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  1. We dream for few reasons; For those of us who haven't started hearing from God, He gives us dreams to edify us so we can know our spiritual growth, and to show we are victorious over the evil one as we grow in Him, and also giving us revelations and understanding of our times. Still everyone dreams, whether you hear from God or not, whether you're a sinner. But the dream He gives a sinner at times is either to create fear in his heart to draw him closer to Himself or to save him from an impending danger, giving him grace to repent. As I was saying, everybody dreams but most of them don't remember, not to mention interpretation. Here's why people don't remember their dreams. Dream is a different realm entirely, it is the realm of the spirit and in order to remember the realm of the spirit you need to be in the spirit. At times you realize you're totally aware of your dream, but the moment you're awake, sometimes you completely forget your dream, because you're back from the spiritual into the physical. If you're not in the spirit always, you'll mostly won't remember, especially when it concerns your spiritual life. Have you ever wondered why you always remember your action movie dream, but can't remember the one that concerns you spiritually. Those who forget their dream, if you're ungodly, that is; you don't have God's spirit, you can never remember. But those who have God's spirit, even if you forget, just immediately start singing spiritual songs in your heart, start talking to God and surprisingly you'll remember immediately what you've absolutely forgotten, why? because you have been connected to the spirit, though in the physical. Only our spiritual senses can sense the spiritual, without your spiritual senses active at all time, you can't process information from spiritual and bring it to the physical.
  2. This is not a teaching If you asked a man if he has committed murder he'd say " no! " Well, since the manifestation of Jesus, man can commit murder in many ways without him knowing, and the one we'll be talking about today is; sexual Immorality. Fornication itself is spiritual murder, it is a shedding of blood and also a spiritual blood covenant with a demon of harlotism ( that queen spoken of in Revelation who drank the bloods of men, that blood being talked about is of sexual immorality ). When a man fornicates, a new spirit has been birthed spiritually, this child he bears is a demon that devours him of everything God has deposited and invested in him. Unless this covenant is broken on repentance through the blood of Jesus and prayers to pull down every false alter, to establish a new covenant in the Lord Jesus, he cannot be saved. And even when saved by Jesus, all the time he spent fornicating, hell do his time in a spiritual jail. All other sin a man commits draws him away from God, but if there's one that kills the spirit man instantly, it is fornication. It's a shame, but I'll have to say the truth, over eighty percent of youths are engaged in this. To them it is pleasurable, but the consequences are very, very high. I mean, come on! how can you trade your destiny for few minutes of pleasure, men commit sin, but they lack knowledge of the consequences, and so they go on even deeper. Anybody, anyone, if you know anyone who has put his hands into fornication, it's a pity though, know that such a person doesn't have a future to live anymore, because the has made a new blood covenant where his destiny has been exchanged for just few minutes of pleasures. You might be in school, graduate with first class certificate, but I tell you, you must face the consequences. If you're in a country where the unemployment rate is high, you'll go about with your first class certificate and you'll never get a job, never! it's not that the government is wicked, it is, because men are wicked in sin, that's why the devil gained more ground to make the government wicked also to frustrate your life. If such a culprit is in a developed world still, he'll be dealt with, he'll never have peace in life, whatever he does there'll be trouble and depression, bareness that's why divorce rate is very high, so many suicide also. The life of such will be a total wreck, he'll be wondering, " what went wrong?" When himself is the cause. The only ones who becomes rich are those the devil wants to use to bring more souls into sexual immorality, but those who are not his agent, they'll become frustrated with life, because their destiny has been traded for a piece of bread. I pity some of them, I have seen many, their parents are poor and they struggled to put them in college hoping for the best, yet they've made their efforts in vain. Even if they give their life to Jesus, they'll still face the consequences of their sins, all sins are forgiven, but you must face the punishment, until you've done your time, then Jesus will give you a new destiny, a new covenant to start anew. - Death of Holy ghost All other sin will draw man away from God, but if there's any sin that kills the holy spirit in man instantly is sexual immorality, that's why Satan uses it to get weak men of God, because once you're in it, no matter how far you've gone in Jesus, you'll drop instantly to the ground, starting from square one. When the holy spirit leaves, it takes the grace of God for such a man to come back and many don't have that grace. Fornication is one sin that makes it difficult for a man to give his life to Christ, because the heart of a man is an alter where sacrifices are offered before God, firstly; sacrifice of repentance. When a man fornicates he has desecrated the temple of God, because his heart is God's temple. Do you not know your body is the temple of God? Men will not sleep with a woman on the alter of a church which is just a mere physical structure, but they'll have the guts to lie with a woman or man, or animal whatever it is, in the true alter of God, " the heart." They don't know the God you're playing with, as He dealt with the Israelites severely, He'll bring even greater wrath on them, handing them over to the devil. And if care is not taken, they'll wind up in hell. God's presence can withdraw his presence form a man slowly and if a man is filled with little darkness he can easily come to repentance. However, a man who has desecrated the temple of God ( his heart ) with an harlot, it is difficult for such a man to repent and follow Christ, because the little portion of the spirit of God in us that makes a man repents of his sins have bee shrouded in thick darkness. It'll take only deliverance, or a servant of God who's filled with life to give that man life, because his soul is not just dead, but decayed already. At times it takes the grace of God, if he wants to call that man for a purpose. I'll not pamper anyone here, this is how I'll conclude this message. Such a waste of lives and destiny, such a waste.
  3. When a wooden ship transporting cargos through a rough sea is about to sink, the crew members will be faced with a hard decision of either getting their less valuable goods tossed into the sea or rather sink to death. If they scale through without any lives lost, well they can't regain what was lost in the sea, unless they work hard for it over again, and if they are unfortunate next time, they'll continue in their hard work and heavy losses, their struggle, unless they think a way out of their predicament. Take Jonah for example, when he was running away from God, he carried away with him the sin of disobedience into a ship. And suddenly there was a serious storm caused by the Lord Almighty, that the crew men prayed to their gods with no result and had no other option but to toss their cargos into the sea. They did of course, but their problem, still, was there because they thought they could handle it on their own, not until they found Jonah sleeping and woke him up. They woke him up and casted lots, and the lot fell on Jonah, and Jonah told them that he had sinned against God, unless he was thrown into the sea ( as a sacrifice ), they would remain in their dire situation. Still foolish as they were, they still, did their best to row back to land with their own strength, but they couldn't until they turned to the Lord and threw Jonah off the ship. Indeed he was thrown off, but it was already too late, because though the crew's lives were saved, they already lost too much valuables because of the wrong choices they made. Using the story as an illustration, you'll see that these men were minding their own business transporting cargos until, Jonah the carrier of a wrong cargo " disobedience " went onboard, they didn't know, but they allowed him, after all he was profitable they thought, he did paid his fare right? But as you see in the story, though they didn't realize when the wrong cargo got in because it was disguised, they still had to suffer the consequences by losing what they have labored for. That's how it is today, no, that's how it has always been right from the beginning of disobedience on earth. The land has been cursed because of sin, sin itself is indeed a curse and that is why Jesus came and became a curse for us ( for it is written cursed is anyone who died on a tree ) that we might be free from this curse, though living in this cursed land of sin. God has already broken this curse of suffering and death through Jesus Christ, but you can only be free from it by following Jesus from the depths of your heart. God said; 2 chronicle 7:14 " if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land." Most people don't know how and when they started carrying this dead weight of sin, actually it is not in anyone to be sinful, but as Jonah entered the ship without them knowing, so has Satan today, he spreads and causes people into sin all over the world, in fact, right from the day we were born, for in sin our mothers conceived us, as long as we are born of woman, we are born into sin, that is; we were all bound to sin, because we have or had the bad blood of sin flowing in us inherited from Adam and Eve. This sin is nurtured, prepared in time for it to manifest at a certain age in our lives when the time is right. That's why although some might not lust, even being with the ones they lust after today, but when that time comes, the egg hatches. Just as God has a purpose destined for every man, so also the devil has a purpose planned also, we just have to choose. But, still, though we were conceived in sin, we also have the spirit of God in us, because God foreknew us and has predestined us from heaven. It is this trace of the spirit of God in a man that receives the gospel and leads him to repentance, bringing him salvation when his time comes. God does not want us to perish, He only brought us here for a test to prepare us for the glory to come. But still many people today has crushed the spirit of God in them, though God has given us many opportunity and chances to repent, there are just to many signs and billboards along the road, but we are too spiritually blinded by the devil to see, we dabble in the temporary pleasure of this world that cannot be compared to the least glory in heaven, thereby causing sin to grow within out hearts, leaving little, so tiny a space that can only be seen with a microscope for God's spirit, we have shrouded His spirit in us with a dark cloud of sin. These times are even worse, Satan doesn't even stress to enter anyone, actually the only people he stresses to gain access are the sons of God. He just makes advertisements and people buys his spiritual property, for their pleasure, some tricked into sin because of their weakness, others even engage in sin willingly and propagates it. Just like the people in the ship, they took Jonah as their passenger because of the fare he paid ( their profit ), but little do they know that this profit which is their pleasure really is an investment of suffering, pain and death, which is the result of the world's suffering today, and this suffering makes the foolish investing more in sin while the wise drop the dead weight of sin and see the salvation that comes from sin, because without sin there is no salvation through Christ Jesus, and this salvation not only leads to rest on earth in Jesus, but rest for eternity. God said whoever enters my rest, he shall indeed rest from all his works. Our eternal rest starts from this side of earth, because men are all immortal, death is just like blinking your eyes and findings yourself in a different world, a spiritual realm. Sin has grown in men that it has affected their lives negatively, though they purchased it, still, even in all it's pleasure, it has brought upon them fear, pain, suffering, just as it started with Adam, Genesis 3:17 " Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you'll eat of it all the days of your life." The ungodly work hard with little results, still few of them harvest in sin and reap bountifully, well i pity these set of people. Just as there are disciples of Christ so also there are disciples of Satan, he makes them rich to propagate his kingdom, look at worldly musicians for example, they became rich in other to corrupt the hearts of men with their songs. I said i pity them, because scripture says; Luke 17:1-2 " Things that causes people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a mill stone tied around his neck, than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. It is better to suffer in flesh and find salvation in Jesus than to going dipper in the world seeking her false freedom which leads to death and land you in hell. Even in all these despair, God is still advertising His grace and mercy. Take for example; someone who has written a college entrance exam many times, he has tried man, but failed but then he realizes that there is one who can make all things possible, and the only cash he needs is your repentance and obedience. God does all these, that in the midst of these sufferings cause by sin we will seek and follow Him, and when we have turned to Him we would discover that; " Though we are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed." but it isn't so for others, they think otherwise. They would still curse God when they face frustration by not following Him. To those Who doesn't need Him, He gave over to the suffering of the world, to them He gave to the curse of the world, because they refuse to receive that which breaks the curse of sin which is the blood of Jesus. " Cursed is anyone who does not continue to do everything written in the book of the law, ' or rather all who rely on observing the law( that is following the ways of men ) are under a curse." Some will say well I'm already rich, if you really are that is; if you got your riches from the world, then why are you working like lumberjack for the fear of your riches going down the drain. So many families are being affected by this dead weight of sin, and for some their lives would have been miserable if there wasn't one who has dropped his dead weight of sin. Now all the weights might not be dropped, but letting go of even one has a great impact in the ship, why not drop yours also and make it much easier, even if no one wants to drop theirs in your household. These weights could be anger, lying, disobedience, lust, ( fornication, adultery, masturbation ), smoking, drunkenness, there are much to write. Or don't you know that an unbeliever in a family is covered in Jesus by that one believer. God has promised that He won't let a bone in your body be broken ( that is; your household ), if only you are in Him and Him in you, the holy spirit that covers you will also cover your family, that is why some family though living in sin, still prospers, they don't realize it is because of that one man who chose to walk in God's light. Still it will be better if all the members walk in His light, then they would know what they have missed all these while. Again even if they won't stand, stand in the gap on their behalf, who knows by God's grace they will see the goodness and mercy of God that has lifted them up from grass to grace and follow Him, because of your steadfastness. Drop your dead weight.
  4. The streets, is a parade of spirits, though you are seeing human flesh walking, but it is a parade of spirits. In the spiritual realm you see a mix up of different spirit of darkness in their numbers and also same spirit of Christ in those born of God. They walk, communicate, and even at times war, but you don't know, you just go on with your daily lives. It can be likened also to a parade of cars, because we in flesh have a soul, and in every soul there is a spirit, either of sin or of Christ which drives us like a vehicle into acts of sin or of Holiness. However, that's not where I'm getting at, we're getting somewhere. When you walk in the streets as a child of God you come in contact with so many spirit of sin living in the hearts ( souls ) of men, they'll always want to war against you, but if you're shielded in the word, that is; if you've grown in Christ, being prayerful also, their attacks will prove meaningless. That's why a child of God can walk in the streets and see people dress naked, but still not affected because of his coverage by the word of God based on his spiritual height. I mean also, it depends on how much the word ( which is Jesus in personality ) is dominating his heart. Also at times, these spirits might not care, because to some, are assigned a different job, that is we children of God are not their aim, we just cross path and nothing happens. In this we see that there are spirits which functions for a particular purpose and those who you just meet and just decide to touch you spiritually if you're not burning with fire. The ones you encounter in the streets, might not be harmful for a child of God, because they're shielded, but the ones with a purpose if you're not careful as a child of God they'll cut you down. Example of a spirit with a purpose, are those projected into symbols of sin like the worldly music most people who even claim to be born again listen to and watch. This is the main reason I'm writing this. I simply can't neglect what God has shown me. Most of us claim to be Christians but still listen to worldly songs, sing them and watch them, and sell them, sharing them via sender applications, there by multiplying sin. Well you might think it's normal, but it's not. You see it normal, because you've been blinded by the devil. Anyone still in the bondage of the world won't enter into the kingdom of God. Don't get offended, but it's the truth, I too was once there, i did listen to foreign songs, at least not Nigerian songs because they're the worst kind of bondage in the music sector, but through the power of the word at work in me i can't even listen to them for five seconds. It's not impossible, you just have to pay the price. As I was saying, spirits you encounter in the streets might seem harmless if you've grown in Christ, but those set for a purpose can be dangerous if you're not careful. The lord gave me a revelation after this happened; I went to a Barber's shop, waiting my turn. The TV was on playing worldly songs, in my curiosity I said " I haven't seen this in a long time, " so out of my curiosity i just look for less than two minutes and then got back to my phone, nothing happened even with all the than half naked girls, I wasn't moved, because of the holy spirit in me that compels a man to holiness. However, the lord gave me a revelation, the spirit of lust projected by that music came, she tried to seduce me, let me not go into details before I'm destroy some weak minded. She tried, but nothing happened, I wasn't moved even though she said enchantments i couldn't get, because of the power of Christ in me nothing happened. Then i said to her " what's this one doing," Then I took a clothing and covered her with it. There the revelation ended. If i wasn't prayerful, if I wasn't burning spiritually, surely something would have happened. Though the victory had already been won right from the beginning I saw the song playing, but the Lord showed me this in order to warn those who listen to worldly songs. Watching and listening to the things of the devil, projects evil spirit to attack you so you won't be born again or to hinder your growth in Christ. You now see that, giving your heart to all these worldly songs and all, is like a bullet fired at you, compared to what you saw by mistake. If done on purpose or out of curiosity, It's like challenging someone to shoot you. if you're not strong enough in Christ, you'll be driven to sin, and that's why some people still masturbate even though you don't fornicate, some people smoke, drink, steal, anger, why? because these worldly things are intoxicating and are feeding the spirit of sin in them, thereby choking the spirit of God deposited in them. Some of people have let sin encroach into their heart to an extent that there is no more room for Jesus to take over. Why not feed the spirit of Christ in you with things of Christ, like spiritual songs, the word in obedience and prayers. One can be in Christ and be protected by his angels when spirit of sin comes around, but just as we born of Christ can be subject to the holy spirit, so also is the holy spirit subject to us. If the spirit says; " don't look at this," we can also say; " no! no! I want to look " and this is where you get attacked because he has left you, if you're strong in Christ, well, but if you're not you're in big trouble. With this you now see that most people who profess to be born again aren't. But in the end you can't be free from bondage of the world if you're not free from bondages of sin to have the spirit of Christ, because the bondages of sin keeps man in the bondage of the world, and only one with the spirit of Christ can be free form the bondage of the world. I've talked on how to have the spirit of Christ a lot, I won't write it here, if not this write up will get too lengthy. He that is wise should be wise, and treasure wisdom like gold, but he that is foolish should continue in his foolishness, but I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will do His work through the word, in Jesus name Amen!
  5. Fear comes from lack of faith and lack of faith from not having the word of God, faith comes from hearing the word of God, with our heart, it is this word built in us, ( which is Jesus in personality ) that gives us faith. Faith comes from God, through his word by His spirit. Why then should we fear when He has given us a spirit to live not again in fear, but a spirit that we shall become sons of God. He has made us His sons and if we are His sons, how much more then, will he not give us all things through His son Jesus Christ. For He has made His son Jesus Christ to be the first of all brethren, and if He is the first born of all, He has made us His brothers that just as He reflects the glory of the Father, so also we shall reflect His glory. And out of all the Father has put under Him, He shall give unto us, whatever we desire, that His name shall be glorified on earth through our lives and that He shall give all the glory to the Father. Our spiritual enemy feeds off our fear, it's like a scary movie right? When you're in a situation the first thing the devil does is create fear in your heart, naturally it is in our human nature ( that is fleshly nature weakened by sin ) to be afraid, but this fear shuts the work of God in us, it's the same as doubting God, which creates an interference between God's spirit and our heart ( Man's spirit ), because our heart is what God uses to get in contact with us, and therefore it needs no interference. That is why we need to be dead in the flesh and alive in the spirit, that our fleshly nature won't have control over our spirit. Faith is like a seed planted, and unless that seed is nurtured it cannot grow, this nurturing comes from the word of God dwelling and dominating our hearts, the word dominating our heart through meditating faithfully in obedience to God's word, welcomes the spirit of God into our heart, which produces good fruits as the end result of God's faith at work in us through Jesus Christ. Take for example, when a seed is planted, it is dormant, but then, it has to be nurtured, when it is fully grown into a tree it produces good fruits pleasing to the eyes and edible for the body. It is this fruit that is the result of God's faith nurtured in us, now when we say in the name if Jesus Christ, we just walk right to the tree and pluck that ripened fruit for our immediate need. But still, just as every farmer is different so will their tree be, if your seed grows into a tree with unripe fruits, because of its lack of care or stunted growth, when you are in need of that fruit you won't be able to get it immediately, why? Suppose the unripe fruits need a week extra to ripen, you'll have to wait an extra week just to get that which the other farmer got immediately. And if you're so much in a hurry that you have to eat that unripe fruit ( what I mean is turning from God to man as your source of help ), well you know the end result, it might satisfy your stomach, but the sourness will indeed cause you a great deal of trouble in the near future. That's why you see people succeed and then fall, even if they don't fall they can't find peace in the fruit of their labor. God is the sower and we are the gardener, Jesus is the harvester, when it is time you need something, you go through Him, because only He can go to that tree which provides ( that is God ) and pick a fruit for you. And some people might get nothing at all because they refuse to nurture this seed. Now you see Everybody's faith is on a different level. it is how much we spend nurturing this seed of Faith that matters. God has deposited faith as a seed in the heart of everyone. But without Jesus this seed cannot grow, because He is the catalyst that activates and accelerate the growth of this seed which is our faith. This activation comes the moment we accept Jesus as our Lord and letting him take Lordship over our lives. Now a catalyst can either accelerate or decelerate the reaction of process, for an unbeliever since he doesn't have Jesus, the devil comes in and becomes his catalyst, hindering the growth of his seed, rendering it dormant and if possible bringing it to a worse conditions than it ever was. That's why no matter how much an unbeliever call the name " Jesus " nothing happens, they are just living a life as the world gives, what they have is what the world gives, and whatever the world gives is temporary and can also cause grief. Jesus said in John 15:7; If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it'll be given you. This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. Here Jesus is saying, if you live in faithfully in accordance to my words, and if my word remains in you. That is if you meditate on His word and seal them in your heart, living daily in obedience to the word which you have heard, which Christ has written in your mind and sealed in your heart. These words sealed in your heart, generates the spirit of Christ in you, because the spirit comes after the word. This spirit is what keeps us in absolute obedience to His word, because our accuser the devil is always there accusing us of our guilt before God, but when we have been given the holy spirit, we are no longer bound to sin, but alive in Christ Jesus, making the devil have nothing to accuse us of. It is this spirit of God acting in us through His word, that springs forth God's faith in us to different heights. As I said earlier; the time you spend nurturing this matters a lot. You can choose to be dormant, you can also choose to grow, the more you grow, the more you faith grows, in accordance to God's word in you. Now, when you ask, don't just go asking with a wrong motive, nevertheless a Christian born of the spirit will always ask according to God's will, not his. However the ultimate act of prayer, is a prayer to know Jesus more. Why ask for blessing when it's already there. Know this that faith is our heavenly currency, let's not find ourselves lacking in it.
  6. Years and years, awards are been given to different books for being the best seller, but the world seem to forget there has always been one, topping the chart, " The Bible." Most people see it as a book of history, some, as a book of literature, many even uses it as an accessory while going to church. I pray God will remove that Vail to make us see what the bible really is, the Holy Bible, the only book containing lives. The holy bible or scripture rather, is the word of God locked away from the understanding of the human mind, for it is written; Matthew 19:11 " Jesus replied, 'not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given." All other books you can study with human knowledge, yes, you can even study the bible with human knowledge but, then what it really contains you can't get it. It's just like going to get a new phone, you can go to the store to see the phone's displayed, you can operate it, but with but with limited access to the device, unless you purchase that phone for daily use, you can't really know the content of it. Reason I'm saying this; most people get the bible, they study the scriptures not meditating on it, they acquire knowledge of the bible from beginning to end, forgetting that unless you ask the holy spirit to teach you these word, they'll be plain words, history unto you, and that's why most people misinterpret the word of God these days. Many preach the gospel without the life it gives, because they don't have Jesus in them, the giver of life. You cannot bring life to the soul of a dead man if you don't have life in you. And the only way to have life, is to be born again with the spirit of Christ, feeding on God's word to grow his spirit of life in you. It'll always revolve around been born again, the holy spirit is what teaches us the word, Jesus said; John 14:26 " But the counselor, the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you." Anyone who isn't born of Christ (still living in sin ), can't and will never have the holy spirit, you need the holy spirit to teach and interpret His word to you before you can understand the deep and hidden things of God in His word. People these days, even some born again Christians don't really know the power of God's word. The word of God is power, it is deliverance unto a man from the bondage of sin, it is life, for anyone who drinks of the water will have life in abundance. The devil knows the power in the word, that's why he fights to make sure you don't feed on it. Haven't you noticed, when some people wants to meditate on the word day and night, the devil then uses the stress, trouble, weakness and limitation of the flesh, issues of life, even the comfort of the flesh as distractions, depriving men of God's word. Many can have time for every other thing, but not for God's word, because the devil won't let them. Even some people do try but, whenever they pick up the bible a distraction comes or most likely, sleep. You see all these deprivation from the devil, God will never deprive you of what is His, only the devil. Anyone drifted away from God's word is a weak man in the spirit Benefits of the word; First let me make it clear, the word of God is Jesus in personality. there are many bible verses which tells us this but, I'll only give one. John 1: 1-3 'In the beginning was the word ( Jesus ), and the word ( Jesus ) was with God, and the word ( Jesus ) was God, the same was in the beginning with God, all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made." Also, God wouldn't do anything without His word (Jesus). Jesus and God the father are one, God the Father, the Son and God the holy ghost. Before you meditate on the word, you must be born again, then your heart is free, you heart has become his temple, now its time to bring in the incense to the temple which is your prayers. Ask the holy spirit to teach you, to interpret his word in your heart, without these you'll be reading mere literature. The holy spirit interprets the word in diverse ways in the hearts of men in accordance to his growth in the spirit, that's why you can preach for hundred years and not repeat one thing, because it is not you teaching, it's the holy spirit. The word of God makes us more like God. God created us in His own image and so He wants us to be like Him. Meditating on the word, brings Jesus into our heart to be more like Him. it is a mystery the more you study the word, the more you feed on it, you become more like Jesus. First, it is for our deliverance from the bondage of sin. Secondly, for the manifestation of God's power, establishing His kingdom on earth. The power to overcome sin is in His word. Don't think you're born again and them you'll relax, no you have a battle to fight against sin and unless you meditate on God's word, which is also the sword of the spirit which fights off every sin in our heart. You'll end up falling by the way side and even become worst than you were, of you don't have time for the word. The word of God is Christ living in us, and if He is living in you, how then can you sin against God. Prayer in the word; this is one thing people don't know, if you live a Holy life and you pray with the word of God, He is ready to respond instantly, How do I put this, the word of God is Christ in you, and when you speak God's word in prayer it's the same thing as Jesus Himself talking and interceding to the Father on your behalf. Prayer and the word can't stand alone, they must go together. There are many benefits of God's Word but I'll gave to stop here. The bible Is an interesting book you can read it over again and not get bored, because the Holy spirit discloses unto our hearts new things and mystery every day, It becomes anew to you soul everyday, it refreshes our soul. Let us cultivate the habit of meditating on His word day and night, because it is our spiritual food, most people have starved theirs soul to death but are very fat in the physical. Eat the word to become more like Him, for it is his body ( matt 26:26 ). I pray God will put His spirit in us to do this in Jesus name, Amen!
  7. Years and years, awards are been given to different books for being the best seller, but the world seem to forget there has always been one, topping the chart, " The Bible." Most people see it as a book of history, some, as a book of literature, many even uses it as an accessory while going to church. I pray God will remove that Vail to make us see what the bible really is, the Holy Bible, the only book containing lives. The holy bible or scripture rather, is the word of God locked away from the understanding of the human mind, for it is written; Matthew 19:11 " Jesus replied, 'not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given." All other books you can study with human knowledge, yes, you can even study the bible with human knowledge but, then what it really contains you can't get it. It's just like going to get a new phone, you can go to the store to see the phone's displayed, you can operate it, but with but with limited access to the device, unless you purchase that phone for daily use, you can't really know the content of it. Reason I'm saying this; most people get the bible, they study the scriptures not meditating on it, they acquire knowledge of the bible from beginning to end, forgetting that unless you ask the holy spirit to teach you these word, they'll be plain words, history unto you, and that's why most people misinterpret the word of God these days. Many preach the gospel without the life it gives, because they don't have Jesus in them, the giver of life. You cannot bring life to the soul of a dead man if you don't have life in you. And the only way to have life, is to be born again with the spirit of Christ, feeding on God's word to grow his spirit of life in you. It'll always revolve around been born again, the holy spirit is what teaches us the word, Jesus said; John 14:26 " But the counselor, the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you." Anyone who isn't born of Christ (still living in sin ), can't and will never have the holy spirit, you need the holy spirit to teach and interpret His word to you before you can understand the deep and hidden things of God in His word. People these days, even some born again Christians don't really know the power of God's word. The word of God is power, it is deliverance unto a man from the bondage of sin, it is life, for anyone who drinks of the water will have life in abundance. The devil knows the power in the word, that's why he fights to make sure you don't feed on it. Haven't you noticed, when some people wants to meditate on the word day and night, the devil then uses the stress, trouble, weakness and limitation of the flesh, issues of life, even the comfort of the flesh as distractions, depriving men of God's word. Many can have time for every other thing, but not for God's word, because the devil won't let them. Even some people do try but, whenever they pick up the bible a distraction comes or most likely, sleep. You see all these deprivation from the devil, God will never deprive you of what is His, only the devil. Anyone drifted away from God's word is a weak man in the spirit Benefits of the word; First let me make it clear, the word of God is Jesus in personality. there are many bible verses which tells us this but, I'll only give one. John 1: 1-3 'In the beginning was the word ( Jesus ), and the word ( Jesus ) was with God, and the word ( Jesus ) was God, the same was in the beginning with God, all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made." Also, God wouldn't do anything without His word (Jesus). Jesus and God the father are one, God the Father, the Son and God the holy ghost. Before you meditate on the word, you must be born again, then your heart is free, you heart has become his temple, now its time to bring in the incense to the temple which is your prayers. Ask the holy spirit to teach you, to interpret his word in your heart, without these you'll be reading mere literature. The holy spirit interprets the word in diverse ways in the hearts of men in accordance to his growth in the spirit, that's why you can preach for hundred years and not repeat one thing, because it is not you teaching, it's the holy spirit. The word of God makes us more like God. God created us in His own image and so He wants us to be like Him. Meditating on the word, brings Jesus into our heart to be more like Him. it is a mystery the more you study the word, the more you feed on it, you become more like Jesus. First, it is for our deliverance from the bondage of sin. Secondly, for the manifestation of God's power, establishing His kingdom on earth. The power to overcome sin is in His word. Don't think you're born again and them you'll relax, no you have a battle to fight against sin and unless you meditate on God's word, which is also the sword of the spirit which fights off every sin in our heart. You'll end up falling by the way side and even become worst than you were, of you don't have time for the word. The word of God is Christ living in us, and if He is living in you, how then can you sin against God. Prayer in the word; this is one thing people don't know, if you live a Holy life and you pray with the word of God, He is ready to respond instantly, How do I put this, the word of God is Christ in you, and when you speak God's word in prayer it's the same thing as Jesus Himself talking and interceding to the Father on your behalf. Prayer and the word can't stand alone, they must go together. There are many benefits of God's Word but I'll gave to stop here. The bible Is an interesting book you can read it over again and not get bored, because the Holy spirit discloses unto our hearts new things and mystery every day, It becomes anew to you soul everyday, it refreshes our soul. Let us cultivate the habit of meditating on His word day and night, because it is our spiritual food, most people have starved theirs soul to death but are very fat in the physical. Eat the word to become more like Him, for it is his body ( matt 26:26 ). I pray God will put His spirit in us to do this in Jesus name, Amen!
  8. It is a design of kingdom college ministry towards; the conversion, crossing and the connection of the man born again to the spirit of Christ, the spirit of our age. We need to be converted from carnality unto spirituality, because this is a spiritual age where Allen born again must become spiritual to be able to connect and receive from Jesus, because He is spirit and only a spirit can connect to God. Even a s some of us bare born again, there are works that's needed to be done in order to crush and subdue the flesh so we can become spiritual. The holy spirit is waiting to be made manifest, but the carnality of man stands as a great hindrance. Therefore a conversion is to take place, both in the physical and in the spiritual; In physical; to suffer the flesh and deny it of it's satisfaction which causes the spirit man to be heavy when it comes to spiritual things. In spiritual conversion; to give our life time to God, abiding in His presence to build the holy spirit in us into a giant in order for him to break out of this shell of flesh that encroaches. Then we can become spiritual enough to cross over to Jesus, because the tunnel is a spiritual tunnel where only spirits can cross with an ID of purity and no flesh can enter. The slightest fat or load of flesh will stand as a hindrance which will cause limitations in God's kingdom government. Note that this flesh is also a spirit. Crossing the tunnel is on sanctification, it's like a snake crawling through tight crevices to scratch it's old skin away to reveal the new. The course of sanctification is fifty : fifty, man has to pay the price by involving himself with God, which is his righteousness, to yield to the holy spirit. It is the holy spirit in a man they sanctifies and purges all that hinders to become a holy and sanctified vessel before God. God is holy and He wants to make His home in our heart and unless we're purges of all impurity He cannot come in. But when the cleaning is done; we are not the one cleaning the holy spirit is our cleaner. And the Lord is the one who knows when the cleaning will be over, not us, our job is just to wait and when He comes in, we'll be restored back to the original position he ordained us for, to be used as his vessel to establish his kingdom here on earth in the hearts of men. Vision is like our desire, our goal, we desire what we want to achieve and were we want to get to, but the desire of the kingdom is not of man, it is given by the holy spirit. When a man becomes born again, he has a desire given by the holy sprit to enter the kingdom of God. After standing his ground, defending his faith and being delivered from sin, a new desire is given by the holy spirit; a desire to manifest and establish God's kingdom here on earth, no one can have this desire if he isn't filled with the holy spirit, these are those who are willing to sacrifice everything for the kingdom. Having a vision is good, yes, however ones vision becomes more clearer and vivid when he has been given revelations. If a man is not given revelations from God concerning what He has done, what He is doing and about to do, if one does not have revelations of God has destined him for, where God is taking him, God's plans and dealings for his generation and times, he'll not be able to pay the price to pursue his vision, he'll do it sluggishly and if possible eventually forgets about it, because his vision has become blurry and distorted. Doubts may arise, because if there's no revelation, he'll doubt if he's just spending time with God to get something God wants for him. A good example is; Abraham the father of faith, if Abraham hadn't had revelation of where God is taking him to, of God had not told him " you'll be a father of many nations " surely he would have doubts sacrificing Isaac his only son. Before every vision that propels man to ba a man of sacrifice, there is a revelation given by God of where he is going, he just needs to have faith. Same with me also, I was given revelations by God which I won't talk about, because it is not for the hearing of others. If God hadn't reveal that's He's with me, I wouldn't be able to make the sacrifices i have made to journey into God's presence, if I should tell a man about it he might falter if he tries to imitate, because it's not for him. Every revelation that created a vision is personal, designed by God unto anyone who desire to become His vessel.
  9. The Lord Jesus is building a house, a temple of God in the hearts of men. He is no longer interested in the material temple made by physical materials, but in His temple to be built in the hearts of men.Except we accept our Lord Jesus as Lord and savior, believe and living in obedience to His word, we cannot have the foundation to be laid to start the construction. For the word of God is the solid foundation on which we shall be built spiritually to stand firm unshaken in Christ Jesus when the wind blows, ( sin, temptation, trials, issues of life, flesh, the world etc. ) and this structure when completed becomes the temple of God. As Solomon built the temple of God with costly materials, so also Jesus has come, that whoever will receive Him, He shall build a temple of costly materials more than gold in his heart. The riches of God's word is gotten on your works for Jesus and your in-depth in spirituality. Without these riches you can't manifest the power of God. In this spirituality, God no longer meets a man in the mountains, neither shall we worship God in the temple of Jerusalem. Anyone born of God must worship God in spirit and in truth. For a man to worship God he must be in spirit, for God is spirit and you cannot connect to a spirit being if you're not Spiritual. Our spirituality, the crossing of a man from flesh unto spirituality to be connected to God comes from the word of God built it a man. It is the word of God that breaks every barrier every shackles and tear off every vail that stands as a hindrance for a man being in spirit. Unless God's word rule our heart we cannot be given the holy Spirit which makes us spiritual, connecting us to the Father. When a man is born again he needs to feed on God's word to be filled to be have this spirit. By grace a man is saved, by grace the gospel found you, now if you've received Jesus, a foundation on the word has been laid in your heart, but not yet strong. Unless your foundation is fortified on regular hearing of God's word and apply it in obedience, this foundation cannot be fortified , and if it's not, when your house is built, it collapses. That's why a man can be born again today and tomorrow fall away, because he failed to fortify his foundation. The Lord Jesus always watching at the side line to see your faithfulness, after many failure when he sees your desire to follow Him, He then give you His holy spirit to sustain and to live a holy life without struggling. It is when you're given this holy spirit of God, then you can worship God in spirit, else your worship is in vain. Our holy life first, is the true act of worship, the holy life you live renders offering to God as an act of worship, before you talk of singing, praying, and other spiritual activities. If you're heart is corrupted of sin, your offering will be contaminated. That's why holiness first, is our connection to God. Our heart is the alter of God for rendering offerings and sacrifice. God only cares about our heart and nothing else, you can pretend to live a holy life but God knows the motive of the heart. If your heart is of evil, your alter has been corrupted and it will be broken down as a false alter. Therefore, you can no longer worship God in spirit, because the alter that keeps the presence of God in you has been destroyed and His spirit is no longer in you. To worship God in truth is to worship him, follow him from the depths of your heart, giving him your all in sincerity. You must have His spirit to have access to him and then have a heart that yearns for him, it works hand in hand. The Church in the physical is not the church of God it's just a physical structure to gather the children of God. It is the children of God when together forms the body of Christ, then it is called the church of Christ. Jesus is the neck that connects us to God the head and we are the body parts joined together connected to Jesus the neck which then connect us to God. The church cannot be separated because we are spiritually connected. It is when we come together in the physical we say; " the church of the Corinth" 1chronicle 17:10-12 I declare to you that the Lord will build a house for you; when your days are over and you go to be with your fathers, I'll raise up your offspring to succeed you, one of your own sons, and I will establish his kingdom. He's the one who will build a house for me, and I'll establish His throne for ever. The temple the Lord was speaking of through Nathan was not the one Solomon built, Solomon building the temple of God was just an illustration, a preparation of what the Lord Jesus is about to do in the lives of men. Solomon built the temple for worship, fine, but there is a temple to be built in the hearts of men to house the spirit of God. whoever believes in the name Jesus and remains in his presence will no longer be far from God because God's is right there with him in his heart, living in his temple when completed. When a man becomes born again, his heart becomes the temple of God, first, a foundation is laid on the foundation of the word. Even as this foundation is laid, it needs to be built on the word. To fortify this foundation, he needs to be built on God's word, he needs to feed on God's word to strengthen his faith, for faith comes from the word and faith is our heavenly currency to purchase heavenly resources. Faith is built on a continual process till we leave this earth, and if your faith in Jesus doesn't grow you cannot go far in Him, you cannot please Him. When this foundation has been laid, you need to spend time on God's word to acquire spiritual resources gotten by your heavenly currency " faith, " to fortify your foundation and to begin the construction of God's temple in your life to house His spirit. As you feed on God's word, you get more resources, more costly materials to build this temple of your heart. Even as you do, you need to purchase and employ security agents and equipment to guard the construction site, because the evil one will always come at night to bring it down. You must have the word to build your heart, the temple of God and you must pray to prevent the evil one from getting in. You cannot pray if you don't have the word of God in you. How can you purchase security equipment when you don't have money to get it. It is the word of God that builds your faith to have currency to by them. You now see that prayer without the word is useless. The more you grow on God's word, the more effective and weighty your prayers. You speak a word and there's immediate response from God. Why do you think men like Elijah, the Lord's generals were men of few words, it's because they were full of God and to be full of the spirit of God is to be built on the word. It's like pouring water into a jug till it overflows. It is In obedience and faithfulness, making sacrifices in building your temple to completion, the Lord God will come and dwell in and you can have quick access to Him at any time. When you pray He hears you instantly, when you want to preach the gospel, He speaks through you as a medium because he is in you. The reason why men are in sin is because, an alter of evil has been built in there heart housing the devil acting through them, unless the alter and it's foundation is broken by Jesus they cannot be free to possess the temple of God. Do you not know your heart is a temple to a spirit being, the question is which spirit and how far have you gone building that temple. The Lord Jesus Christ has come to establish His kingdom here on earth in the hearts of men. Jesus always talked about the kingdom of God. However there is a kingdom of God he also talked about, " the one to be established in our heart " He said in Luke 17: 20-21 " the kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say " here it is, " or " there it is, " because the kingdom of God is within you. " This kingdom of God is the personality of Jesus to live a holy life, the personality of a kingdom being is holiness, a life without sin. Now if that personality is given to you by Jesus you, then you are registered as a kingdom man, it's like an ambassador of heaven living here on Earth, only waiting to go back to his original home. When you have the kingdom personality, you live a holy life, a life of one in God's kingdom, a life of Jesus here on Earth. A kingdom encompasses many citizens, without it's citizens there's no kingdom. When a born again stands alone in Jesus the kingdom of God is established in his heart, but for it to be established on earth, it is when two or more are made in Jesus, this makes it a kingdom government on earth. This is the manifestation of the quality of Jesus here on Earth. This is the kingdom the Lord is establishing through His word. Just as there is a kingdom of God, there is also a kingdom of darkness, anyone in sin is bound in captivity to the Kingdom of darkness to manifest the personality of evil on earth, ( an ambassador of the devil ). Darkness has encroached too much, so the Lord Jesus went on the cross that men saved shall manifest His spirit to match forth as an end time army with the gospel and the life they live to conquer the kingdom of darkness. All the Lord Jesus is doing now in this last generation is the gathering of the elect, the elects are those who have vision to follow Jesus, although some are still in sin, but we who have been saved have been recruited into God's army to rescue the elect from captivity unto salvation. Once the elects are gathered by the Lord, he'll come to take His children home on the rapture and those who remain, shall be tried in the tribulation as it is written in Revelation 3:10 " Since you've kept my command to endure patiently, I'll also keep you from the hour of trial that so going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth." Then we shall reign and rule with Jesus in His throne forever and ever. For we are sons of God, brethren of Jesus, heirs of His kingdom, for He is the first son amongst all brethren.
  10. There is no other firm foundation other than that of our lord Jesus Christ. Every other foundation not of Him is of evil, because man born into sin has a foundation and a structure of evil in Him. Glory to God, He sent His son, that receiving him to gain Lordship over outlives, every old foundation of sin shall be broken down and a new one in Christ Jesus established. Everybody born again has a foundation on the word in their heart, you're not the one who sets it, it is Jesus Christ through his word. Just as he sets it, it is up to you the workman, to decide if you'll continue with the construction or even worse, destroy the foundation. The moment we heard the Gospel, a foundation was laid in our heart, I don't know from whom or where you've heard it, even I don't know when moment I heard the true gospel, but as the scripture says; " Paul planted, Apollos waters," that is; Paul delivered the gospel and then, Apollos was the one in charge to strengthen the converts so they won't falter. Now it's your turn to water your heart, keep building it, or will you leave it unchecked? Corinthians 3:10-15 " By the grace God has given me, i laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. If any man builds in this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, his work will be shown for what it is, because the day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each man's work. If what he has built survives, he'll receive his reward. If it is burnt up he'll suffer loss, he himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames. " The foundation has already been laid in the hearts of every believer, but right from time, more especially today, most believers are having a hard time building on this foundation which is the word of God to establish God's kingdom in our heart. " But each one should be careful how he builds." We are building God's word in our heart to prepare us for his glorious kingdom, our heavenly dwelling. God has a place prepared for us, but in other to get there we need to pass through the fire, the trials of life, these fire has destroyed many, those who chose to be ungodly, forgetting that indulging in ungodly things leads to more ungodliness, the true believers will scale through unscathed, some will get burnt, but still survive. God has laid the foundation, but the attitude of the heart, of the builder matters. Today we are faced with the trials of life, not to destroy us, but to strengthen us, to make us fit to reign and rule with Christ forever. But some of us who are weak, instead of facing these trials head on, knowing that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not fail because we know that Christ will see us through, because He will never let us face a trial more than we can bear. They tend to lay other foundations other than that of Jesus Christ. You know what happens when the backbone of a construction is weak. Take for example; during a bridge construction, the foundations are firmly driven into the riverbeds, but no matter how well laid the foundations are, as long as you used the wrong material in constructing the other sections of the bridge, when the weights, and pressure keeps building up, it'll eventually come crashing down. So it is with our Christian lives. Every Christian is to be tested to qualify into God's kingdom, so they won't turn out like Lucifer. But this is where most of our problems comes from today, because we lack the word of God in our heart, our foundation isn't strong enough, so when faced with trials, some tend not to remember that in every trial there is a silver lining, that at the end of it we'll be strengthened and achieve our rewards both here on earth and in heaven. Many want a way out of their trials quickly rather than perseverance, they don't call it trial, they call it suffering. Your trial could be poverty, sickness, death of someone dear to you, so many kinds of trial. But the devil as cunning as he is, will start speaking to your heart; " if you truly are a child of God why are you sick," You know some of us will pray for others to get well and they will, but when they are sick and pray, and nothing happens, they'll say; " well, maybe I don't have faith, maybe I'm a sinner." If you continue to wallow in these doubt that you are not God's own, Satan will pull you away slowly. Is it in your business, you want to find every possible means to top up your income, either through cheating, bribery or embezzlement. The faith of students are being tested even more these days, instead of studying and trusting God, some, even after cheating will still pray to God to give them good grades. All these shortcuts will solve our problems quickly, but only temporarily, you'll eventually end up postponing the evil day, and when the bag is full, it'll burst open and the worst possible outcome you'll get. All that you have enjoyed will be replace with the worse possible suffering, and this might draw most of them even farther from God. This is the reason most believers suffer today. As for the wise they'll wait in patience, trusting the Lord and build their houses with golds and costly material, that when passed through the fire they won't get burnt. While those who builds with wood and straws, wanting to find their own way through life instead of walking diligently with God, will get burnt, though might have eternal life, but still struggle through life to get there. They have their life rough not because they were unfortunate, yes God has the time set for men and the particular place for them to stay, but still he has a great purpose for each and everyone of us, only if you choose to walk with Him always will his purpose for you be fulfilled, and a life of rest and peace. Most of our achievement today aren't what God wants for us, if you know what He wants for you, you'll drop everything and following His path, that is why no matter how rich some may become, they still live in suffering and loss. Every child of God has a duty to build on the foundation of Christ laid in his heart, there is no such thing as a stagnant Christian, the height you attain in your spiritual growth, is the maximum level the powers of hell will challenge you. The more you grow, the more Satan and his cahoots tries harder, but with Christ, you'll always be above them, because he has authority over them all. Jesus has all authority, and if you in Him and Him in you, so also you share in His power to be victorious. But if you choose not to build, these forces will come in like a flood and sweep you house away. A true believer has his place already in God's kingdom, but as far as life is concerned, failure to build with costly materials, that is; following and trusting God at all cost, losing it all for Him, will make him end up getting burnt on his way to the Kingdom, and even reduces his heavenly reward, because those who run the race following all it's rule will be rewarded greatly than he who bends the rule a little.
  11. In the last days the spirit of God will be poured out upon all flesh, only to as many that are ready and willing to receive. John 1:12 " But as many as receive Him, to them He gave power to become sons of God. " The moment you decide to follow Jesus, I mean putting your hands to the plough without looking back, He gives you that power, that authority. This authority only comes by His spirit through His word. For you are His son and as long as his blood which is the spirit, flows through your vein, you inherit that gene of authority through Christ Jesus to be like him. A man cannot give birth to a yam, he must reproduce a being which is more like himself, we are the image of God, what He is we shall be like, and a reflection of Him is seen and lived in His sons. This spirit of God wad restricted only to the prophets of old in their days, only them could inquire of God. But we, this end time generation, we have been given the privilege to have the spirit of God. This spirit of God is what gives us rest, guides us and goes with us always, he said; John 14:26 " But the counselor, the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things, and will remind you of everything I have said to you." All spirits has been unleashed upon the earth in the end of age, but it is up to you to determine which spirit you'll be enslave to, either to evil or to the spirit of Christ. It is indeed better to be in bondage of Christ than the former. We get this spirit of Christ the moment we believe in Jesus through repentance. He gives us his spirit, because only with it can we overcome sin and the evil one. Yes, He has given us His spirit to over come sin, but once a man crosses from the other side unto Jesus, a war breaks out, a war against his soul, and if you doesn't equip this new spirit you've gotten, by the word of God and with prayers, I tell you, you'll be at the frontline defenseless and any artillery fired, you'll be the one to get hit first. And once you're hit, the devil if possible might take you captive from that front line back into his world. The holy spirit is given after in God's, it's like a seed sown in a man, you don't just plant a seed and leave it there, it must germinate into a tree and bear fruits, the more you water this seed with the water of life which is the word of God, and the more you pray to drive of every pest from damaging the crop, every external force from trampling on it, the more it grows. It's like a man who is weak, and says he wants to fight one bigger than him, unless that man goes to the gym builds himself up to be greater than that man, only then he can defeat that man. This man in general is " sin." This is when the Lord said; " anyone who is born of God does not sin, because God's seed remains in him." it is this seed when nurtured, your efforts to nurture this seed, it grows into a tree and bears fruits of the spirit which are love, patience, kindness, self-control etc. The time were living in is not a time to relax, the devil knows his time is short and so he prows around like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour. A lion cannot devour something bigger and stronger than him, and so he'll find every means to make you weak so that he can devour you. He uses the things of the pleasures of the flesh, material things, and then he uses the things of the world which are the distractions of this world, the music we listen to, the issues of life, that atmosphere produce by the ungodly in were we find ourselves and even our own life. I myself for example, a time came I discovered the devil was using my education during my exam period which was very stressful, he wanted me to compromise my meditation on the word and praying day and night with my studies. If I had fallen for his trap and then say, " because of exam let me study first before prayer and his word," surely I'll be weakened and he would've taken any chance to pounce on me, but the sooner I realized I said no! in fact I prayed and meditate on His word even more. You see that all these things, though painful to loose them are what Satan uses to devour our time we should've used for God. Satan has designed this word in such a way to draw men from God, don't let the things of this world eat up your time for God, until we drop all these we can't hear from God more distinct and clearly, and we cannot walk with Him like He did in the garden. I pray God will put in us His spirit to have the desire to yearn for him, even more in Jesus name Amen !
  12. God made Daniel wrote about his vision for the people of the end time, that is; for us, this last generation. The angel said; Daniel 12:9; " Go your way, Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end." The book of Daniel, is one book people don't read these days, when it's indeed meant for this last generation, we only know about Daniel being thrown in the Lion's den, but we don't care about the visions God gave him. Daniel 9:25; " Know and understand this: from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there'll be seven " sevens, " and sixty-two " sevens. " It will be built with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble." This vision has been miscalculated by few, choosing the year Israel got their independence, the year 1948 ( when the UN declared Israel as a state ), but in reality it was the year 1967, when Israel recaptured Jerusalem and decided to make it her capital, but doing this wasn't easy, as said in Daniel; " It'll be built with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble." As we all know , Israel has gone through perilous wars against nations, and faced so many trouble, just in the name of making Jerusalem her capital that the word of God be fulfilled. But Atlas! glory be to God, His word has been fulfilled, and yet to be fulfilled. As I was saying, if you count the year 1967 and then add the ' seven ' sevens ' which in Bible time calculation, equals 49 years. You'll discover it ended in the year 2016. Intriguing right? Yes, the rapture was to happen on or before the year 2016. But thanks be to God, His unending love and mercy extended towards us has placed us in an extra time of four years, from the year 2016, that is; the rapture will take place most likely in the year 2019. Here's why I said his mercy has placed us in an extra time. Those who had known that it would happen on the year 2016 and had waited but didn't see it happen, well don't be discouraged, or don't be wronged, just because God gave a prophecy doesn't mean He can't change it, Just like He did with Jonah and Nineveh. Even still, I thank God He did, because probably, I know if it had happened then, I probably wouldn't be raptured, I mean, I would be waiting for the Tribulation's three and a half year of trial after it's three and half year of peace is over. The rapture didn't happen in 2016 because of Jesus’ intersection, he knows many would be caught unaware compared to the multitude of those who'd be now. Few examples it would have happened during 2016. For those who has read one of my writings I wrote about; General Mark A. Miley’s speech, about 2016 being a terrible year not only for the Americans but for all, still, mostly the Americans. Well it didn't happen then because of God's mercy. In case you want to check it out on YouTube, here's the title - BREAKING NEWS- Government Warns Military of Hybrid & Alien Threat. And the vision of two American pastors who saw a vision of the last president of America. But, Our God is not a God of confusion, neither is He a man that He should lie, He already gave a vision of two presidents being the last of America before the Antichrist is revealed. So, He extended Obama's tenure so that the last President's tenure won't end in 2016. Because after or during his tenure, the rapture will happen, leading to the revelation of the Antichrist, who will create a one world government. Then he'll create a deception to curb the intense disturbances of the sudden disappearance of God's own. God has prepared for us, not only in His written word but also through His holy spirit, that we should be prepared and on guard, so we won't be caught unaware, because, it'll be a terrible thing to face the tribulation, though a large multitude, of which John couldn't count in the book of revelation will scale through, but I tell you, it's not a time you'd want to face. I know even in all these written, still some won't take heed to the Lord's warning, because as Jesus said; " Not everyone who hears my word can receive it " But still, I pray that his spirit will quicken us to be like the wise virgins, always prepared and on the watch for the bridegroom's call. Only those who have the spirit of God would be raptured, including children, I don't know the age limit though, because Jesus said; if anyone must enter the kingdom of God, he must first be like these little ones. How do we know we have God's spirit? We know by the spirit he has given us. It's funny right, you can only know you have the spirit when you have His spirit, if you check your life today, if you judge your self sincerely, you'll know the side you're on, if you don't have the fruits of the spirit, if you're are still afraid of death, not sure were you'll end up when you die or when that day comes then... The only way we can have his spirit, is by hearing and meditating on the word with our heart, and in obedience, of course you can't leave in absolute obedience without his spirit, given after receiving the word in heart. Let us pick up what we have kept aside ( the scripture ), and desire the true cravings of the spirit which has been quenched ( his word and his spirit ).
  13. If you do understand the time were in you'll realize that these words of Jesus has been fulfilled even to the utmost, " the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first," these words concerns us Christians, or should I say our regular church goers. Christians these days mostly were brought up in a Christian civilization, being brought up in a Christian home, they see Christianity as just going to church, a mere religion, forsaking it's original purpose. Christianity itself is not a religion, it is a life, living the life of Jesus in His fullness. If all who profess to be Christians really were Christians, then the world would have been a better place, because it will be dominated by Jesus, His kingdom government will be established, ruling out the kingdom of darkness that has lingered for so long. What I'm saying is this; although people goes to church, become a chorister, a deacon, a pastor, even go for evangelism, fine, but if God's word is not sown in you, all these you're doing is a waste of time. The Lord said; 1 John 3:9 " No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God's seed remains in him: he cannot go on sinning because he has been born of God " Without this spirit you can't tell you are His son, you're not sure of your salvation, the fact you can't tell means your ways aren't right, because it is only those who obeys his word He send the comforter ( the holy spirit). Now I won't leave you hanging, the road to salvation is easy, first; you have to come with a open and free heart of repentance on acceptance of Jesus. Accepting Jesus is just the first step, because salvation doesn't lie at the beginning but at the end, for as many that endures. Your confession of Jesus as Lord registers your spirit man in heaven, Jesus is now aware you're ready. The moment you make the decision to follow Jesus, knows you're an enemy of the devil and he'll do everything to take you back. This is when you fight to defend your faith ( your belief in Jesus ) if you really meant it. You must be faithful at all time in; obedience, prayers and by feeding on His word always, day and night, because no man can walk this path of holiness without these principle. A prayerful man is powerful ( to every man who overcomes, to them He gave power to become the sons of God ). The word of God is the sword of the spirit, which is Jesus in personality, the water of life he fills your heart with life by fighting off every power of sin that brings death to the soul. No man can be delivered from sin without the word of God. The word is sharper than two edged sword, piercing through heart and soul dividing it asunder, what is it dividing? Darkness from light. If you don't have this sword of the spirit in you gotten from the word you cannot cut down spirit of sin keeping you in bondage, it's like a man yielding a stick in a sword fight. The more God's word fills you the sharper the sword, there greater your strength to yield it. Those who have been in the church for years, they've grown so accustomed to it that it becomes a mere religion, culture, they go to church on Sunday because everyone does like they go to school or work, forgetting that we the sons of God are the church not the building. They keep on living in sin ; lying, fornication, masturbation, which are the main sins youth indulge in this days, they've been blinded by the devil, saying; " its natural, after all God created us that way," But on the last day, they'll be found wanting, because although proclaiming Jesus, but without his spirit deposit found in them. God does not care about the flesh, all He's cares about is the spirit man and the spirit possessing him, is it of the devil or of God? People, if you're not yet sure of your salvation, do a heart check, ask the Lord to search your heart to expose whatever that is not of His, because nothing of sin will enter the gates of heaven. For those who are standing, stand firm lest you fall. If you have the opportunity to hear the gospel and yet, still living in sin, then the Lord will raise up stones to replace you, he'll raise up the worst of men who you think don't have hope for salvation as replacements. These replacements are elects of God, don't think you'll continue in sin without remorse and then Jesus will call you out of nowhere. The main purpose of the church is for our empowerment and for our strengthening, because just as we are one body, we are of different part dependent on each other with Jesus the neck bringing us life to function as one through the God head. If you're still in sin, say this prayer; Lord Jesus, I'm a sinner, forgive me my sin, I turn my back on my sin, and I renounce every spirit that has me bound, I believe that Jesus died for my sin, come into my heart and be my savior, take more of me and give me more of you, in Jesus name Amen! If you have said this, know that you're registered by in heaven already, all you have to do is spend time with God in obedience, because you'll be tempted by the devil and tried by God to prove your faithfulness, God does not want another Lucifer in heaven, that why we all are brought here for an exam on qualification into God's kingdom.
  14. So many people seem to have misunderstood the difference between righteousness and born again. A man can be righteous, but still won't enter the kingdom of God when his time comes. It's one thing to be righteous, still it's another to be born again, and being filled with the holy spirit. If a man is righteous, there are probabilities he might not see the kingdom, why? Because righteousness is not holiness, it is merely the effort one applies in other to live a holy life, it is your persistence, your effort to know Jesus more. Only then Jesus will say; " yes! this one really is willing to follow me," Then He'll will pour out his spirit upon you which makes you born again of the spirit of God. Being born again is a different game, when one is born again he can see heaven, but that doesn't mean he must get to heaven, because being born again, you're been born into Christ as a baby, a baby can be vulnerable to harm in so many ways, because he has little knowledge of his surrounding and little strength for defense. That's why one can be born again and still fall into temptation, why? Because he does not have enough strength or rather enough knowledge to grow in Christ. This strength and knowledge comes when a child grows, for instance you can't force a child to eat what is beneficiary to him, if the child chooses to eat the right nutrients he'll surely grow in strength and knowledge faster than the other who lacks the required nutrients. The one suffering from deficiency cannot advance and so he lives a life of weakness, when sin comes he falls easily, but the one who is healthy, who is not deficient will continue to grow in strength and knowledge so when he sees danger he'll be able to avoid it. Even though he ingests poison ( sin ), though he might be weakened, but since he has a strong immune system, his antibodies fights off that poison and builds a resistance, so when next he takes that poison it would have no effect. Let's also liken born again to an institution, where one undergoes a course of study in a university. For example his goal is to become a doctor, unless that student graduates and becomes a doctor, still he'll be called a student, and being a student he can drop out of college at any time, preventing him from attaining his goal. However if he endures to the end, passing through series of education, he'll be certified as a doctor. In summary, as one grows from a born again child unto maturity in Christ Jesus, God pours out His spirit on him and restores him to live a holy life without sin, making him a son. Jesus said; John 14:26 " But the councilor, the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you." God is not wicked, He wants everyone to be saved, but still, salvation doesn't just comes like that, salvation is not on confessing the name Jesus. Confessing Jesus to gain Lordship over your life is just a registration into God's family. Salvation lies at the end, for those who have fought and overcome. Jesus has to see your genuineness before He comes in to support you. Do you know the reason? it's because of Satan. Let me tell you a little reason why God wants your genuineness, because of time I won't get into details; It all started when God created the Angels, God gave them free will, He made Lucifer, one of the highest of the Angels. Because of the glory of God bestowed on Lucifer and also the position God gave him over all the angels at that time, pride got to him. He wanted to exalt himself above the throne of God, but he was foolish. Every angel was designed for a specific purpose and Lucifer was designed for worship. Angel Gabriel was designed for wisdom, Michael was designed for warfare. However, since there was no war in heaven, Angel Michael " the sword bearer " was not that relevant, because it wasn't his time for service, until Lucifer rebelled against God. You know one thing, God didn't cast Lucifer out, He only gave the order, and Michael executed the task flawlessly, there the glory of Michael was revealed as the strongest of Angels. You've seen the result of the fall of Lucifer in play today. Our God is a perfect God, He created all things beautiful and made the angels under His service over all He created. But during the fall of Satan, war broke out in heaven, and all of God's creation was destroyed, in decay. God then had to begin a recreation, and brought man into existence, made in His own image, a direct replica of Himself. That's why you'd notice the creation of the word actually started in the book of John chapter one. The world was without form and void, meaning it was in existence already, once ruled by Lucifer. Since God is not bound by time He created light on the first day dividing day from night, this was when time came into existence, and that was when God said; " In the beginning ( when time started ) ' let there be light." A third of the angels failed, so He recreated Himself through man, that's why men are in the likeness of God. But just a Satan rebelled, so also God knew man would fall, that's why Jesus was the lamb that was slain even before the beginning of time. God created man in His own image to replace the angels, only Jesus was like God, but God has to create man to be like Himself, because only God can rule His creation perfectly. When we shall meet God, we shall see Him face to face, we shall be like Him, not In His full glory, but we shall be like Him greater than all His creation. God created the earth, and placed the garden of Eden in the earth, creating man in it, to test man, in other to sieve out those who when are in His kingdom would turn out like Lucifer. For those on the path to hell, don't say " God is wicked." It's also a revelation that if you were to be in heaven you also will rebel against God. But to those have overcome, He will give them crowns of gold to rule with Him. There you have it, this world is just a selection ground to see those who are capable to rule and reign with God. Few examples of righteousness is seen in the character of Zacchaeus and peter. Zacchaeus a chief task collector wanted to know Jesus, but been a short man he couldn't see Jesus, but did he give up? No! Unlike some of us who will go halfway and say; " I've tried, its impossible for one to live without sin." Rather, Zacchaeus put in more effort and climbed a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus. He did find Jesus. Jesus saw his righteousness, his effort to know Him and He thought. When he saw the righteousness of Zacchaeus, his struggle and desire to know him. That moment Jesus recognized Zacchaeus faith. And Jesus said; " Zacchaeus! come down immediately, today I must stay at your house." Zacchaeus came down and welcomed him, even in all of his righteousness he still have to welcome Jesus, unless, Jesus won't enter. Indeed like those living for Jesus today, Jesus came into their house, ate with them and renew their strength, and gave them his Spirit to be more like Him and to live a life without sin naturally. After been transformed, Zacchaeus stood up and said " today I'll sell half my property." These properties sold are what aren't needed in heart occupied by Jesus. They can be properties of sin, the things of the world and of the flesh, like immoral dressings and ungodly songs. What are you willing to let go? Because for one to follow Christ he must leave everything behind and take up his cross daily and follow him, though it might be painful at first but, in the end it becomes interesting. You also know the story of peter walking on water, that was his righteousness. When he started drowning, because he couldn't walk by his own strength, Jesus snatched him up by the hand. You can live a holy life without sin, but it doesn't just happen like that, you have to start with commitment, effort, which is your righteousness, your righteousness is what Jesus would use to recommend you. I pray the issues of life won't let us slip away but, rather draw us closer to Jesus in Jesus name Amen!
  15. The scripture is there for you to have the holy spirit, it is not meant to be read and crammed as literature. First you must have a heart without sin, and tell the spirit, the holy ghost that possessed men to write it down, to teach, guide, and remind you of the word at all time. You don't need to quote what one has said in the bible, yes! it is good, but those word weren't written before they were said by God's generals. Let the word be in you and speak it in wisdom and understanding of the spirit. We do not study the word to quote it, neither do we study the word to show we have knowledge of the scripture. I remembered a roommate of mine, he would quote the scriptures back and forth and even boast he has knowledge of the history, he evangelizes, yes! it's good, but still he lacked understanding of the power of the word, that is; he doesn't have the word in him which also is Christ. We do not also carry the bible to be put by our side in times of attacks, well if you do, you're in for a bigger trouble. Rather we study the scripture to know and to desire God more, we study the scripture to grow in the spirit for it is food for our soul. The bible wasn't written so we can know the history of God, yes! it is indeed good to know what God has done through His word, but the main purpose the scripture was written was for the edification of our spirit man, for us to have the spirit of God so we can live for Him. Without the word, no one can have the spirit of the Father and without the spirit of the Father which is our ticket to His kingdom, we are going nowhere. The body of everyman contains a soul and that soul contains a spirit, the question is, which spirit? is it the spirit of sin or the spirit of God? If you live in sin, you're driven by the spirit of sin at work in you, be it spirit of lying, drunkenness, orgies( parties ), fornication, masturbation, lust, hatred, malice, cheating, worldliness ( songs of the world, the clothes we wear and so on ), just name it, any kind of sin. When you leave this earth which is your journey, that spirit which was driving your soul as a vehicle will stop the vehicle at it's destination or bus station, if it is the spirit of sin, it drops you in hell, if it is the spirit of Christ it takes you to the kingdom. With this we see that we should live no life in the flesh, for surely the flesh will perish, it doesn't matter if you go to church, giving a billion dollar to the church, being a chorister, an instrumentalist, an usher or being close to your pastor or bishop, as long as you have a trace of the property of sin in you, all your works and position doesn't matter even If it has led some to Christ, you will not be recognized by heaven. God inspired men filled by the holy spirit to give us the written word, the words were written, because we need them for our spiritual growth, having strayed too far from God. In the past, before the scripture was written in full, people have lived their lives with the fear of God even without having the scripture, they made their hearts pure ( which is the temple of God ) for Him to come in. But we are so far away from God that we need to be reminded since we can't hear from Him. In all this Jesus came, and made it clear; that just as the word has been sent by God, so also He (Jesus ) is the word in personality, and except we allow His word to dominate our hearts, we cannot get closer to God. For no one can come to the Father except through Him. Through Him we shall be likened unto the Father, that is; we shall have His spirit, having His spirit, we share in His personality and not of the world. Jesus gave himself, " the word " that through Him men might be saved, those who are willing, for He is the only way, not a way, but the only way, no one can come to the father except through him, there is no such things as any other medium like Mary or whatever, there is only one way. Jesus equals to God, that is; Jesus to God ( a = b, not a + b = c. ) He gave us the word which is His flesh, that when we eat of it, we eat of Him and He shall becomes part of us as the living word, with this word in our heart which is the word of life, we can speak life and not empty words. Having been filled with His word, He then gives us His wine, which is His blood, the spirit of the Father that we shall be likened unto him. After the word, comes the spirit, without the spirit you don't know God for He is spirit and his worshippers must worship him in spirit and truth. That is why he said; "Unless you eat of this bread, my flesh and drink of this wine, my blood, you're not part of me." Without the spirit of Christ you can never live a righteous and holy life, and without the word you can't, because you can't have the holy spirit without the word. The holy spirit is not a feeling, as some would say it is, it is not an emotion, you know you have the spirit by the spirit He has given you, when He gives you His spirit, it automatically transforms your life, he teaches you to live a holy life, here, your pastor don't need to tell you what to do, he puts it in your heart, what is right and wrong. Sometimes, even the clothing we wear we think are alright, he'll not let you alone until you change them, it is in this spirit that one doesn't feel alright not studying the word twice or more per day, it is in this, one does not feel alright living a life without prayers, this spirit gives us the consciousness of Christ in us, you don't talk anyhow, you don't listen to worldly songs, but rather your heart overflowing with thankfulness unto God, nobody drags you to church, and with this spirit you can know which gospel is real or fake. You now see how many people live a false life without this spirit, anything they see they take, they don't even know if it is fake or of the devil, they live a life to suite their fleshly desire, not realizing that any one in Christ must do away with the flesh, he must suffer and crucify the flesh. Have the word in you and have the spirit in you. No word, no spirit, no spirit no Christ. You can quote the scripture from beginning to end but have no knowledge of it's power, but an illiterate who doesn't know how to read can hear the word of God live in obedience to it and have the word in his heart ( spirit man ), and then have the spirit of God in him. Which make him a different person, though you walk by the flesh, he operates in the spirit, things that illiterate man knows, you don't know, why? because you're an illiterate in the spirit. Once again I'll say; the Holy spirit is our uniform, our mark. One cannot claim to be a soldier without having an identification, and there are some who fake their uniform, well I pity those people, they pretend to live a godly life when in the secret they don't. You, what is that secret sin you commit? you think God doesn't know, you think your works for God will cover it up, if you like sing till your throat burst, you'll only be wearing a fake uniform and I tell you, it is better off not wearing a uniform than wearing a fake. You know how the military deals with an imposter. God will not only deal with you, but demons also, for trying to be what you're not. Only the true sons of God wear the uniform and are recognized by heaven and respected by demons. With this you understand why the scripture is written, to make us hear the word with our heart and attain the spirit of God, the holy spirit, which is our heavenly mark. Some of us quote scripture to preach, you quote the scripture to defend your knowledge, scripture is not knowledge, it is of the heart ( man's spirit ) if you have the word in you, you don't quote scripture, yes, you might at times to give reference to the person listening, because of the state of the person's heart. Rather you speak the word as it is laid in your heart by the spirit of God. When your knowledge of the word finishes, tell me, what do you want to preach. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, the word is life and a man in sin is dead, if you don't have the word of life in you, but rather empty words, how can you speak life unto that dead soul in sin. For it is the spirit of life that converts a soul through the word from death to life.
  16. Certain men were sent fishing, few of them were experienced fishermen and the others were novices. They were to catch fishes with their bare hands, few of them being muscular and experienced were able to catch five at a time, some were able to catch two at a time, some, one at a time while the others, though were able to catch one, but they couldn't keep what they caught, lacking the strength to grip hard unto the fish it struggled and struggled till it slipped off. The latter knew the fish to catch, but they just couldn't grab it firmly and put it in the basket. From this illustration you'd realize that, though they were all interested in fishing, but the ones who were able to pay the price to be experienced, the ones who enhanced more in skill and muscle were able to catch not only two, but five fishes at a time without losing any, however the ones who were weak got nothing. At least some of them caught only one. In the end, everybody caught, but not everybody caught. So it is with the word of God and our battle for holiness. Here is the meaning of the illustration; these men are being classified in measure to their fishes caught, it is based on their spiritual growth rooted on the price they paid to develop the muscle, strength and skill to acquire their target through the word. The fishes being caught are classified bondages of sin, and unless these fishes are caught and slaughtered these men will go back to he who sent them with nothing to show for. Being born of woman we are all born into sin, because of the blood of sin we inherited. But glory be to God! He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for our sins that though we are sinners, by grace might be saved, i said; " we might " not " we are saved." Because, although He is knocking at the door, still many don't want to open, it takes the grace of God for man to open the door. It is not by our strength, it is by His grace, but now you who have received Him by grace, are you willing to let Him remain in your house? This is where the mistake of many comes from. By grace we are saved, but maintaining our salvation is on war. You have opened the door for Jesus, but why won't you let Him remain in you. It's not like you don't want Him to come in, you want Him to come in, but there are forces that have sworn men will never enter into God's kingdom, unless these spirits of sin in you are cut off you cannot maintain your salvation. When a man is repented and saved, his name written in the book of life, but unless he is being delivered he is still bound to sin, though he might not sin, but these properties of sin keeping him in bondage will from time to time pressure him into sin. That's why although some of you have repented you still find yourself going back into that sin which you did before, you don't want to, even after committing such act again, you cry in repentance, but at the end still go back again. This is where the devil hijacks many, after being frustrated, they'll say it's impossible to live without sin, but know this; your brethren all over the world will stand as a judgement unto you, because they have faced even worse temptation and overcame, because they paid the price. No one can overcome sin by his own strength, by your own strength which is your righteousness you'll fail, so the scripture says;. " Our righteousness is like a filthy rag before God," The holy spirit is a spirit of righteousness, and if he abides in you to aid you live a holy life, then your righteousness is no longer filthy, because it is no longer you acting but him in you, God's spirit in you is not filthy. You can struggle to overcome anger by your effort, but because it is not backed by the holy spirit through the word of God, anger will still overwhelm you. But if your effort is on foundation of the word then, surely you'll overcome. There are many who have given up, and there are those who are rising and falling, though they want to live above sin, but from time to time the spirit of sin keeping them in bondage drags them back like a chained dog. The Lord Jesus is calling on those who wants to be saved, this is the age of gospel truth and except you receive the gospel truth in your heart you won't be saved. The only way to be free from bondage of sin is through the word. Jesus said; " I am the way," not a way, He's is the only way, and He is the word, if you don't have the word in you, you don't have Jesus and if you don't have Jesus, then you can't be free from sin. . Deliverance from bondages of sin is like a fish being caught struggling for its life, it's like a man waiting in the waters patiently to catch a required amount of fish for slaughter. These fishes are classified sins. When man is born again he needs to be delivered from sin, if not, he'll go back into his sin. And this deliverance comes only from the word. Anybody that says he is a Christian and does not study the scripture daily is a liar. You have time to feed your flesh why not your soul. As in the illustration, some men were able to catch five fishes at once, and some one, and others nothing, these men who caught five fishes did so because they have the strength and skill to do so, they paid the price to build their strength. But the one who catches a fish and then it slipped off his hands is weak because he lack the strength to do so, how can a hungry man have the strength to grab a slippery fish. The word of God is food for our spirit man growth and strengthening, just as you feed your flesh you also must feed your spirit man, and this is why most people can't overcome sin, because the strength isn't there to resist spiritually. They have starved their spirit man by depriving him of the word of God. God didn't write the scripture so we can cram it and know the histories, He wrote it that we who cannot hear from Him will do, through His written word. That is; as you feed on the word like food in faithfulness and obedience, it becomes a part of you, recreating Christ personality in you, because He is the word. And if Christ dominates your heart, how then can you sin. The path to your victory over sin is right there in the word, why not pay the price to spend time eating the bread of life at the feet of the Father. He that sacrifices more, giving himself to the word will overcome compared to he that gives little time in God's presence. When a man study's the word slowly, attentively and repeatedly in obedience, not to teach or preach, but as food, he can yield the spiritual strength to grab five fishes, which could be anger, lying, fornication, drunkenness, smoking, if he has seven bondages he'll be able to grab five out of it. However, he that gives little time for the word, grows slowly, having the strength only to grab one fish out of the 7 fishes he has. If one of them is to be delivered from sin to manifest the spirit of Christ, who do you think will manifest Christ in time? You now see that man should not live by bread alone, but by the word of God. if you don't feed on the word to build spiritual muscle you cannot live above sin. You won't be able to grab and slaughtered that sin of lust or anger in you, whatever it may be. All that is needed is a pure heart and Faithfulness, because a man who goes to the gym today doesn't build muscle in an instant, it is in his consistency and patience he builds muscle. Today he'll catch one fish, but as he grows, times will come when he'll catch two, until he catches all his fishes and slaughter them. Have you ever wondered why the devil will let you pray, but hinders you from studying the scripture, because he knows the power in the word. He knows that it is the power of God unto our salvation. That's why although you pray and pray, nothing happens why? because no one can pray in spirit except he has the holy spirit which comes only from the word. Without the word you can't have the holy spirit and without the holy spirit you can't talk to God because He is spirit. And so the devil stops and frustrate a man from studying the scripture. When you study the word as a food, it gives you spiritual strength to fight against sin, it gives you wisdom as you grow from child to maturity in Christ Jesus to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of God, to know God's mind and plans. The word delivers, you can confess Christ over and over again, but if the word doesn't dominate your heart, you'll still find yourself walking in sin. We do not preach church, because church will not carry you to heaven, but the spirit of Christ in you alone will. People have been preaching church, preaching doctrine, claiming church and pastor, but where is the difference in their life. They can defend church, okay! fine, you can defend church, come and defend Jesus now, they'll shut up, why? because He is not in them. Repent and go back to the word to have the spirit of Christ, unless you have the holy spirit you are not part of His church, because we children of God are the church with Jesus being the head, not the structure we go in. Go back to the word of God your salvation and spiritual advancement. Also without the word one cannot pray, because the holy spirit is the one that prays in a man born again and if you don't meditate on the word to have the holy spirit how then can you pray. You pray lifeless prayer, because there is no life in you, for the word in personality is Jesus and Jesus is life. How then can you breathe life into a dead plant when there is no life in you, you can only give what you have. Prayer is our artillery, like our Ak-47 and the word of God dominating our heart is our strength, when you fire a gun with heavy recoil and you're not an expert, not having the strength also, you'll shoot and miss, before you shoot your target, he has gotten you already. But if you build yourself in the word, you have the strength to take up the artillery and fire accurately. There's much to say but I'll stop here. In this last gospel age, the word has been made simple for those who are willing to receive. Meditate on the word, then you who says it's impossible to live without sin will give your testimony if only you're willing to pay the price. In summary; To be free from sin Is to eliminate every spirit keeping you in bondage, there are many spirits that keeps men in bondage, as you grow in Christ the holy spirit reveals them. Some are not sinful, but they hiders a man's relationship with God. You can't catch them all at once it takes faithfulness, you catch one fish today, grab it firmly not letting it go and slaughter it, tomorrow you grab another till you're delivered. But, still while some catches other catches and lose their fish, because they don't have the strength to grab that fish and when it wriggles it goes back into the water. A hungry man can't grab a fish firmly, feed your soul with the word for it is gives spiritual strength then, your deliverance from sin will come naturally. How can you fight a huge man when you don't have the muscle for it. No wonder sin beats some people a lot and use them as rags. Remember if the word does not dominate your heart, there'll be nothing for the holy spirit to act on, to remind you of in times of temptation to deliver you.
  17. 1 john 2:15-17 Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world; the cravings of sinful man, the lusting of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does comes not from the father, but from the world. Whatever you spend much time doing, neglecting God is idolatry. We all have heard of idolatry often times, and if we should be asked if we practice it, we would confidently say " No!" but in reality almost everyone does these days, apart from the worship of idol religious people practice, like praying to a cross, to a carved or man made object, there are other forms in which the majority worship idols without their knowledge. It takes the spirit of God in a man brought about by the gospel to reveal that which is keeping him in bondage, because the devil has blinded the eyes of men, making them walk in darkness without realizing it. Walking in darkness makes them stumble due to their blindness which makes it difficult for most of them to follow Christ even when they want to, why? because there is something their heart is still engaged in without their knowledge, chained by this spirit of sin, they rise and fall even when they decide to live a holy life. To be free from every bondage to follow Jesus, one has to first have a gospel knowledge of that which is hindering him from following Christ, you can't actually fight what you don't know. If a rat keeps eating your fish, thinking it was the cat in your house, will you still have your fish when you haven't gotten rid of the real culprit. There are many spirit of sin that keeps a man in bondage, but today we'll be dealing with just one, one which has been neglected by so many, " idolatry." Most people have the spirit of idolatry in them without them knowing, and if you have a trace of the property of Satan in your life you can never, never enter the kingdom of God, because it is the soul that get there, and once your soul is contaminated, you're rejected. The world has been in the hands of Satan right from time, after all God casted him down from heaven, and God allowed him to tempt men in order to select those who can truly reign with Him in His kingdom. The world been in the hands of Satan, ( though the holy spirit still at work, ) has been devised and programmed in such a way by Satan to deceive men into darkness. Just as we advance in technology, the spiritual realm also advances in ways to draw souls into darkness or light. In fact our increase in knowledge is as a result of an advancement in the spiritual. The soul of a man can be chained to three bondage of the devil; the bondage of the world, the bondage of the flesh and the bondage of sin. But I'll be talking about the bondage of the world, since its the most common and idolatry actually falls under it. As I said earlier, the devil has blinded men to think they are walking in the right path when they are not. Although many idols have been destroyed, many alters brought down and many, if told to serve a man made object, would definitely reject it. The devil knowing this has brought idolatry also into the hearts of men by making the things of the world more enticing and desirable, he makes the world more competitive, he makes the world more frustrating so people will give most of their time to making money and other unnecessary things, while neglecting God. Whatever you spend most of your time doing neglecting God, is idolatry, our God is a jealous God, He created us to worship him and when we refuse to give our lives to him in holiness which is our true act worship, when we refuse to give Him our times, we are indirectly giving ourselves to the worship of idols. Take for example; the songs we listen to, God gave man wisdom, to create and advance in knowledge for His glory and for the expansion of His kingdom, but whatever man created, Satan also ues it against him. God gave man the desire to sing melodies unto Him, but Satan, has taken this to his advantage, he created in man the desire to sing songs contrary to God, all of these worldly songs we sing, not only drives us from God but also feeds our soul with spirits of sin, be it anger, lust, most especially. You might ask, what if someone sings a song with no immoral content? yes it is not bad, but know that God created you to worship Him, and so if you spend your time singing songs that are not of God, it takes us far away from the Father, which will make us vulnerable to sin. Is it the movies we watch, there's no movie you'll see these days without a love affair or even worse a sex scene in it. Most of us have even turned to worshipping men, we spend our time studying and bragging about a celebrity, a footballer or let's say a musician. Come to church, no! follow God no! Study your bible no! come to church on time no! but if it is to go for a celebrity's concert, you'll even be there before the stage is set. When are you going to give God your time, the suffering most of us are facing today are not just there by coincidence, they're forged by the devil to engage the hearts of men in unnecessary things like money making, having money is not bad, even scripture say we should find something doing with our own hands, but when you work and forget God, you have given your self to the spirit of Mammon as your idol. Students will spend all their time talking, partying, plotting strategies on how to please a girl or a guy, leaving little time to study, therefore leaving zero time for God. Even some, all they do is study like a machine because they want to have a first class certificate. So many things we spend our time doing makes us an idolater. Check your life properly to see if there is any thing you spend your time doing that makes you forget your God. It has become the habit of young people these days to make gadgets, technologies, their God, they wake up in in the morning the first thing they do is gaming, is it you who has make social media your God, you can chat from morning till night, but when it has come to the things of God, you can't even give one minute. Satan wanted glory for himself and so he rebelled against God, However that glory he was looking for, men are the ones giving it to him. You know when a man sings worldly songs, he is glorifying the devil, or whatever he does that is not of God. All these distraction whatever they are to you, draws you away from God, and if you say you want to enter God kingdom with them, then you're lying to yourself. No one who is bond to the world, who cares about the things of the world, will enter His kingdom. How long are you going to live this way? whatever you do that is not of God is of the devil. In this world there is only black and white, no neutral, if you don't worship God then, you are worshiping the devil. Live as if the world doesn't matter, indeed they don't really matter. This world will pass away like a dream, and all you had, the pictures album you've made making you worship your fake beauty will be gone, you won't take them with you where you're going, if you'll be going to hell, your burnt and decaying body in hell will be worse and whenever you remember your old flesh you'll weep, but those who will enter heaven will forget about the old, because they will be given a glorious body we cannot imagine until we see it, we shall be like Jesus, and it'll look as if this world never existed. This world is just a business ground to make investment for our eternity, what kind of investment are you dealing on? Is it of God for a greater reward or do the devil for eternal condemnation. Be less concerned with the things of the world, and you'll see that you'll walk in the presence of God, with salvation being your reward. The reason why men are too far from God, the reason they can't hear from God is not because God doesn't want to speak to men, it is because they are too engaged in the world. Why do you think we have more of God's general in the past, men who walked the earth in God's power as supernatural beings, they walked the dimensions of heaven on Earth, because they were no longer attached to the world of to the flesh. Those born again, unless you separate from the world and the flesh, you'll leave this world unfulfilled, because God's original purpose for you live will not be established. You should know that every Christian will be rewarded according to how much they invest their time to God while on earth, if you live normal, you'll be a poor man in heaven, but those who did greater things, will be rewarded greatly.
  18. The desire God has for us, is for us all to have His spirit, without this spirit there is no connection between Him and man, our heart is the contact point connecting us to God through His spirit. He desires a relationship with us not only when we get to see Him, but right here on earth. Our relationship with the Father starts here on earth. What He desires should become our desire, just as He desires us to be filled with the holy spirit, so also it should be our desire. But not everybody can attain this desire for it only comes, first; through the washing of the blood, being washed by the cleansing blood of Jesus prepares the way for His spirit to get hold of us. He Desires us to have His spirit, but we can't desire His spirit if we don't have his spirit. There is always a force preventing us from having His spirit, it is in man's heart to following and serve God, but we born into sin in human nature, keeps us bound from doing the things of God, though we were bound in sin right from our mothers womb, it is of no excuse to live in sin, because no power can have complete control over one unless he desires to give himself to that spirit. It is our choice to choose which spirit we would let reign in our heart. God has given us the gospel, there are just so many bill board on the high way calling us to repentance ( I don't mean actual bill boards, ) but we just ignore them. The power to escape from sin is not of ours, but of God, just as we were once sunken in sin by spiritual forces we couldn't deal with our physical strength, we also need the help of our Lord Jesus Christ to free us from these shackles. Therefore anyone who says he overcame sin by his own power is deemed a lair. You can struggle all you want, yet you'll never be free from sin, not until you decided to let go and leave everything to Jesus. Don't think about how to overcome your sin too much, just take it up in prayers with a determined heart and with constant meditation on the scripture. His word is sharper than two edged sword, piercing through heart and soul, the word which is also Jesus in personality, fights off every darkness in our heart, thereby giving us freedom from sin. You'll then realize that on our own strength we can do nothing, but with Christ we are a new creation old things are passed away and all things are become new. All things being new, you won't do the things you do before. So many will say it is hard to overcome sin well, it is impossible with our power, but they seem to be missing that which can finish the job " Jesus Christ." By His grace we are saved, grace saves a man from sin, even in the brink of death, but if we don't fight to keep that which you have received by grace through faith it will be taken away. Many Christians today, not that they want to live a life of sin, but they, neglecting the holy spirit makes it impossible. Anything of God receives attack, the moment you decided to follow Christ you're in for a battle, you need to grow and equipped with the amour of God to fight continuously till the Lord calls you home. Yet, it is unfortunate how most Christian think they know Jesus when they don't, if you know Jesus and you don't know the holy spirit, you don't know Him, and you can't know the holy spirit without knowing Jesus. This is the challenge the church is facing today, not knowing and desiring the holy spirit renders one a babe forever in his Christian life. To desire the holy spirit is to desire more of Jesus, desiring Jesus is impossible without having the holy spirit, and this spirit comes from our constant hearing of the word with our heart, and living in absolute obedience. If you don't find it interesting to meditate on the word a day, if a day passes by without studying God's word and you felt nothing, then you're definitely not a Christian. Not meditating on God's word consistently makes us children who desire only milk, it makes us weak in the spirit, sin or the evil one can toy with such a man anyhow, and anyone who is still an infant, lives a life of repentance all the time, that is; he sins and repent and continue the cycle all over again. He who is mature feeds on hard substance, he meditates on God's word with consistency, Making him invulnerable to sin and darkness. Our spirit life is like a video game where you level up at each level, it's either you level up to beat the boss at each stage or you get a game over. Living a life of holiness is impossible without the help of the holy spirit, everyone knows their weak point, you can overcome all sin, (though not totally free, ) but there'll always be one that is difficult, unless the holy spirit assist you. That's why God sent the holy spirit, the restrainer, when we yield our self to God's word, he gives us the restrainer, to restrain us from all sins. When the holy spirit restrains you from sin, then you'll know that living a life without sin is actually easy and interesting, everyday you emerge victorious from each battle. If I should tell you how to know you have the holy spirit, well, I don't think I can even if i should try, it would talk a lot of write up, ( we do have the fruits of the spirit to tell, ) but one thing the scripture says; 1 John 4:13 " we know that we live in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His spirit." Still the devil has tricked many, deceiving them they have the holy spirit when they don't, some think it is a feeling, others.. well, humans are hard to understand, others think going to church or working for God means they do. The holy spirit can be given by the laying on of hands by an anointed man of God, but only those who truly have the desire to follow Jesus can be given. God's anointed servants knowing this, do so only if instructed by the holy ghost. You too can have the holy spirit if you truly desire Jesus, only if you're willing to give Him your life time. When you've decided to strive, living without sin, Jesus will then help you by asking the Father to give you the holy spirit, the restrainer, His spirit will strengthen and quicken you for the battle ahead and keep you away from sin naturally like breathing, because a life in Christ is not of struggle but of freedom. These might be like fantasies, because of the encroachment of darkness in this world, but if it were not true, if I hadn't experience it, I won't be able to tell you. As time goes on, with your constant feeding on God's word, the bread of life, the spirit of Christ born again in you as a babe will grow into maturity through obedience. Those things you find hard to stay away from, the lord will start taking them away, as long as you don't grieve the holy spirit by doing things he wouldn't want you to do or desiring what he wouldn't want you to. As you grow in Christ through the holy spirit, a time will come when those ungodly things you did in the past will look as if they were never in existence, you'll be marveled saying; " how is it possible i was living this way before, how was I living a life without Christ." Your world turns upside down, it turns opposite, the things you did before, you can't imagine doing them and the things of Christ you never desired, you'll find doing with a continual urge for more. When the holy spirit gets hold of us, he restrains us from doing whatever the Father wouldn't want from us, he teaches us all that is wrong in the sight of the Father, thing you never thought were wrong, he teaches us things that hinders our relationship with God, he shows us mysteries the ordinary man wouldn't know. He does not only restrains us from sin, but he binds us also to the things of God, never letting go off us. When we were once infants in Christ, we weren't filled with the spirit and so we often go astray, but the Father in his infinite mercy is always willing to forgive, because He knows we would come back. But when we are filled with His spirit, He never let go. Any height you attain in your spiritual growth He traps you there until you go higher. Let's say He made you stop listening to worldly songs and makes you sing only spiritual melodies in you heart, He traps you there making it impossible for you even listen to worldly son. He puts in you, that when you don't worship or acknowledge God you'd feel empty, you'll start wondering how empty and void life can be without worshipping God, you'll start wondering how the ungodly live their lives without recognizing God, it will feel like you're an alien from outer space who came to study humans, because you're different. When the holy spirit gets hold of you He never let go, especially, because of the assignment God has in store for you, His purpose for you. He transforms you, even if you're the type who doesn't want to talk about the gospel, he gives you the boldness to defend the faith. Just as the restrainer is here to stay, a time is coming, and is very near, a time when the restrainer will be removed from the world and the world will be plunged in total darkness by the demons of hell. The light of God in the world that illuminates through His children in this world of darkness will be removed. And this will not happen until God's children have been raptured to meet the Lord, for they will not face the trial that will come upon the earth to test all men living in it, the great tribulation. Revelation 3:10 The holy spirit is here to assist us in to live a holy life, and to manifest also, the purpose of God in our lives. A time is coming when men will be given a second chance to chose God just like the Israelites in the wilderness, but then it will be more difficult to follow God, because the restrainer who was always there to help us live a holy life will be taken away. Imagine how hard it is for most people to live a holy life even when the holy spirit is here to stay, how much difficult will it be when He's gone. Don't wait till that terrible time before you repent, you might not have a chance, on that terrible day many will look for the true gospel but won't find it, so many things word can't comprehend will shake the hearts of men in terror. Someone once said this about the tribulation; " All the budget in the world put together will not be able to make a movie like that." Holy ghost convert he hearts of men who are lost and encourage those who are in Christ Jesus, Amen! The holy spirit should be the desire of every Christian because he is the only means of relating with the Father.
  19. One cannot be delivered from the bondages of the world it he's still in bondages of sin, because it takes the spirit of Christ to be delivered from the bondages of the world. And unless a man is delivered from bondage of sin through the word, he cannot have the spirit of Christ. Example of the world's bondages are; ungodly songs, ungodly movies, and so on. All these serves as food to builds the spirit of sin in a man to a giant making it difficult for him to attain salvation in Jesus. Every spirit needs to be fed; the spirit of God, with the word and His spiritual activities, and the spirit sin with it's sinful activities. One who is in bondage does not know he is in bondage, because he has been blinded and educated by the devil, making his bondages a normal way of life. The spirit of sin makes it looks ordinary and normal to such a man. He is like one who is born in a far away village, who doesn't know that beyond the walls lies a great city were life is easy, but still, being blinded by his current situation, he sees it as normal and lives his life with joy even in his bondages. Just as sin is a bondage, there's also a bondage of the world, it is a spiritual bondage that has trapped many today, it is worse than the community immorality we know of, because it keeps even some born again in bondage because it does not look like sin to normal human knowledge except being exposed by the holy spirit. Even if you should tell a man about these bondages of the world it is impossible for him to break free from them, because he must first have the holy spirit, for he is the one who does this deliverance, not the man himself. And that is why, although some are born again, free from bondage of sin but still in bondage of the world, because the sport of Christ has not yet manifested in them to teach and deliver them from that which is wrong. You now see how few will enter the kingdom of God, because there are so many things in this world apart from sin that'll keep a man from God's kingdom, except he's delivered from them he won't enter, because these properties are not of Christ, and anything not of Christ will enter into His kingdom. He that loves the world hates the Father, because the love of the Father is not in him. I am writing this for those who says they're are born again when they're not, this is not for those in sin, because still they won't heed to it. There are many bondages of the world, if you grow in Christ He'll expose everyone of them and deliver you from them all but there is one which is very common holding even the elect back which is " music " I've talked about this before. All these ungodly songs are idolatry, because in it you glorify the devil, you're glorifying a spirit not of God. I talked to some people a time, then the holy spirit taught me that; " You cannot tell a man to be free from the bondage of the world if he is not born again, he must be born again first, not wanting to sin, else he'll see it as nonsense." Anyone who is in bondage of the world is in bondage of sin, because the bondage of the world is under sin, and if it is under sin then you are in bondage of sin also. I have already finished writing this and I've made my conclusion, but I was yet to seal the message. I just want to add this; The holy spirit taught me on the course of writing this; I went outside, and there was a ceremony being held where I live. There was ungodly songs being played at a high volume. My environment wasn't that way before, but when I got out, I could not look left or right, my heart was fixed immediately on prayers, ( you now see why Jesus said we should pray without ceasing, because our enemy the devil is never at rest even for a split second ) the atmosphere was heavy and filled with evil. The song being played was like a beacon, a distress call, and the whole are was filled with evil spirit of sexual immorality in the hearts of men and women. They were walking around everywhere with clothes half naked. I just added this, so you'll know that there is a negative spiritual effect taking place when you engage in the activities of the world. I see so many people who claim being born again but are not, they play worldly songs and then later play Christian songs, when I see them, in me I'll just say " this one's not serious," I don't tell most of them. Like I said recently, there's no point, because they don't have the spirit of Christ. But you who have a portion of the holy spirit, why then do you still give yourself to these thing? Don't you know that they are in conflict with the holy spirit in you. If you still continue to fight the holy spirit in you by giving him what he doesn't want, then surely he'll leave you and when he does that spirit of the world will throw you into sin bringing you back to square one. You cannot serve two masters, it is either you love one and hate the other, if you still find yourself enjoying the music of the world, then you'll never enter the kingdom of God. Unless you grow and manifest the holy spirit, then you'll forever be in your classified bondage of sin denying you of God's kingdom. And this is why I do say at times; " a static born again, one born again who doesn't want to pay the price to grow, but rather maintain his growth without going further is in big trouble," because it's just a matter of time, he'll fall back into sin being worse than before. To be born again is to be born again of the spirit of Christ which we had lost because of sin. And if you say you have the His spirit and still find yourself in the world, know you're just deceiving yourself, because his spirit will only do that which pleases the Father.
  20. Today we'll be talking little on faith, prayers and the heart of man; Prayer can be related to God in so many ways but for this message, we say prayer is what carries our offerings to God. Faith is the substance word of God in a man, invested as a spiritual currency to purchase heavenly resources. The heart of man is the alter of God, the state of the heart matters a lot. If the heart is contaminated with sin, or damaged, it's can no longer be an alter for God. Therefore always take care of your heart, living in obedience to God's word and growing to manifest the holy spirit which is the cleaner who cleanses the heart, the temple at all times of all impurity for God to dwell in. We should know our prayers don't go up to God as words, but rather as offerings of incense to the Lord from your alter, which is your heart, your spirit man. If you don't have the word dominating your heart you can't make a burnt offering to the Lord, because the word is the substance to be sacrificed and the fire to light up the offering is the holy spirit. If you're not grounded in the word to live above sin you can't have the holy Spirit and so when you pray, your prayers are not answered, because there is no fire, no holy spirit to light up the substance, ( the word ) to give the offering, you'll just be living by grace, after all the Lord sends the rain on both the good and the wicked. The more the substance word, the better, the greater the offering. If a man is filled with the word, it's like a a coal stove with much coal in it, when lit by a fire it burns more and cooks faster than a coal stove with few coal, or with one coal which might not light up or cook anything at all. If you can't cook, how then can you eat, or if you cook halfway due to little coal how can you enjoy the food. In the days of old, animal are being sacrificed to the Lord on the alter of God by priests or prophet. The animal represents the substance word of God in a man which is faith, his spiritual currency, if he has a goat, he sacrifices little, but if he has a bull he can sacrifice much. The alter is the heart of a man born again with the spirit of Christ, a holy alter without sin. The fire is the holy spirit, for he is the one that intercede on our behalf, for we do not know how to pray. The prayer we pray is the catalyst, the action to commence the offering. If we don't move and make preparations, no offering will be made, so our job is to move, putting everything in order, and the rest is for the holy Spirit. Prayers carries our offering to God, and the state of your heart matters, only a priest renders offering to God, in other words; only a man born again in the holy ghost can render offering to God, because his heart is the alter of God where God dwells, that is why the prayer of a sinner is an abomination. Thank God the days are gone when God will kill a man for rendering a contaminated offering, the grace of our Lord Jesus has covered that, that's why even if a sinner prays or rather defile God's temple ( his heart ) he doesn't die God only overlook his action ( offerings ). If you want God to hear your prayers, you must become a priest, in other words; you must be born again living without sin, so when you render offering to God through prayers or your act of worship which is your holy life, a living sacrifice before God, He receives it and remembers you and do what you didn't even ask of him. The life of a born again living in holiness daily, is a living sacrifice unto God, his life is a perpetual burnt offering, even if he doesn't pray God is there for him. God rewards only the obedient, because their holy life is an act of prayer, a sacrifice itself. Our offering to God is our heart, it is the substance word of God of faith, first sown as a seed in the heart of a man born again, when this seed is nurtured and grown on a process, through the word ( for faith comes from the word ) it then grows into a substance faith. It's like a man who was given ten dollar, it's not possible for him to purchase any thing higher than what we has, he can't build a house with it neither can he treats his disease or illness with it, nor can he buy an organ to be replaced for surgery, he can't bail himself out of prison when he sins. Unless he invests in that ten dollar on a continual process, daily, every hour, every minute and second he cannot amass great amount of wealth. " Time is money " people of the world will say, but we'll say in Christ; " time is faith, " When I say time is faith, I mean faith is a process to grow the word of God in a man to mature in Christ, for without faith no man can come to Jesus it all starts with faith and until you reach the end of the race you run it with faith investing in it to get more to be able to stand your ground, sustain yourself and defend your position. If you leave it untouched, it might remain stagnant and when something remains stagnant, it becomes rusty, or when the enemy comes to steal from you, you won't have an extra to replace it or you won't have the resources to integrate security measures to prevent the enemy from breaking in, thereby losing your currency and to lose your currency is losing your faith, losing your faith is losing the word of God, losing God's word is losing your spiritual life which leads to spiritual death and if not restored and revived, it leads to eternal death, living in eternal condemnation in hell. If you don't have this heavenly currency which is faith the substance word of God built and grown in the heart of a man, the spirit man born again, how then can you purchase from God. It is the substance word of God in your heart, that is; the amount of faith you have, in measure to the amount of your heavenly currency, you can only make purchase. You can't purchase what you don't have. You cannot save everyone if you don't have enough life to give. Go back to the word and build your faith, it all starts with faith and ends with faith. You have been called to the conference meeting, you were invited to a business meeting by grace, waiting to be given a contract, you didn't find the business, the business company found you, now that you have been called to the table, it is up to you to accept the job with an open heart in willingness to take all the risk and pains to invest in the contract or you walk away, and if you do walk away you'll be replaced. So it is with the Gospel and salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ through His word. You know, the old testament is typical illustration of what God is doing in the spiritual and in the hearts of men in this present age of the holy spirit. Jesus came and made it so, so it becomes easy to have access to God without spending much on physical materials or going the extra mile. Jesus came, so you can just make a phone call with God instead of travelling from one country to another to meet him if He's there. For ones faith to grow he must spend time with God in his word.
  21. Everybody desires the kingdom of God, but only few desire to manifest God to be used for His glory. Manifesting God is manifesting God's kingdom here on earth, it is aligning the spiritual dimensions of heaven with the dimension of the physical. Manifesting God is on spiritual growth, and even as each of us desires to grow to manifest Him, our growth process differs, because the dealings of God with a man is not the same as the other. Everybody faces his own way of growth in God, what you went through, the purpose are similar but the process, that is; God's dealing with you is different. Manifesting God is also being baptized in the holy ghost and achieving this is not just on prayers alone, rather it is on; - knowledge ( the word of God ) - righteousness - obedience Unless we put effort with the help of the holy spirit to live in obedience to the word of God we hear and meditate on constantly, God will not manifest Himself in us. Let's give a simple illustration on how to manifest God or to be baptized in the holy ghost: It's like breaking a wall to cross over to meet God at the other side. Although prayer is like our artillery, our hammer to break the wall, but if we don't have enough strength to break down that wall, it'll surely take time to getting to meet God. The strength to break the wall comes from the word of God dominating us, because the word of God strengthens and it is power. If a man is more filled and super saturated with the word of God, he'll break down his barrier on time compared to another who has little substance of the word in him. Since the day man fell, man has been cut off and disconnected from God, man once had a perfect and intimate relationship with God, but sin has thrown him far away. Glory be to God, our Lord Jesus came that we shall not only receive salvation, but for us who are desires, who are willing to pay the price to journey into God. His original plan for is is for us to be restored back to the original position God created us for. Unless we take on the spiritual course to journey back to were we have fallen. Unless we are willing to obey to the last command, praying without ceasing to be baptized in the holy ghost, forsaking all ambition, nailing to the cross our old way of life to walk the new path of holiness being sanctified by the holy spirit. Unless we live like dead men being dead to the world, giving our all to God, we'll never break that barrier that separates us from God.
  22. It's a spiritual settlement of flesh and spirit. No man can cross into spirituality unless he has dealt with the flesh. The original man is a spirit and being clothed in the flesh he has been blocked from the spiritual, that is: he has been disconnected from the spiritual, because the flesh poses as a barrier, a wall hindering the spirit man from being connected back to God as it was before the fall of man. For a man to be restored to fulfil Gods purpose for his life, he must crush and neutralize the flesh to zero, depriving it of it's temporary pleasures to satisfy the holy spirit in him. It is when the flesh is neutralized for the holy spirit to take over a man can do the things of the spirit without struggle but with enjoyment. There's no praying your way there, you suffer to get there. How do you think Gods generals of old lived their lives, John the Baptist was ordained from child birth, but still he has to suffer in the wilderness so also Jesus clothed in the flesh has to wait thirty years to crush the flesh and spend time with God to grow the sport of God in him, in order to release that which he was sent for. For one to be crossed into spirituality he must be converted to be sensitive to the things of the spirit, that although walking in the flesh, but not bound to it ( this earthly tent ) rather being clothed in the holy ghost. No one can know God except he is spiritual, because God is spirit and except our spiritual senses are activated we cannot walk with Him. Crossing into spirituality is on settlement of spirits, powers of darkness that holds a man captive, and prayer is one of our course of deliverance from the shackles of darkness, praying constantly also journeys us closer to God. For a man to know God and be used by Him he must pray without ceasing to journey into His presence. Except you keep the alter of prayer in your heart burning constantly, rendering offerings to God, he won't come down. However, settlement of spirits through flesh is one thing, but the main hindrance is the flesh. Being in bondage of the flesh hinders a man from being spiritual, although God wants to reveal Himself in man, but the flesh encroaches and suppress the holy spirit in him. Unless we decide to feed the holy spirit more he cannot grow to break forth from this thick shell of flesh. Being in the flesh can also hinders us from making spiritual settlements, because although one might want to pray to overcome spirit and to protect his heart from evil, one might want to be filled with the holy spirit so he can be floatable in the things of the spirit, but due to the weakness of the flesh, there comes interferences. Example sleep. What hinders a man from being baptized in the holy ghost is man himself, although God gives a man born again in the holy ghost the desire to be baptized in the holy ghost through His word, by His spirit, it is however up to a man to decide if he's willing to make sacrifices and suffer the flesh with the help of the holy spirit. The holy spirit helps us in this path, because he knows the will of God for us and so he designs, programs, activities, dealings, burdens, to sharpen is and to build us unto maturity to be baptized by fire. What is it of the flesh that hinders? The issues of life on what to eat and what to drink, the comfort of the flesh, the limitations of everyman carries, it could be sleeping and slumber, worry much about all these hinders us from spending time with God. Man has been limited since the day the first man fell, this causes is to be limited , stagnant ,the holy spirit wants to go beyond our limitations, but the flesh hinders him. Many things limits a man, so we need to pay the price and be converted in order to cross over. Faith is believing in God's word and it is also a continuous process, every second we spend with God, we grow. No one can believe God without the word deposit no in him, faith comes from the word. Believing God is a continual process, every hour, minute and second, and to achieve this is for us to give our life time to God. Only then can our hearts be sanctified, and the spirit of God grows to break forth from the flesh, unless God's spirit in him is grown into a giant he cannot subdue and crush the flesh to zero to be converted and clothed in God's spirit. However, the flesh still stands as a hindrance, that's why only few has been baptized in the holy ghost, we must suffer the flesh and yield to the holy spirit no matter how uncomfortable. Anyone who grows in Christ Jesus is given a revelation, and the revelation given to us affects our vision. If a man is given greater revelation, if he's is sensitive to spiritual burdens, it makes him have more vision to follow Jesus, wanting to know him more, and so with the content of the revelation given to him, it gives him vision of where God is taking him, and that man will do everything and sacrifice all to get there. To be free from flesh is to grow the holy spirit in us, to be free from this shell of flesh, not living again to the flesh but by the spirit, being dominated and shielded in God's word, we should be soaked in God's word to let his spirit possess us that we shall no longer be the one living, but God acting in us according to his for His purpose. We need to destroy as we build, in doing this, we deny the flesh of it's pleasures and comfort, substituting it with the word of God and prayers constantly and engaging God's spiritual activities like evangelism, but mostly: the word and prayers, because both of them can't go alone. Prayers clears the way out, but God's word gives the strength to empower and break through mush faster. All these destroys the flesh to build the spirit of God in us.
  23. This is the prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ desires us to pray; " A prayer to be filled and grow in the spirit " This is what He wants from us, not our selfish prayers that demands God of blessing to killing bones enemy. All things God does according to His will if only you walk with Him. But why do you always want to receive and never give? God's children, living always, a holy life without sin don't have to pray for blessings because they themselves, their life is a prayer, a sacrifice unto God, they themselves arena blessing. When you live a holy life before God, your life already is a fragrance offering filling the throne of God, now tell me if God will not do anything for you even if you don't ask for it. God's presence abides with His children, always, watching over them, but the ungodly he turns his face away. The only reason the ungodly still receive blessing is because of His grace after all He said ' doesn't the rain still fall on both the righteous and the ungodly. Many of pray, and make demands, because they can't see God, if they could see God face to face, they won't make such demands they're making. They shout here and there, jump up and down, scattering everywhere, if they stand face to face with God, not even face to face, but to come to realization of who God is, they'll humble themselves and ask from Him, " Lord, what will you have me do? " Many can't pray scriptural prayers, they can't remind God of His word, because they don't have the word, God's word isn't dominating their heart. Sin does not let man have a real relationship with the father, he makes request with fear, how many can boldly remind God of his word, for example; " Lord, surely you said; ' no bones in my body shall be broken, " ( Meaning; all that you've put under my care as shepherd, none shall be lost ) How many can say; " Blessed is he who hears the word and obeys them, for he shall be blessed in all thy ways," or " For you who have loved righteousness and have hated evil, I shall set you above your companions," " you shall prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy," because a sinner is an enemy of God. They can't remind God of these word, because they know deep down in their heart, they're corrupted, it is the spirit of God in you that removes every fear and reminds you of the words of the Father and even things He has not said. If you can't boldly remind Him of His word, it shows that sin lies in the depth of your heart. It's like a thief telling God that all thieves shall perish when he himself is a thief, fear won't let him say such, and the prayer of a sinner is an abomination towards God. Live in obedience to His word, automatically and naturally He'll grant your heart desire for the glory of His name. Pray to grow in the spirit to know God more, not only about your stomach. It is good to pray about other things, but do not neglect your dying soul, do not neglect what God wants you to do for His kingdom. Roman 12:1 " Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer you bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual act of worship." You cannot become a sacrifice without living a life without sin. Don't say its impossible, that's what the devil will always say to keep men in bondage, you have not yet struggled with sin to the extent of shedding your blood, you don't have any excuse.
  24. Last time we talked about prayers, and now we are still talking about prayers as a continuation from last message. We talked about; he that prays, and He that prays in a man, what kind of prayers we should offer, we gave some definitions on prayer and today well be talking more on these definition of prayers for it is our main purpose for praying. Today, people pray and pray, lacking knowledge of why God wants us to pray, we focus more on our fleshy and material desires, when there is a place God wants to take us, " the spiritual realm." God is spirits and except we possess the spirit of prayer ( the holy spirit ) we go nowhere. I can recall, we've talked about this before some time ago under prayers, but still it is the word of God and we will talk on it again for the word giveth life and what is a man if he is dead on the inside. Every word is given for our spiritual growth, it is not for joke or for formality, it is a priceless treasure, most of us treasure other things like our gadgets, jewelry, even pictures stored in our memory cards, but I tell you if you don't treasure the word of God now that it is closer to you, a time of famine will come when you'll look for it and you won't find. Prayer as a journey to God, prayer is a communion with God, but have you ever asked yourself this? " This God you're talking to, have you ever heard Him talk back to you," Is not like He doesn't want to, in fact He is always speaking to us, but the fall of man has cut us off from His presence making us unable to hear from Him. As God once walked and relate with Adam at the garden, so also He wants to speaks to us, what kind of Father doesn't relate and tells his son about his business. But sin has driven us far and that is why we need to start again, being born again of the spirit of God which we had lost. Born again is fine, but unless you pay the price to grow you'll never hear from God and relate with Him as a son, and your duty as a son in the house will never be known to you. Though God has been speaking, but we can not hear, because we are too far from Him, well only very few of us are close, some of us a bit close, many are too far. How can you hear someone calling out to you from Africa without a telephone when you're in Europe, it's not possible. That's why we have prophets today, not false prophets, but men who have paid the price to hear God. When God speaks they hear and then delivers to those who doesn't hear, they are like delivery men. The Lord sends a package and they are the ones to deliver it to us. However, how long are you going to be a recipient and not that post man, being baptized in the holy ghost is not only for specific people, it is for all who are in Christ Jesus, because that is God's original plan for us here on earth, to hear from Him and carry out His project assigned to each of us, not just to enter the Kingdom, but to have a relationship with Him. Any man born again has been assigned a project by God to be completed, but how can you complete your project when you don't have the complete blueprint. To hear from God is not for everybody, because though some are born again they feel they're okay the way they are, they want to maintain a Christian life which is indeed dangerous, because if you don't grow, surely you'll be brought back to sin, but a man who pays the price to grow, goes far and reaches the Father. No one can hear from God if he's still in sin. He that maintains his spiritual growth in Christ in one position, in time will fall, how? There is no such thing as a normal Christian it's either you go forward or you fall backwards. It's just like a man standing on a rickety bridge with an heavy weight, if he doesn't go forward, surely in time the bridge will come crashing down, but he who moves forward will cross over. Desiring to hear from God is not just our desire, in fact no one can have the desire to hear from God if it doesn't comes from the holy spirit. There comes a time when a man has grown in Christ to live without sin, the holy spirit then puts in him a new desire to make sacrifices in order to be restored back to the original position God has made him for. It is God's original plan for us to be restored to that relationship which we had lost, so we can expand his kingdom. No man can thread this path if he still has sin properties in him, only those who have paid the price and are sanctified by the holy spirit can walk this path, for God is holy and we should be holy as He is holy. He wants to make His home in our hearts, but our heart are too dirty, even if just a speck of dust is found, He won't come in. Many doubt it is impossible to hear from God, thinking you must be called, well even those called still paid the price to maintain that which they have gotten, like Paul. Some do desire, but with empty words, because the spirit that drives a man unto God isn't there. However you who still desires are you ready to war, are you ready to lose your life to gain it, are you ready to deny yourself of everything and sacrifice your time for God, be it your food, because spiritual men don't eat anyhow, is it your friends, your daily activities that eats away God's time for you. It's like being a pregnant woman, you mind whatever you do, wherever you go, you are careful of that which you're carrying inside of you, if not you'll have a miscarriage. Unless your heart is sanctified you cannot hear from God. How is sanctification; sanctification is a two man game, a man play his part by denying himself of all things, which is his righteousness ( effort ). It is then however, by your righteousness your heart is judged by the holy spirit to see if he'll move you farther spiritually, because he is the one that sanctifies the heart in preparation for the Lord to come in, if you're not paying enough price, hell leave you there and find a replacement, you need to become a dead man to be called by God, you must sacrifice your Isaac. Only those called by God, are highly recognized in heaven. And thus, sanctification is on prayers, pray without ceasing as the apostles did, I don't mean praying with you mouth, I mean praying with your heart constantly, our heart is too porous, you hear things the holy spirit in you don't want to hear, you see thing the holy spirit don't want to see, and unless you constantly clean your heart through meditation your heart will become too dirty for the Lord to enter. You must constantly sanctify your heart in hymns, psalms, spiritual songs and in prayers as the word says in; Colossians 2:6-7 " let your heart overflow with thankfulness," Even just the word " thank you Jesus!" is a prayer, because you are conscious you are talking to God. Prayer is being conscious of God, whatever you say to God in consciousness of Him from your heart by His spirit, through His word in you, are prayers. Whether you say in your heart these words; " lead me not into temptation,' ' take more of me, give me more of you," Even the name " Jesus " alone is enough, just constantly in your heart, soon you'll get to God. Prayer is talking to God, prayer is walking with God, when you walk with Him, His glory in your life will continue to expand. Prayer is our journey to God, when you pray constantly in your heart, you journey to Him and the more you pray without break in your heart the faster you get to Him. It's just like two vehicle journeying to same destination, one stops frequently to take break along the way, because of the long journey, legs gets cramped, backs aches and all, but the other vehicle decides to take no break at all till she gets to her destination. Figure out yourself which one will get to her destination first. You now see how it is, meditation of heart that is; praying without ceasing is our only way to God, it is the key to journey unto God, in order to hear from Him. Like i said; the journey is long, causing body aches all over, so it is also with sanctification of heart, you must endure it till the end, you must be crushed ,broken and remolded It is not an easy journey it's on price payment, you deny yourself of most things in life, yielding your heart in obedience to the holy ghost. Whatever your activities, you involve God, whether you're reading your book, you sing spiritual melodies also in your heart, whether you are watching a movie, talking or walking, you keep your heart busy with God in prayers. Keep your heart occupied, until it is occupied by God completely He won't reveal Himself to you. It is difficult at first, but the Lord is always watching to see if your heart is genuine, if you are genuine then he'll step in and snatch you by the hand when you're drowning, just like Peter. However no can thread this path without the holy spirit in him, because he is the one who gives the desire and sustains a man in the journey. You who are in sin and want to hear from God repent from the depths of your heart to be born again of the spirit of Christ, when you have grown to overcome sin, at first your desire will be to enter God kingdom, but when you have grown higher then His spirit is being made manifest, He gives you the desire not of the kingdom, because your name is already written there, but the desire to hear from God, to be baptized in the holy ghost to established God's kingdom in the hearts of men, and breaking down every encroachment of darkness. Such a wonderful and glorious life to hear from God directly, you know where to go, because He tells you where to, you know what to say, because He speaks to your heart audibly on what to say, you can preach the gospel to every man, because He knows the hearts of men and he reveals them to you in other to save him, if He says " drop your career and follow me," you'll do it, because you know the one who is speaking to you, what a life. No man can get there without laying down his life ambition, and surrendering to the purpose of God for his life. People just go on evangelism without hearing from God, how can you convert when you don't know the problem of your patient, how can you treat diarrhea with malaria drug, but if God speak to you, He speaks to you what to say to administer the right treatment. That's why people preach and not convert at times, in fact these days sinners go on evangelism. One who is filled with the holy spirit lives a life without sin, because Christ in personality has dominated his heart. Some will say all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God misinterpreting the scripture, yes all have sinned. However you who have sinned, Christ went on the cross to delivers us from the jaws of sin and curse of death, are you willing to pay the price to be without sin. He died that we might receive his spirit to be like the Father, when one is tagged a sinner and he is delivered from sin, remove the word sinner, what then is he called, how can you call the spirit of Christ that lives in a man born again and delivered from sin a sinner, then you tagged Christ a sinner. You say this because you have tried and gave up on overcoming sin, but I tell you, there are people who have done worse things and overcame. They will stand as a judgment to you. If you're still in sin, go back to the word don't just confess by mouth, but go back to the word for without it you cannot have the holy spirit to live without sin. You want to hear from God, do you think God will speak to a sinner, if no man is without sin then no man will enter into he kingdom of God, for nothing of sin will enter. You who is filled with the holy spirit, pay the price then, be dead to the flesh, deny your worldly friends, better a man in Christ with zero friends than a man in the world with multitude, chew on the word like grass that it shall become a part of you. The more the word dominates your heart, the more your become spiritual, the more your are strengthened and when you journey into God's presence by meditation, you go fast faster like a jet engine However, if the word is not dominating you, you'll move with a bus engine and before you know it, before you reach God your life on earth is over when people has already gotten to God ever since, because of the price they paid. A bus engine is cheaper than a jet engine, but he that puts his hand to the plough, sold himself, paid the price and bought the jet engine will in the end see the glory of God revealed in his life.
  25. Years after years people keep making promises of change in their lives, but in the end it always come to nothing why? Because their promises are not of God, but of the flesh and of the world, and anything of the world and flesh is not of God, what is not of God cannot last or come to fulfilment. These days people make resolution in their businesses, change in budgets, change in personality, change in pleasures, change in so many things. Yes, it's good to change for the better, but as long as God is not involved in your change, all you're doing is just in vain, because no matter a man change without the help of God, the devil will still be in control of his life. He'll keep on repeating the same cycle over and over again. Here's the funny, thing, it's a pity though, men makes plans as of they're God, they have God so far thinking they don't need God. Many have planned and failed, many have planned and died without fulfillment. In all this we come to our consciousness and say; " it is by the grace of God, if God wills, we will do so and so in days to come." The only way to be sure your plans will succeed without risking your life is only through Jesus, because the moment you give your life to Him he draws out a new plan and purpose, and as long as you live in obedience you will never leave this world until His purpose for your life is fulfilled, no matter what the devil say, I am writing this to you as a living proof of God's love for his own. We have made lots of plans and vows, where have they gotten us. Only vow to live in obedience to God's word. To those who have the desire to follow Christ and are living in absolute obedience, i congratulate your faith, and I pray your faith will not fail, because faith is of man's heart. Our heart is the only thing God is interested in, the belief in our heart, without faith no man can please God, if your heart is not right before God, if you're still double minded, God will never be pleased. Obedience in Christ is not an easy task to complete, it requires sacrifices. Obedience is sacrifice, sacrifice is love, when you love God you sacrifice freely to please Him, whatever it is that is not pleasing to Him, you sacrifice, for His pleasure. The way to the kingdom of God is not of eating and drinking, only the fiercest soldiers can scale through, not the weak and fearful. A soldier always yield to last command to matter the situation, his personal choices and opinion doesn't count he just follows orders, that's the life of a Christian. The moment I declared I don't care of this world anymore and what my future holds, that was the time I found true peace in Christ Jesus, and that was also the time he gave me what I had always wanted. And till this day I still thank him for letting me go through all that trouble and discipline because if I hadn't, I wonder what kind if life I'd be living, a life without Christ. Every soldier must be disciplined, if not he'll be weak in time of war. Obedience in Christ Jesus is the only way to scale through every warfare unscathed. A song writer once wrote; " Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus , but to trust and obey." Without him your ambitions and achievements on earth will be a miserable one. The only true and original ambition of a man, is an ambition that never perishes, the purpose of God in a man's life for His kingdom.
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