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  1. Thanks for the Trailer. Very inspiring.
  2. My mother tongue is Taiwanese and Chinese. I speak also English, German and Italian. I love Lauren Daigle's song lyrics and music very much. looking forward to working with you guys.
  3. Thank you all for your warm welcome. I would like to send Erin Cook a message. However It didn't let me... Because I am new here? Can someone tell me why? @Erin This is my email: teresagesang@hotmail.com Thank you for your offer and encouragement.
  4. You guys are so nice. I am from Taiwan. I am currently teaching music in Switzerland. ( singing, piano, composing and music program) Lately, I have a strong desire to write Christian songs in English. I am hoping I could work with someone who can write lyrics and I compose the music.
  5. I am so glad I found this Web God bless you all Teresa
  6. You guys are wo nice. Thank you! I will do that.
  7. Dear Christian friends I am a song writer and singer. I would like to write few Christian songs in English. However English is not my mother toung therefore I kindly ask you if anyone would like to work with me to praise God? God bless you all Teresa
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