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  1. I think if you search my name and quotes or the album name you should be able to see. It’s public.
  2. I do mostly quotes and always wanted to rite picture quotes, so I found a way to do that and boom I’m off and going. I’m on Instagram to and share there all of my work.
  3. Thanks appreciate that. Nothing more frustrating then hitting a road block with my writing all Because I’m not tech savvy yet...
  4. Either way it works there. Prob wait to share till I can figure it out
  5. It’s actually funny. I’ve been writing since age 17.... but just now doing something with it , or at least trying. I guess if you have Facebook find me.... Kimberly Shea Keyser.. my album is public... Album! A part of me
  6. Not sure but they go to my Facebook just as clear as can be. I’m learning a lot but not fast enough. Friends seems to like my stuff and thought I’ll try a new place to share further. Not giving up yet. Once again blurry! So frustrating.. one day I’ll figure out how to get it to look rite
  7. Once again blurry! So frustrating.. one day I’ll figure out how to get it to look rite
  8. I’ll def try, nothing worth doing is ever for filled if we give up!
  9. it’s blurry... not sure why. Sharing the quotes are tough on here
  10. No I'm uploading ... since I do picture quotes a lot I have these on my phone. There is a lot of things I'm still learning. Editing, changing, size ect! On Facebook it def comes out better then here. Size seems to big and I don't quite know how to change yet...
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