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    Igor's Inn

    Alas, ahoy, 'ave a seat and are ya' thirsty? Meet Bentley Barnham, a blonde haired, brown eyed bard from Brixby Barrow sitting cross-legged on a creakin' and crackin' cathedra. He was dabblin', dawdlin', fingers dancin' a dainty ditty on his dogwood lute, eager for every eye-socket and earhole to eavesdrop an' eye-water over his elegantly executed epics. Finally the fussin' and fartin' and flirtin' an' folly all drew to a final finito. The goldenboy gleeman gave a glorious gulp of his Gunpowder Irish Gin. Hallelujah, hooray, hurrah, hymns an' high-notes, harmony an' heartache, the whole house hootin' an' hollerin' as he halted for half-time. Aye, Igor's Inn just might be the joint for jolly ol' folk like you. This poem happened pretty spontaneously when I got the urge to write something about a medieval inn (though others said it had more of a pirate vibe) with a bard called Bentley Barnham. That lead me to writing everything else in alphabetical order. Little did I know this style of poem is called an abecedarian.
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