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  1. Super true. I write mostly with calmness to think clear but there are time a song will bring words ❤️
  2. That’s terrible and kinda scary I have a album I hope nothing happens to.. I’m far from big as far as the world. My friends are supportive which is very nice. Never give up . Keep moving toward the goal.
  3. Yes love music! Between life and music if def keeps me engaged in writing daily. I guess it’s my escape to a better world ! My journey is not easy but it seems to encourage me to encourage others by twisting what I feel to a positive level to help others. ✍️ My pain helps others as I’ve seen 🙏
  4. I enjoy make these to share.. who enjoys things like this ? I hope to continue upward
  5. Good question.. since I’m in the big time learning about sharing my writing 🥴
  6. Everyday life, this just spills out of me!
  7. Yes time seems to be the answer to figuring it out. I have to make time 😉👍
  8. I think if you search my name and quotes or the album name you should be able to see. It’s public.
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