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  1. Success for me is obedience to what God is asking me to do. It can be so easy to give up at times. He teaches me so much through my topics, and I pray whoever reads it grows as well. If someone’s sees who they are in Christ and not as the world sees them, then that is success.
  2. With my first nonfiction book, I did everything backwards. I wrote the book and thought, “Now what?” I’m writing my second book and still have much to grow in this area. Building a platform is a lot more work than writing the actual book!
  3. ccauthor


    Hello everyone!! What a wonderful and warm welcome. I really appreciate it!! I am grateful for this community of people writing for Christ. I’m on my second book and can’t wait to learn, grow, and support others in this group!
  4. Thank you for this insight and encouragement. Hearing someone from the judge's standpoint really helps as a writer.
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    I am so excited to have found this site! I am looking forward to learning, helping, and growing.
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