RWA , I'm so out of the loop I heard nothing about it until this morning. I get Nathan Bransford's newsletter and there was an article about the implosion. https://www.claireryanauthor.com/blog/2019/12/27/the-implosion-of-the-rwa Sorry, not sure how to Insert media or drag files, but here is an article if anyone is interested!
  9. Wow, this is challenging. I know you want to get it right. While I lived in Santa Fe for eight years, I wasn't able to pick up the accent. But they did have sweet pet names that you could throw in for some authenticity. Often older people, like parents or grandparents, would refer to the younger ones as "Mija (for a girl) or Mijo (for a boy).
  10. @KMK, no, the agent just asked for my "social media numbers" along with my proposal and sample chapters. And I agree, writing consumes me so trying to incorporate platform building into my daily routine will be challenging. But necessary. @lynnmosher, I like that idea. P.S. Sorry if I'm replying to your posts wrong but I don't see where I can reply to each one individually.
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