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  1. Okay, good to know! I will search for you there, thank you Kristen.
  2. Lovely!! You’d be perfect for it! Unfortunately, I’m still rather new to this site and I’m having trouble messaging you with more details. What would be the best way to contact you (FB, email, etc. ?) Thank you for your interest!!
  3. Thanks!! It has been such a blessing so far! If you yourself are interested or know anyone who might be, please send them my way! Blessings to you!
  4. Hi there! Are you interested in being a PUBLISHED author? A renowned Christian Book Publishing House is looking for writers! We are putting together a book and collecting stories of people who have been, or would be willing to, attend a nursing home or assisted living facility to simply chat and glean wisdom from the residents. The testimonies that we've received from writers so far have been amazing! This book is going to be phenomenal, and we'd love for you to be apart! If you are interested, please reach out for more details! God Bless!
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