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  1. Yes time seems to be the answer to figuring it out. I have to make time 😉👍
  2. I think if you search my name and quotes or the album name you should be able to see. It’s public.
  3. I do mostly quotes and always wanted to rite picture quotes, so I found a way to do that and boom I’m off and going. I’m on Instagram to and share there all of my work.
  4. Thanks appreciate that. Nothing more frustrating then hitting a road block with my writing ✍️ all Because I’m not tech savvy yet...
  5. Either way it works there😉. Prob wait to share till I can figure it out
  6. It’s actually funny. I’ve been writing since age 17.... but just now doing something with it , or at least trying. I guess if you have Facebook find me.... Kimberly Shea Keyser.. my album is public... Album! A part of me
  7. Not sure but they go to my Facebook just as clear as can be. I’m learning a lot but not fast enough. Friends seems to like my stuff and thought I’ll try a new place to share further. Not giving up yet. Once again blurry! So frustrating.. one day I’ll figure out how to get it to look rite 😪
  8. Once again blurry! So frustrating.. one day I’ll figure out how to get it to look rite 😪
  9. Working on posting my pictures , 😉
  10. I’ll def try, nothing worth doing is ever for filled if we give up! 👍🤪
  11. it’s blurry... not sure why. Sharing the quotes are tough on here 😢
  12. Hi is there a place to learn more about this site and how to do things? 😛
  13. No I'm uploading ... since I do picture quotes a lot I have these on my phone. There is a lot of things I'm still learning. Editing, changing, size ect! On Facebook it def comes out better then here. Size seems to big and I don't quite know how to change yet... 😒
  14. I totally did not get this... seems like it could be a awesome way to share my words but very hard to learn how to do stuff.
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