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  1. Thanks everyone. Jonjovi, that cover.... It was nothing like I imagined, but now I really love it. Thank you.
  2. Hi all! I usually pop in when I need to pick your brilliant brains and ask for guidance and advice. You've always been so kind and generous, answering my endless questions and offering helpful suggestions. Thank you all so very much. Today I have great news! Some of you already know, but for those that don't, I'm happy to announce the debut of my first novel! Paint Me Fearless (Book 1 of The Shady Gully Series) debuts Wednesday, January 6th. It's Inspirational/southern/women's fiction, and when asked, I usually say: Think Steel Magnolias meets The Ya-Ya Sist
  3. Thanks, and absolutely! I'd appreciate it very much I'll message you my email address!
  4. That would be terrific! Really? We're in the cover design and proofreading/editing stage now, but if you message me your email, I'd love to send you a copy when it's ready. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Inspirational/Women's Fiction - think Steel Magnolias X Divine Secrets with a Christian theme. Small town, dark secrets, family dynamics … but most of all, friendship.
  6. Love cookies! They were delicious
  7. Hey all! Guess what? I signed a contract and my first book will hopefully be out this fall :)) I can't believe I actually typed those words, lol Please check out my website www.hallielee.com and here's the link to my first newsletter -> https://www.hallielee.com/extra Please share Just want to say, finding this group has been a blessing. I've learned so much - you guys are a generous and wise bunch - thanks for being patient with me. Hallie
  8. That's it!!!!! Thanks! I thought I was going crazy, and just imagined seeing the article, but y'all found it! Yay! It was very helpful. I reached out to Mr. B., who was about to publish his second book with them. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, Is anybody familiar with Wordcrafts Press? Beyond the googling, I mean? A while back I found a thread re: this publisher, and I can't find it. I put it in the search box but came up empty. From what I remember about the thread, an author who published with them was singing their praises. I'd love to chat with him … or with anyone who has any personal experience with them. Thanks!
  10. Nicola, thanks for your response! I mean like, creating a book cover with a pic, mocking it up with your title and your name. Say, it's a series, and on your site each book has a "page" . . . but instead of just writing the title and the blurb, you have a beautiful, colorful cover ... That's what I've done. It looks really cool. I'm just wondering if a publisher would take issue with that …? That you've already created a visual for your book. Thanks!
  11. Suspensewriters, do you mean like ARC's, when you pay for someone to do a review? LIke to put on the cover when you publish?
  12. I agree, but I was told repeatedly by agents and other authors to get a website, that when you submit queries, etc., they like to see you have an online presence. So for those who have sites, I'm just wondering how you handled it?
  13. So.... for those who have websites, and haven't been officially published, do you mock up pics, or do colorful covers, for "pages" on your site?
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