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  1. This is the prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ desires us to pray; " A prayer to be filled and grow in the spirit " This is what He wants from us, not our selfish prayers that demands God of blessing to killing bones enemy. All things God does according to His will if only you walk with Him. But why do you always want to receive and never give? God's children, living always, a holy life without sin don't have to pray for blessings because they themselves, their life is a prayer, a sacrifice unto God, they themselves arena blessing. When you live a holy life before God, your life already is a fragrance offering filling the throne of God, now tell me if God will not do anything for you even if you don't ask for it. God's presence abides with His children, always, watching over them, but the ungodly he turns his face away. The only reason the ungodly still receive blessing is because of His grace after all He said ' doesn't the rain still fall on both the righteous and the ungodly. Many of pray, and make demands, because they can't see God, if they could see God face to face, they won't make such demands they're making. They shout here and there, jump up and down, scattering everywhere, if they stand face to face with God, not even face to face, but to come to realization of who God is, they'll humble themselves and ask from Him, " Lord, what will you have me do? " Many can't pray scriptural prayers, they can't remind God of His word, because they don't have the word, God's word isn't dominating their heart. Sin does not let man have a real relationship with the father, he makes request with fear, how many can boldly remind God of his word, for example; " Lord, surely you said; ' no bones in my body shall be broken, " ( Meaning; all that you've put under my care as shepherd, none shall be lost ) How many can say; " Blessed is he who hears the word and obeys them, for he shall be blessed in all thy ways," or " For you who have loved righteousness and have hated evil, I shall set you above your companions," " you shall prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy," because a sinner is an enemy of God. They can't remind God of these word, because they know deep down in their heart, they're corrupted, it is the spirit of God in you that removes every fear and reminds you of the words of the Father and even things He has not said. If you can't boldly remind Him of His word, it shows that sin lies in the depth of your heart. It's like a thief telling God that all thieves shall perish when he himself is a thief, fear won't let him say such, and the prayer of a sinner is an abomination towards God. Live in obedience to His word, automatically and naturally He'll grant your heart desire for the glory of His name. Pray to grow in the spirit to know God more, not only about your stomach. It is good to pray about other things, but do not neglect your dying soul, do not neglect what God wants you to do for His kingdom. Roman 12:1 " Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer you bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. This is your spiritual act of worship." You cannot become a sacrifice without living a life without sin. Don't say its impossible, that's what the devil will always say to keep men in bondage, you have not yet struggled with sin to the extent of shedding your blood, you don't have any excuse.
  2. Last time we talked about prayers, and now we are still talking about prayers as a continuation from last message. We talked about; he that prays, and He that prays in a man, what kind of prayers we should offer, we gave some definitions on prayer and today well be talking more on these definition of prayers for it is our main purpose for praying. Today, people pray and pray, lacking knowledge of why God wants us to pray, we focus more on our fleshy and material desires, when there is a place God wants to take us, " the spiritual realm." God is spirits and except we possess the spirit of prayer ( the holy spirit ) we go nowhere. I can recall, we've talked about this before some time ago under prayers, but still it is the word of God and we will talk on it again for the word giveth life and what is a man if he is dead on the inside. Every word is given for our spiritual growth, it is not for joke or for formality, it is a priceless treasure, most of us treasure other things like our gadgets, jewelry, even pictures stored in our memory cards, but I tell you if you don't treasure the word of God now that it is closer to you, a time of famine will come when you'll look for it and you won't find. Prayer as a journey to God, prayer is a communion with God, but have you ever asked yourself this? " This God you're talking to, have you ever heard Him talk back to you," Is not like He doesn't want to, in fact He is always speaking to us, but the fall of man has cut us off from His presence making us unable to hear from Him. As God once walked and relate with Adam at the garden, so also He wants to speaks to us, what kind of Father doesn't relate and tells his son about his business. But sin has driven us far and that is why we need to start again, being born again of the spirit of God which we had lost. Born again is fine, but unless you pay the price to grow you'll never hear from God and relate with Him as a son, and your duty as a son in the house will never be known to you. Though God has been speaking, but we can not hear, because we are too far from Him, well only very few of us are close, some of us a bit close, many are too far. How can you hear someone calling out to you from Africa without a telephone when you're in Europe, it's not possible. That's why we have prophets today, not false prophets, but men who have paid the price to hear God. When God speaks they hear and then delivers to those who doesn't hear, they are like delivery men. The Lord sends a package and they are the ones to deliver it to us. However, how long are you going to be a recipient and not that post man, being baptized in the holy ghost is not only for specific people, it is for all who are in Christ Jesus, because that is God's original plan for us here on earth, to hear from Him and carry out His project assigned to each of us, not just to enter the Kingdom, but to have a relationship with Him. Any man born again has been assigned a project by God to be completed, but how can you complete your project when you don't have the complete blueprint. To hear from God is not for everybody, because though some are born again they feel they're okay the way they are, they want to maintain a Christian life which is indeed dangerous, because if you don't grow, surely you'll be brought back to sin, but a man who pays the price to grow, goes far and reaches the Father. No one can hear from God if he's still in sin. He that maintains his spiritual growth in Christ in one position, in time will fall, how? There is no such thing as a normal Christian it's either you go forward or you fall backwards. It's just like a man standing on a rickety bridge with an heavy weight, if he doesn't go forward, surely in time the bridge will come crashing down, but he who moves forward will cross over. Desiring to hear from God is not just our desire, in fact no one can have the desire to hear from God if it doesn't comes from the holy spirit. There comes a time when a man has grown in Christ to live without sin, the holy spirit then puts in him a new desire to make sacrifices in order to be restored back to the original position God has made him for. It is God's original plan for us to be restored to that relationship which we had lost, so we can expand his kingdom. No man can thread this path if he still has sin properties in him, only those who have paid the price and are sanctified by the holy spirit can walk this path, for God is holy and we should be holy as He is holy. He wants to make His home in our hearts, but our heart are too dirty, even if just a speck of dust is found, He won't come in. Many doubt it is impossible to hear from God, thinking you must be called, well even those called still paid the price to maintain that which they have gotten, like Paul. Some do desire, but with empty words, because the spirit that drives a man unto God isn't there. However you who still desires are you ready to war, are you ready to lose your life to gain it, are you ready to deny yourself of everything and sacrifice your time for God, be it your food, because spiritual men don't eat anyhow, is it your friends, your daily activities that eats away God's time for you. It's like being a pregnant woman, you mind whatever you do, wherever you go, you are careful of that which you're carrying inside of you, if not you'll have a miscarriage. Unless your heart is sanctified you cannot hear from God. How is sanctification; sanctification is a two man game, a man play his part by denying himself of all things, which is his righteousness ( effort ). It is then however, by your righteousness your heart is judged by the holy spirit to see if he'll move you farther spiritually, because he is the one that sanctifies the heart in preparation for the Lord to come in, if you're not paying enough price, hell leave you there and find a replacement, you need to become a dead man to be called by God, you must sacrifice your Isaac. Only those called by God, are highly recognized in heaven. And thus, sanctification is on prayers, pray without ceasing as the apostles did, I don't mean praying with you mouth, I mean praying with your heart constantly, our heart is too porous, you hear things the holy spirit in you don't want to hear, you see thing the holy spirit don't want to see, and unless you constantly clean your heart through meditation your heart will become too dirty for the Lord to enter. You must constantly sanctify your heart in hymns, psalms, spiritual songs and in prayers as the word says in; Colossians 2:6-7 " let your heart overflow with thankfulness," Even just the word " thank you Jesus!" is a prayer, because you are conscious you are talking to God. Prayer is being conscious of God, whatever you say to God in consciousness of Him from your heart by His spirit, through His word in you, are prayers. Whether you say in your heart these words; " lead me not into temptation,' ' take more of me, give me more of you," Even the name " Jesus " alone is enough, just constantly in your heart, soon you'll get to God. Prayer is talking to God, prayer is walking with God, when you walk with Him, His glory in your life will continue to expand. Prayer is our journey to God, when you pray constantly in your heart, you journey to Him and the more you pray without break in your heart the faster you get to Him. It's just like two vehicle journeying to same destination, one stops frequently to take break along the way, because of the long journey, legs gets cramped, backs aches and all, but the other vehicle decides to take no break at all till she gets to her destination. Figure out yourself which one will get to her destination first. You now see how it is, meditation of heart that is; praying without ceasing is our only way to God, it is the key to journey unto God, in order to hear from Him. Like i said; the journey is long, causing body aches all over, so it is also with sanctification of heart, you must endure it till the end, you must be crushed ,broken and remolded It is not an easy journey it's on price payment, you deny yourself of most things in life, yielding your heart in obedience to the holy ghost. Whatever your activities, you involve God, whether you're reading your book, you sing spiritual melodies also in your heart, whether you are watching a movie, talking or walking, you keep your heart busy with God in prayers. Keep your heart occupied, until it is occupied by God completely He won't reveal Himself to you. It is difficult at first, but the Lord is always watching to see if your heart is genuine, if you are genuine then he'll step in and snatch you by the hand when you're drowning, just like Peter. However no can thread this path without the holy spirit in him, because he is the one who gives the desire and sustains a man in the journey. You who are in sin and want to hear from God repent from the depths of your heart to be born again of the spirit of Christ, when you have grown to overcome sin, at first your desire will be to enter God kingdom, but when you have grown higher then His spirit is being made manifest, He gives you the desire not of the kingdom, because your name is already written there, but the desire to hear from God, to be baptized in the holy ghost to established God's kingdom in the hearts of men, and breaking down every encroachment of darkness. Such a wonderful and glorious life to hear from God directly, you know where to go, because He tells you where to, you know what to say, because He speaks to your heart audibly on what to say, you can preach the gospel to every man, because He knows the hearts of men and he reveals them to you in other to save him, if He says " drop your career and follow me," you'll do it, because you know the one who is speaking to you, what a life. No man can get there without laying down his life ambition, and surrendering to the purpose of God for his life. People just go on evangelism without hearing from God, how can you convert when you don't know the problem of your patient, how can you treat diarrhea with malaria drug, but if God speak to you, He speaks to you what to say to administer the right treatment. That's why people preach and not convert at times, in fact these days sinners go on evangelism. One who is filled with the holy spirit lives a life without sin, because Christ in personality has dominated his heart. Some will say all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God misinterpreting the scripture, yes all have sinned. However you who have sinned, Christ went on the cross to delivers us from the jaws of sin and curse of death, are you willing to pay the price to be without sin. He died that we might receive his spirit to be like the Father, when one is tagged a sinner and he is delivered from sin, remove the word sinner, what then is he called, how can you call the spirit of Christ that lives in a man born again and delivered from sin a sinner, then you tagged Christ a sinner. You say this because you have tried and gave up on overcoming sin, but I tell you, there are people who have done worse things and overcame. They will stand as a judgment to you. If you're still in sin, go back to the word don't just confess by mouth, but go back to the word for without it you cannot have the holy spirit to live without sin. You want to hear from God, do you think God will speak to a sinner, if no man is without sin then no man will enter into he kingdom of God, for nothing of sin will enter. You who is filled with the holy spirit, pay the price then, be dead to the flesh, deny your worldly friends, better a man in Christ with zero friends than a man in the world with multitude, chew on the word like grass that it shall become a part of you. The more the word dominates your heart, the more your become spiritual, the more your are strengthened and when you journey into God's presence by meditation, you go fast faster like a jet engine However, if the word is not dominating you, you'll move with a bus engine and before you know it, before you reach God your life on earth is over when people has already gotten to God ever since, because of the price they paid. A bus engine is cheaper than a jet engine, but he that puts his hand to the plough, sold himself, paid the price and bought the jet engine will in the end see the glory of God revealed in his life.
  3. Years after years people keep making promises of change in their lives, but in the end it always come to nothing why? Because their promises are not of God, but of the flesh and of the world, and anything of the world and flesh is not of God, what is not of God cannot last or come to fulfilment. These days people make resolution in their businesses, change in budgets, change in personality, change in pleasures, change in so many things. Yes, it's good to change for the better, but as long as God is not involved in your change, all you're doing is just in vain, because no matter a man change without the help of God, the devil will still be in control of his life. He'll keep on repeating the same cycle over and over again. Here's the funny, thing, it's a pity though, men makes plans as of they're God, they have God so far thinking they don't need God. Many have planned and failed, many have planned and died without fulfillment. In all this we come to our consciousness and say; " it is by the grace of God, if God wills, we will do so and so in days to come." The only way to be sure your plans will succeed without risking your life is only through Jesus, because the moment you give your life to Him he draws out a new plan and purpose, and as long as you live in obedience you will never leave this world until His purpose for your life is fulfilled, no matter what the devil say, I am writing this to you as a living proof of God's love for his own. We have made lots of plans and vows, where have they gotten us. Only vow to live in obedience to God's word. To those who have the desire to follow Christ and are living in absolute obedience, i congratulate your faith, and I pray your faith will not fail, because faith is of man's heart. Our heart is the only thing God is interested in, the belief in our heart, without faith no man can please God, if your heart is not right before God, if you're still double minded, God will never be pleased. Obedience in Christ is not an easy task to complete, it requires sacrifices. Obedience is sacrifice, sacrifice is love, when you love God you sacrifice freely to please Him, whatever it is that is not pleasing to Him, you sacrifice, for His pleasure. The way to the kingdom of God is not of eating and drinking, only the fiercest soldiers can scale through, not the weak and fearful. A soldier always yield to last command to matter the situation, his personal choices and opinion doesn't count he just follows orders, that's the life of a Christian. The moment I declared I don't care of this world anymore and what my future holds, that was the time I found true peace in Christ Jesus, and that was also the time he gave me what I had always wanted. And till this day I still thank him for letting me go through all that trouble and discipline because if I hadn't, I wonder what kind if life I'd be living, a life without Christ. Every soldier must be disciplined, if not he'll be weak in time of war. Obedience in Christ Jesus is the only way to scale through every warfare unscathed. A song writer once wrote; " Trust and obey, for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus , but to trust and obey." Without him your ambitions and achievements on earth will be a miserable one. The only true and original ambition of a man, is an ambition that never perishes, the purpose of God in a man's life for His kingdom.
  4. When one is served a delicacy, he calls the waiters attention on how to get the best out of it, if he hasn't tasted it before. He takes his time, eating slowly, savoring every delicious taste of it. He finishes it with an hunger for more, he gets another plate full, and another, till he is satisfied. However, when a dish is brought before him which he has no appetite for, he rushes over it, devouring it quickly, just to fill his stomach and get out, or rather still, though he is hungry, he refuses to eat. So it is with the word of God. Those who are led by the spirit of God, those who are elects of God, always spend time in the word, because it is food to their spirit man growth, they free their heart, asking the holy spirit for interpretation of the word, they meditate on it slowly, attentively and repeatedly until they are saturated in the word. They settle down and let it digest properly, letting it become an integral part of them. On the other hand the simple, not having the spirit of God, will rush over it just to acquire knowledge, mere history, instead of the power thereof, while the lost will just toss it aside not giving even the slight attention or interest towards it. In all this, we come to a realization that; only those who have the spirit of God, studies the word twice or more times daily, if they don't, they won't feel alright, they'll feel something is missing, just as you'd feel when you miss your meal. If you don't have this hunger for the word, know this then, that you don't have the spirit of God and no man will enter God's kingdom without His spirit, because it is your train ticket to God's kingdom. If you want to have this spirit of Christ, you must have a free heart gotten through genuine repentance, and meditation on the word of God, living in obedience, not cramming it to preach or for knowledge, no! but, for your spiritual growth, then you'll testify of the power of God through the word in your life. The power that delivers a man from his classified bondages of sin. The Chef, The Delicacy, The Waiter The Master chef: he prepares the food perfectly for the food critic, the food is served, by the waiter, though the food is perfectly made, it is up to the food critic to decide if it meets his standard or not. - The master chef, is God - The food prepared, is the word of God which in personality is our Lord Jesus Christ - The waiter is the holy spirit, for he is the one who delivers the food. In simple term, God and the word which is Jesus Christ and the holy spirit are one, they all work together without confusion, but God is the one who gives the go ahead even though they walk with one mindset. God sent the word ( Jesus Christ, ) and in this age of the holy spirit, the holy spirit's Job is to deliver the word to us for our salvation. We are the food critic, we have the right to reject the food even though it is perfectly prepared, that is; we have the choice to reject the gospel and consider it rubbish or accept it and consider it good for our salvation. However, most of man kind turned out being the evil food critic. The chef ( God ) spent his time to prepare the food of life ( the word ) for our benefit, but with our wicked heart we labeled the food rubbish, tossing it aside and went after that prepared by the evil one, because it looks appetizing and sweet to the eyes, lacking knowledge that though sweet in the mouth it'll turn sour in the stomach leading to their demise. God has every right to deal with the food critic as He pleases, why? Now tell me, if you're a chef, you did a fine job preparing a delicacy, and than at the end the food critic said it is rubbish, though you might prepare some extra delicacy to see if he'll change his mind, but still if he doesn't, the chef might end up going berserk and do something dangerous to that food critic for insulting his work. How long are we going to live as the wicked food critic, who, although knows what is right but, still calls it wrong. The word is being served to you every time, but still you tossed it on the floor rendering it rubbish. I tell you, though the chef has longsuffering, for his patience is for our salvation, a time will come when he'll shove that food down the food critic's throat bringing him judgement, and then skewer and roast him in the oven.
  5. Anyone who says God's children doesn't face hard times in life, well, you should know such person is saying nonsense, there is no such thing as a life in Christ Jesus without trials, even Jesus taught us so, for each day has enough trouble of it's own, it might not be actual trouble, just things to test your faith, but we fret not, for through His faith we are kept strong till our final day on earth. Now a days many prefer being lazy Christians, they want an easy life, yes everyone wants an easy life, but an easy life in Christ is always accompanied with trials and these trials are also the root of our joy, our testimony in Christ Jesus. These trials are there to support us, to make us know where we are coming from, who brought us out and where He is leading us to, they're there to build in us, a more intimate relationship with God. Many wants to preach blessing and prosperity without teaching how to receive and live with the giver of all these. And when you don't have Jesus in your heart, whatever blessing you receive is from the devil and it'll never last, it'll bring you more pain in the long run, while the sufferings for Christ comes with peace, such that the world cannot give. The suffering of others increases day after day, because they have forgotten the reason for their creation, they have forgotten who created us and neglected have Him, because they thought they can do everything on our own. The sufferings people face today are numerous be it; sickness, poverty, frustration, depression, just name it, but all these are of one cause " sin." When a man sins against God, God turns His face away from him, leaving to do as he pleases, and he doesn't just do as he please he does the will of his father the devil. The world is in great peril today not because God wants it to, he is never happy about it, but turning away from Him, He has delivered men unto the hands of Satan to bring sufferings upon them, these sufferings He gave men into, aren't just there to make him suffer, but that they should realize that there is a God who can deliver them from that which is tormenting them, only if they can surrender their hearts back to Him in sincerity. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, weak or strong, as long as you don't have Christ you have an unnecessary burden to carry in life, making you have no peace, no matter how rich one can be, he can be plunged with deadly or incurable diseases, he can go bankrupt immediately no matter how much wealth he amasses, no matter how far you succeed in life, finish from the best university in the world, attain one of the highest position, God can send you crashing to the ground just to make you remember Him. Whether you are a celebrity, it doesn't matter, everyone have that which is troubling them, and the worse that can ever happen is refusing to change at the end and winding up in hell. The sufferings of the wicked will cause them to perish, only if they decide to remember their God ( God calls them wicked, because anyone who does not do His will is His enemy ). The sufferings of others brings nothing but unnecessary pain, a hymn writer wrote these words; " oh what things we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear, all because we don't carry everything to God in prayer." Some people will call suffering " hustling " thinking that, at the end when they get to the top they'll tell of their past, well call it whatever you like, it doesn't matter as long as you don't stop cursing God by continually living in sin. If you don't realize your suffering is to make you remember who you've forgotten, then you'll continue suffering and suffering, even when you get to the top, a new grade of suffering will come, as you level up, a new boss of suffering will be there waiting. A prophet once said; " even though you have all the money, instead of spending them, they will spend you, because you'll spend it all on things you don't want, like; sickness, debt and son on." God uses the worst possible scenario, be it prison, or death of someone close to us, to punish us, all for us to go back to him. We humans are just like the Israelites, the cure is very simple, turn back to your God and He'll remember you and take away your burden. But the world is so filled with evil, the hearts of men have been corrupted by evil to indulge even more in it, they'll say; " If you aren't smart you can't survive in this life." This life is just a passing through, all of the sufferings you are going through, they all direct and dictates your path and where you'll end up, in hell or in God's kingdom. And when you've depart this world it'll look as if this world didn't exist, then you'll realize they're all vanity upon vanity to determines where you'll wind up. 1peter 2:8 " They stumbles because they disobey the message, which is what they're destined for." The lord punishes us when we go astray, not because He is wicked, but because He created us to become His sons, and in other of fulfill that, He makes us face despair until we come to our sense. The Lord discipline those He loves and punishes those who are His sons. He punishes those who are in the world to call them back, but for those who are born of God, He chastises, He disciplines, why? Because we are children. Once a child, we need to be disciplined, a child can't grow on his own, because he has little sense of the world around him, and so it is the duty of the father to discipline him when he is going astray, these discipline are not to punish him, but to keep him on the right path. Most Africans, their father has disciplined them in one way or the other, to keep us in the path they thought was right for us, even if they were wrong at times, but all the same, when a child is disciplined by the father no matter how many times, the child doesn't hate the father, but still runs to him. He might not see the result of his discipline, but when he has grown, he will not depart from that which he has gotten from the father. Our earthly parents disciplines us for their own good and we respected them for it, how much more should we submit to the Father of our spirits and live! As i said, a man born again, is a child spiritually and so he need to be disciplined, he need to be taught and guided by God, that when he has grown to become a son to inherit from his Father he will be fully grown having knowledge of that which pleases the Father, he will never be able to depart from the ways of the Father, he lives and does everything to please Him. Still a child, no matter his discipline, can still see the father as wicked and go the wrong, path, this is where the Antichrist comes from, for they were from amongst us. The Antichrist we see today are not unbeliever, but people who have tasted of the spirit of God and has fallen astray, oh! how difficult it is for them to turn back to God. Not being able to face God, the devil then uses them to fight against God's kingdom, this is were all sort of false doctrines and false teachings came from. A Christian faces difficulties in life not to frustrate him but to build a closer relationship with God and to prepare him for the things ahead God has in store for him, for he will not take you to a new height when he hasn't prepared you for it. God might discipline us children in so many ways based on the height of our faith, based on how much we have grown, it might be to humble you when you're become proud, just like Paul, it might be taking away all your wealth, to make you realize He's the one who gives and takes, He might stop you from going far in life for some a while, until you come back to Him so that His true purpose for your life will be fulfilled, and His true purpose for us to be closer to Him, so we can work and strategize with Him for the expansion of His kingdom. Take my life for example, sometimes when i do look back, i always thank God for making me write college entrance exam five times, if he hadn't stopped me for five years i wouldn't be where i am today in Christ Jesus. I wonder what would have happened to me. At first I decided to follow Him out of fear of death, ( because gospel bring judgement ) I did try, but for years i went back into the world. It was until I got to my finals in high school, i had already planned my life, " since i am intelligent, I'll get into college in one shot," I thought. But since I wasn't following Him, He stopped me for five years until i came to my senses. The moment i decided it doesn't matter whether I fail ten times, I'll get a side job and still live for God, that was the moment He gave me admission into college. He did it in a way that I'll be able to tell that He's the one who did it, and that he has a purpose planned, designed and orchestrated for me, not of the ambition of this world but for His kingdom. And now i can boldly say; i am of Christ, living a life without sin and doing the biddings of my Father. You know some time later I met a girl in school who came to preach to me, she told me her story. All that happened to her, the exact details, birth, time and year, when we decided to follow Jesus, how she was disciplined, was the same as mine, exactly the same, every detail, the only difference was that she is a lady and i am a man. You now see how the Lord works for our salvation to bring us back to Him so we can become His vessel. As we grown in Him, He'll always discipline us according to our faith, so we can have knowledge of that which pleases Him and live a holy life for Him, readying to carry out the assignment He has for us.
  6. I thank God for those who are born again in the holy ghost, and I thank God for those who are recently born again. By grace you were called, and on maintenance of that which you have been given, you're still standing, just as a man is born again, he is born again first as a child until he endures to the end where salvation lies to be filled with the holy spirit he cannot be born again in the holy ghost. A born again in the holy ghost is a holy spirit directed life, he teaches and guides you, and gives you the desire to be more like Jesus. Those born again in the holy ghost are those who can beat their chest and say; " He that is born of God cannot sin because God's seed remains in him. " However, those who are born again as a child in the spirit might lose their stand if there are not faithful and watchful. A man born again as a child needs to grow to defend himself, if he remains a little child in the spirit any that comes his way he won't be able to overcome, there is a grace that covers him, but when that grace or anointing expires he'll fall back to sin. It’s like a hen nursing her chickens, if all the chickens follows the mother about under her protection, and one refused to follow, a time will come when the mother hen will focus more on the others. When a man receives Jesus there is an anointing to enable him nurse that which be has been given but if he refused or if he is unfaithful when that anointing supporting him expires the evil one will snatch him away. A born again can still fall if he doesn't build and equip himself spiritually, if he doesn't put on the full amour of God, because there are spiritual energy or forces of evil that will converter to breach that man's barrier to get his heart, and this barrier is the word of God deposited bin a man born again, God's word is our shield, and as a shield it's being attacked day after day unless you fortify this fortress, by repairing damages and by strengthening the barrier even more by feeding on God's word, when the spiritual energy of sin break through, that man is gone. Salvation is the freedom and deliverance of the spirit man from bondages of sin. Salvation as a freedom from sin, frees man from sin, yet that man has not yet attain salvation, because his wounds has been healed already but the scars are still there, this man can fall anytime if not careful, unless these scars has been removed on deliverance by the delivering power of the word he cannot have salvation on a firm foundation. With this illustration you'd know why some born again have fallen away; Sin is like an injury, it is indeed a wound to the spirit man. When a man is in sin, there are damages that has been caused as a result of the sin he was in bondage to, these damages or winds causes an ungodly to remain in sin, because his spirit man has been wounded and there not strong enough to come out of sin. When a man recieves Jesus to heart, Jesus the master healer, heals all his damages and wounds through the word. This man becomes healthy spiritually to follow Jesus. However although his wounds has been healed, there lies scars gotten from his injury, these scars stands as an identification to spirits of sin reminding them of what these man has done in the past. It is like a uniform worn that attracts spirits of sin to him, because he is still carrying their property. Let's say he was bound to lust, though he has been treated of his wound, but as long as the scars are still there spirits can see it as an identification that he was once in lust. As a result This man might not live in sin but he'll struggle to live a holy life, because as long as that scar of lust or uniform of lust is there, they'll converge trying to breach this man's barrier, if he doesn't strengthen barrier on time, he'll be invaded by lust and thrown back to captivity of sin. He has to go back to the surgeon ( Jesus ) to remove his scars, he has to go back to the word of God, spending time in God's presence living in obedience His every word in order to strengthen his barrier. As he abides in God's presence, he is shielded in God's glory, he is shielded in God's fortress until the surgery is completed and the scar erased. It is when these scars are erased a man is delivered from sin to live a holy life freely and naturally without struggle. Why? Because he no longer has an identification of sin in the spirit realm, when spirits of sin sees him all they see is light, the glory of God, even the spirit of lust that once held him bound won't be able to identify him because he is now a new creation. This is the reason why many are pressured by sin, because although they have been treated, yet, not healed of their scars. Spend time in God's word to heal the scars in your soul, unless you do this you'll never be delivered to receive salvation. You'll continue to build and destroy, it's only a man that lives a life without sin by the holy spirit, the Lord invest in because he knows he won't lay to waste what He has invested in Him.
  7. God told Abraham to count the stars, he tried, but he couldn't for they were many. We have billions of stars let alone in our galaxy. God promised Abraham, that his offspring shall be numerous as the stars, God was not referring to his blood line descendent as some of the Jews still believe they are today, but He was referring to his children, the children of God born of faith. Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness, he was the father of faith. We became children of God by hearing and accepting the word of God in our heart through faith by His grace. Being an offspring of Abraham isn't something acquired naturally through birth, it is given to you spiritually through the cleansing of the blood of Jesus. No one complained before birth, neither did anyone choose which family he would be born into, so we had no choice there, but being born as an offspring of Abraham, that is being born of God is of choice, it is up to you to decide which family you'll be registered into. So many have counted themselves unworthy of entering God's kingdom, but whether you like it or not this earth has been existing for over 4.5 billion years, and humanity has being in it for millions of years, just as the word of God to man is millions of years old. Billions of people have died, and billions of people have gone to heaven, mostly through infancy death, through those who became a law for themselves, ( that is; they haven't heard the Gospel, but still lived a righteous life, ) and also through salvation. If you think hell's population will be more than heaven think again, because some have formed a habit of thinking " at least I won't be the only one in hell, my friends will be there too." Must you follow them, it's not a place you'd want to go, don't see it first before you come to your senses, even if only one person will be qualified to enter heaven, be that one man. God knows us even before the beginning of time, He foreknew us, and since he knew us already, since He knows those who shall be saved, He predestined to do greater things for Him, and those who are not of Him, though he is still calling out to them for He wants no one to perish, he gave to the devil. Christ came in flesh and blood, and died on the cross for our sins, that we might be saved, and His grace which has been, before the beginning of time was revealed through His resurrection from death, that we who are lost might be saved by His grace. By his grace we are saved, being saved by grace is one thing, but that's not enough, we need to do our part by working out our salvation in fear and trembling, because a slight mistake or change can send us crashing to the ground. Even as we keep an upright life, not living in sin which is our work, our righteousness. He then gives us His spirit to strengthen and guide us that we shall not struggle to live a life without sin, but that we shall live freely and naturally in Christ Jesus, for he has given us freedom, those who are filled with the spirit will understand what it means to live without struggle with sin as if it doesn't exist. Still many will make excuses, saying: " it's impossible to live a life without sin," yes! the world today is full of sin wherever you go, whether you live as a hermit in the mountains, you can't even run from it, because it is in your heart that sin is generated, only if God's word lives in you then, can you live without sin. Satan has come up with many ways to keep people chained in sin, scientist would say this and that, like; it good to use sex protection, some will say sex or masturbation relieves stress, because of these excuses men gave themselves to sin, to the pleasures of this world with a continual lust for more, being blinded from the fact that; the penalty for sin is death both spiritual and physically and eternal condemnation. For this reason God made Jesus the righteous, perfect judge, over all, He sent Jesus not only to save us, but to bring judgement, for Jesus said if we haven't heard His word we wouldn't have been judged. You have no excuses for living in sin. Jesus came in flesh and blood, and suffered in the flesh as you have suffered, He was tempted and has faced every temptation of the flesh you're facings today, don't say it's because he came from heaven, no! he was born of woman like you so you will have no excuse. And Satan knowing that man is prone to sin decided to tempt Jesus, but Jesus rebuked Satan the third time to show us that, we too can overcome temptation through Him. If you resist the devil he'll flee from you. Have you ever tried to resist the devil or you just simply give in when ever he comes. Once lived as man in the flesh, Christ suffered and died on the cross, paid the price for our sin, that we shall make animal sacrifices no more, but through his blood that cleanses every heart who chooses to follow Him. Having once walked in flesh and blood He understands our sufferings, and was appointed judge by God over all to show mercy and faithfulness, He intercedes on our behalf, because He knows what we are going through in this world of sin. Only He the high priest can sympathize with us. And through his blood, He made us part of God's covenant with Abraham that we shall be His offspring and inherit his blessings, for through Abraham, his offspring shall be blessed. Through His blood, Jesus made us His brothers, and as we are His brothers, we also are sons of God. Being sons of God, in time, He shall put everything underneath our feet, everything, and we shall reign with Him over all he has created, even His angels who are serving us as ministering spirits. Hebrew 2:18 " Because He himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted."
  8. Matthew 21:12-13 " Jesus entered into the temple and drove all those who were buying and selling. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling dove. ' It is written,' He said to them; " my house will become a house of prayers, but you have made it a den of robbers." The age of the past, is indeed a much better time than now, I mean: if you take a look at the past, the gospel we are enjoying and benefiting from today, came with much impact from the people God used in that era, I'm not saying God isn't using people mightily today. Let's go back in time a little bit, the time of the law, before Jesus Christ, even still in the time of Jesus, it was the duty of every Jewish Father to educate their sons, in the teachings of the law. They all took the laws and the book of the prophets to heart, although it had a side effect, ( of course the devil will always find a side effect in what ever God establishes in man ) because when a man thinks he is wise and has knowledge of the scripture from beginning to end, he becomes full of himself, not keeping the law to heart, but to memory, causing him to be full of pride. Such a man thinks is a chosen one better than others, thinking he is without sin, when indeed pride is a sin which can also lead to diverse sins. As you can see the relationship between the Pharisees, Sadducees and Jesus. And God said; 1 Corinthians 1:19 " I'll destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate." True wisdom of God's word comes only from the holy spirit which God has deposited in our heart through His word. Without the Holy spirit in us, we do not know Jesus, yes, you can say it with your mouth and even in tears, but if you don't have the holy spirit, you don't know Jesus and He doesn't know you, because He gives us the spirit as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come. It is our trademark. Jesus Christ died that, that which the Father has promised those who believe in His name will be poured out on them, which is the holy spirit. The Father has poured out His spirit, and is at the door of every man's heart, knocking, but the question is, will you open? Only those who are willing to take up their cross everyday and deny themselves and follow Jesus will receive His spirit. Just as the holy spirit comes, so also a time is coming when he will leave this earth. It's painful to know that the Holy spirit has been around, but only few seems to have notice of his presence, also it impossible for the world to accept him, because they don't know him. It is the handy work of the prince of this world actually. As long as the kingdom of darkness has been established on the earth for a short while, the prince of this world has the power and has staged and program this world, the activities of many with lots of distractions so that they can't have the spirit of the God in them. It's up to us to decide which government well bend our will to. God is not forcing anyone, He gave us free will, we aren't robots, it's the requirements for Him to know those who are qualified to rule and reign with Him in His kingdom. whether you like it or not, no matter the multitude rushing into hell, still God will take more to His side, He's not a loser, that He'll lose a gamble the devil tried to play. Just don't be among the ignorant. It's just like when a driver is driving on a bridge, and then he notice a safety sign saying; " bridge under construction," he won't drive on into his death, would he? only if he's foolish or has a death wish. Our hearts has become so busy today that we don't have time for God, man has advanced so much in knowledge that they think don't need God Anymore, they can solve their problems on their own, we who are suffering in our defective and poverty ridden country, we also don't have time for him, we become so busy looking for money, looking for pleasures to kill away our pain only for a short while, forgetting that God word said; " He has the time set for men and the exact place in which they shall stay, He did this so that all men will seek Him." people don't go to churches again, on a Sunday you'll see people selling as if God is not the provider for them, and even we church goers, not born again, but church goers, we still patronize and encourage these people to sell on a Sunday by buying from them, if everybody decided not to buy on a Sunday, do you think you'd see any shop open, but funny enough, if it's a day of festival, all shops will be closed. We do seem to forget, that we should seek God first and all other things shall follow. Jesus entered the temple and found people buying and selling. To put in Human understanding; the word of God ( Jesus ) has been moving to and fro looking for a free heart to rest, but when He comes to His temple which is your heart ( the spirit man ) will He find a place to dwell? Because our heart is the temple of God, when He comes and finds out you have turn it into a place of buying and selling, into a den of robbers, a heart full of sin, what do you think He would do, do you think He'll enter? You who have desecrated his temple. God said; 1 Corinthians 3:17 " If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred, and you are that temple." When are we going to let Jesus into our heart and ransack every buying and selling of sin and worldliness taking place therein? The devil has infiltrated so much and has turned the hearts of many into house of buying and selling, into a world trade center. He comes in with lots of merchandise for sale be it rage, anger, lust, lying, disobedience, drunkenness, and so on. Most Christians today, I mean church goers think they're following Christ when they're not, they think going to church will automatically write their name in heaven, the devil has made their hearts busy with the things of the world, things like, the ungodly songs of the world, the unfruitful things they engage themselves into, spending too much time on businesses, education, irrelevant chatter with men, there are so many, anything that'll make you spend less or no time with your Creator. Jesus wants to come with the Father and make His home in our heart, but we just wouldn't free our heart, that's why we can't hear Him. God created man for His pleasure and also for service, this is our main purpose on earth. How much time do we spend with God? have we ever picked our Bible? have we ever prayed? how often do you pray? because He said pray without ceasing, how often do you worship him, when he said; "speak to one another in hymns, in psalms, making melodies in your heart." This shows we should praise and talk to God always in our heart, even if we are having conversation with someone. If only we can obey what we hear. If we can praise God in our hearts when we are speaking to someone do you think you can insult someone or get angry, because you are conscious of yourself, you can't actually say thank you Jesus and you're insulting your neighbor at the same time, you can't actually worship him in your heart and at the same time plot evil or have grudges against someone. Once our heart has become so busy, that we don't have time for God, then we can't pray and when you can't pray, the enemy strikes, not your flesh enemy, because we wrestle not against flesh. This is why we suffer today, we don't have time for God and when we are faced difficulties we complain that God is wicked when we are the ones who drove him away. That doesn't mean if you're born again you won't face trials and difficult, know that if you do, and you will, its only for your strengthening because God approves of it, just as he did Job. A song writer wrote the song: Don't allow the things of this world take you away from God's hands. Atlas you hear a voice saying " i know you not." Let's examine our lives and pray that we shall be filled with the holy spirit, that the holy spirit should reign in our hearts and flush away every buying and a selling taking place therein, in Jesus name Amen!
  9. How far are you will to go? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to sacrifice the pleasures of this world and follow him? Are you willing to sacrifice your life on His behalf? Yes, I should talk about those who haven't received Christ yet but, what of you who says you've received Jesus, what is your stand? Are you really sincere? Let's say you were sincere, how are you living this new life? Are you really committed do His will? Or are you still struggling with sin? Surely you can drop every sin, but every man has a weak point where Satan uses against him, have you discovered your Achilles's heel and fought against it with the word of God, how many times do you feed on God's word per day? Because, we should know that it is not in our power to overcome sin, our power to overcome comes from the delivery power of God's word in us. That is; Christ in us, because He is the word of God. John 1 In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God, The same was in the beginning with God, all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made, in Him was life. ( in the sentences the word " word " was expressed, replace them with Jesus and understand it better ). This is a spiritual age and those who worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Being born again is not just a declaration, you've confessed, fine, but what have you done to defend your faith, are you still living in sin, rising and falling, saying: " Eh... Is by his grace, he'll understand." Mind you, " Shall man continue in sin that grace may abound." And anyone who is born of God does not sin, because His seed remains in him. This seed is the gospel, the word of God sown in a man's heart, when a seed has been sown, it has to be nurtured to grow into a tree. Been committed to live for Jesus always, this tree matures and bears fruits of the holy spirit. Salvation is total commitment to Jesus, if you truly want to follow Jesus, you don't just stop at been born again, it's more than that, you need to have a burning desire for the holy spirit, a desire to be baptized in the holy ghost, to be filled with power, to know the mind of God, His purpose and blue print for your life, to hear from Him more distinct and clearly. Any one born of Christ has the spirit of Christ in him, but that is different from being baptized in the holy ghost, when you're filled with the holy spirit God speaks to you through your heart, and he also reveals Himself to you through other means, but being baptized in the holy ghost, this is a different level, you're transformed into a spiritual being, you operate in the spirit, and then you walk with God, He speaks clearly to your hearing, where He says you go, you go, if He says don't go out, you obey, He guides your every step and tells you the reason. This is the desire or a true child of God, to have this intimate fellowship with God, to relate with him like He did with man in the garden of Eden, and like He's still doing today to those who have given their all to Him. How do you know you have this desire driven by the holy spirit? Your desire to listen to the true gospel whenever it's preached, you don't need to ask, the holy spirit tells you which one is true or false, your spirit won't agree with a wrong message because light and darkness can't go together. You have desire to study is word daily to be more like Him, desire to pray occasionally at all time. Though it takes consistency, for Jesus told his disciples Acts 1:4-5 " Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about." Wait, don't go out until you receives the holy Spirit baptism, for John baptized with water, but in a few days you'll be baptized in the holy ghost." It is when you have this baptism by fire, you have the holy spirit guiding your every path and putting words in your mouth to speak, you have boldness and courage to proclaim His gospel with power and authority, even in the midst of lions. This was why, though the disciple weren't afraid when they were baptized in the holy spirit, immediately they went out with boldness telling about Jesus. Let us pray that we'd be given the desire and also guided by the holy spirit to yield our heart in obedience to be baptized in the holy ghost, because it's not just something you pray for, sacrifices are made also in obedience to the dealings of the holy spirit with you. It is the desire of true sons of God, even Jesus said: " pray that you receive the holy spirit." Let he that think he's standing, let him stand firm, lest falls. And when we've done everything to stand and have being baptized in the holy spirit, we shall walk with him, you'll hear from Him every day, the day you don't hear from him, you know something's wrong. How many of you have this desire? I pray God gives us the strength to do what it takes to get that spirit, what a wonderful experience it will be.
  10. Anyone who's afraid to die at any moment, is not worthy of entering the kingdom of God, because deep down his heart he knows he won't enter God's kingdom. There is a spirit of fear in a man caused by sin, that whenever he's faced with death or thinks about death he becomes afraid. Because even though he has convinced himself of entering heaven, that spirit of sin in him will automatically make him afraid and ponder in fear and anxiety. No man born again in Christ is in bondage of fear, because fear is not of God and he has given us a spirit to live not again in fear. Unless a man is consumed and soaked in the word which is Jesus he cannot be free from fear, except a man has faith he cannot be free from fear. Faith comes from the word, without receiving Jesus as your Lord and savior with a broken and repent heart of godly sorrow and also; maintaining your salvation, and building your faith in God's word you can never be free from fear. Our faith is built on a daily basis on God's word, it grows second as a seed grows into a tree every second, if you leave it dormant, it remains dormant till you tend to it, and if you don't tend to it, it withers. A man soaked in the word has more faith than one who doesn't spend time in God's word, such a man also has more faith than he who studies he word for knowledge rather than feeding off it. The word is not to be stored as knowledge, when you have understanding of God, you'll know that spending time in the word is spending time in God's presence, and when you do His glory will overwhelm you, you'll be infused with His spirit to become more like God. When born again, you'd want to enter heaven by all means, every born again has this experience. The day they realize they're filled with the holy spirit to live without sin, they'd Wish for the Lord to take them home instantly, they'd wish to sleep and not wake up. But Jesus will say no! you can't die. We were selfish out of ignorance, if we had died who will do the work of the Father. The scripture says; if a man is born again his days shall increase, this means; he is given a new life, a new life to fulfil the purpose of God bringing him here, and we all have one purpose for the expansion of God's kingdom. It's not all about our physical ambition that'll perish in time, our physical is just there to sustain the flesh that carries the soul which does the work of the Father. Those who are saved and are now born again in the holy ghost, filled with the holy spirit are given a new life that desires not to enter the Kingdom, but with a burden on what they can do to expand God's kingdom. This is a holy spirit journey, and the holy spirit from time to time teaches, guides and directs them what to do. The path to be ordained by God to fulfil His purpose and calling in our lives is not on grace, it is based on the dealings of the holy spirit with man. His dealings with every man is different, but the goal is the same, taking over territories of darkness and expanding God's kingdom. You only have to yeild in obedience to the holy spirit, just as there is an obedience to God and our Lord Jesus, there is also an obedience to the holy spirit. If you disobey or delay, you'll delay God's calling in your life. If you follow him in faithfulness, yielding your heart to His every dealings, you'll be increased in rank and drawn closer to God. The more you increase in spiritual rank, the more he gives you more price and sacrifice to pay to break the flesh, to be converted and reconnected back to God. It's when you are reconnected back to God you're then given the complete blue print of you life, to carry out God's project. It is when you have the complete blueprint you'll know if you're to be an Apostolic prophet, apostolic evangelist, etc. God will reveal Himself to you and tell you what to do. Everything starts with faith, but fear kills faith, unless you build your faith, your coming here is useless, that why we have to point this out. This is our true journey with God. To receive the blueprint of life so we can carry out His project.
  11. A time I was meditating and then the holy spirit reminded me of what someone quoted to me from the scripture; " the righteousness of men is like a filthy rag in the sight of God." Though what the person said to me was right, but in the end, he was just quoting the word without understanding the power thereof, simply put, though she has knowledge of the scripture, she was just quoting it as ordinary words, mere literature to suite her desire. The righteousness of men is a filthy rag before the sight of God, it is indeed true, but there is an in depth meaning to what the Lord meant, that is why we do not study the scripture with our own knowledge, but with a free heart without sin, before the presence of God, asking the holy spirit to teach us the word so the mysteries of God will be made plain in our hearts. With this, the scripture was inspired by God through his servant, that the learned men of the world won't have an understanding of it, but only those who truly seek and diligently follow him. There is a righteousness that is filthy and that which isn't; The righteousness of a simple man ( sinner ) and that of a child of God. The righteousness of a sinner struggling to overcome sin is filthy, but that of a man born again, standing firm, unwavering in Christ is not filthy in anyway, it is holy and a fragrance offering unto the Lord. By our own strength we cannot be saved, never, anyone who says he is saved by his strength is a liar, though you my try to stop a sin like lying or masturbation, by your strength you subsided for a week or two, thinking you've won, but lacking knowledge that the devil is lying in wait, so when you think you're victorious, he'll pounce on you like a wild beast stalking it's prey, and that which you said you overcame you'll find yourself even worse than you were before. if you masturbate once a week, you might end up graduating into five times a week. By our strength no one can be saved, so that we would not boast of our righteousness, but by only through the grace of Jesus we might be saved, not we are saved, but we might be saved. Knowing this, the devil as sly as a fox, came into the hearts of men who are weak in spirit, who do not want to pay the price to follow Christ, he deceived men making them think that, by grace we all are saved because Jesus has already died on the cross for our sin, and so they continue in sin that grace may abound. But i tell you the Lord shall not contend with man forever, when your grace expires and you refuse to repent, He'll cut you off and toss you into the unquenchable fire. Most people no longer preach the truth today, they preach words to pamper the hearts of men keeping them in their bondages of sin. The gospel came to set man free from his bondages of sin and the only way, is for him to receive it. For the gospel has been crying out from the wilderness searching for who is willing to receive, but the way to the wilderness is patchy and rough. Everybody hears, but majority won't go into the wilderness in search of who is crying out, only the few who desires to see who is that crying out might receive him. They changed their direction in search for the word, though the path is rough and thorny, making it difficult for them to go through, but by grace the way was made clear in order to find the voice crying out. This means; although everyone has been hearing the word for too long, but are to busy wallowing in the pleasures of sin, not wanting to sacrifice their pleasure to attain true life, because they want an easy life, but the end is destruction. However, those who heard the word and try to overcome sin by their own strength, they repented and became born again, but still struggle in their sin, because of their own strength, they say they won't lust, but in time they went back to their vomit, though they don't want to. Many of them have become tired and have given up, those who gave up are those who say it is impossible for man to live without sin, not remembering the word that says; " he that is born of God cannot sin, because God's seed remains in him." But those who still press on, are given grace, and empowered through the word to overcome sin to live life of holiness. And they'll give the testimony; " Glory to God, I was once drowned in sin, but by His grace I am saved." Only those who persevere to the end are truly saved by grace, so they won't have to struggle over sin. But those who gave up, my friend, if you think grace is covering you, you're deceiving yourself, the only grace covering you is grace that you will not die in your sin giving you chance to repent. This grace also expires. Unless you put effort which is your righteousness to obey the word and with prayers, can you truly become saved by Jesus. Though you might be struggling in sin but a work is being done in your heart through the word without you knowing. Meditate on God's word in obedience for it is the sword of the spirit that destroys every darkness from the hearts of men. And when that work is done, suddenly you'll realize that you're no longer bond to sin. It is then you'll know that one who lives a holy life, live such life naturally without the struggle of sin. Then you can be sure of your salvation. If I should ask many if they know where they'll end up if they die now, surely many will say I'm not sure, why? because of sin living in them. Still some ignorantly would say I not going to hell even if it's obvious that's their destination. However we should know that just as there is a righteousness of a born again there is also a righteousness for a Christian given by the holy spirit. Now if you're saved by grace you should know that the way to the kingdom is on war, the evil one won't let you walk away freely, he'll try to get you back. After all a runway slave, though he ran away, but still possesses the brand of old master. His master will do everything to get him back, even if it means killing him. That is how it is with our spirit man warfare. Though you're called into repentance by grace, escaped from your former master, but still have not done what it takes to make you a freeman, because you're still carrying his brand. When one is saved from sin, there are still property of that sin he is bond to, though he doesn't indulge in that sin anymore, but since he is carrying that brand, his former master still chases after him with hunter dogs. The slave master takes his dog and give the command, go! sniff him out, after all he's still wearing my cloths, he has not had his bath, it'll be easy to find him. Unless you settles that which you carry, unless you change your clothing and take your bath you'll be sniffed out and if possible torn to threads. The slave master is the devil, these dogs are his demons tracking and luring men into various sins, these dogs Sniff's out that property of sin a man is carrying, though he is free, but he's still wearing that cloth that reeks of sin. Though he has settled physically by running away, he also need to settle spirituality by taking off every property of sin he's still carrying through the delivering power of the word and prayers. It is through this that righteousness of a born again comes to play. It's not like God is not seeing your struggle He knows, but He did allowed this to see those who are truly for Him. This is when those who say by grace we are saved, wanting to live an easy life, are not really serious, because when the trials and temptation comes they'll be torn to threads. Anyone who says the path to the kingdom is easy is a liar, do not be deceived, fight to overcome, anyone who does not suffer and deny his flesh is not worthy of the kingdom. If you want to kill an animal for a feast and finds it on the lose, won't you do everything to catch and kill that animal, so it is with the devil, he won't let you go scot free, unless you run faster than he can catch you. Righteousness is your effort applied to maintain your salvation and grow in Christ. The fight to remain and grow in Christ has many stages and Bosses, no boss in your stage is stronger than you only if you don't prepare, if you beat him, you gain more power and progress to the next level, it goes on and on until the Lord calls us home. Everyday we fight to attain victory, and a time will come when you'll no longer desire the kingdom for you know your name is already written, rather what you'll desire is to establish His kingdom here on earth to bring soul unto him. Search you heart to know that which is trying to corrupt your heart, then pray to fight that spirit, is it the spirit of lust, lying, stealing, command that spirit to get out of your life through prayers, and don't forget the word, because if you don't have it in you, which is life, your prayers will have little or no effect, the word and prayer cannot walk separately. The more you chew on the word the more you deliver weighty prayers. After you've done everything to stand, stand firm lest so you won't fall. When you have fought the fight, taken off the clothes of sin, the dogs will come to a stop seeing it on the floor, and Pursue you no further. Though you have taken off your clothes and shackles, unless you take your bath, they can still sniff you out before you get to the slave trade Abolisher. They might catch up to you, but with the new strength you have attained you can beat them up and escape from temptation, but they will still come again, this time with more men, and unless to put more effort, take your bath ( sanctify your heart ) and get to the slave trade Abolisher to register you a delivered man, free from the bondage of sin they'll track you down and finish you off. When you become a free man, you're not only free from your sin, but also you'll be made anew, to become a slave trade Abolisher to save others. One can receive Jesus on repentance to be free. However there are still works to be done to be delivered from the bondages of sin so he can live a holy life naturally without struggle against sin. It is then we come to the sanctification of hearts by the holy spirit to purge us of all impurities, that our hearts will become a dwelling temple for the lord to be used for His purpose as fishers of men. Sanctification is another aspect of the gospel, which will take time to explain, but he who overcomes sin will be filled with the holy spirit, he will teach him what is right and wrong in other to be used and carry out his duty as a son in the family of God.
  12. He that has repented from the depths of his heart, having remorse towards his sinful life, not going back to his old ways, is he who is born again. To be born again is to be born again with the spirit of Christ. It is a change of identity from the uniform of darkness unto the uniform of light that is the spirit of Christ. You know some people will say things to comfort their heart to continue in sin, they will convince themselves that it's impossible to stay without sin, because they are not serious to pay the price to receive salvation. And anyone who says he's born again and still fall back to sin from time to time is not genuinely born again, he is just deceiving himself. If it were so, that all born again sins everyday, then nobody will enter into the kingdom of God. It's just an education of the devil, even the devil can quote the scripture, but the only difference is that there is no life in what he is saying but only to deceive men. It is good to be born again, by grace we have heard the gospel, we are called to repentance. Being born again is a mystery let alone to God, but the process is not. Being saved by grace is like this; It is like an empty bucket which is our heart waiting to be filled, for every gospel you hear by grace is a water being poured into the bucket, the bucket is not yet full that's why were still living in sin. As you hear the word of God from his vessel, in accordance to the extent of their holy ghost anointing, to that extent the word can fill your heart. That's why when a prophet of God gives you what God speaks to his hearing, even if that bucket is empty it will be filled to the brim at once. As time goes on when you hear the gospel it fills your heart because it is the water of life, but here's the mystery given; Three people, both of them heard the word by grace, a work is being done in them without them knowing, and when the bucket is filled, it is a mystery. Because, one will pour that bucket of water away and make it empty once again, the other will pour out his water remaining half of it while the last will allow his bucket of water to remain till it overflows. All those whose water were poured out continue in sin, but he that his bucket overflows will then receive gospel repentance and turn to Christ. Than he'll say by grace I have been hearing about Jesus and now by grace I'm saved. This is the big mystery known only to God, why did the others pour out their water. Well the problem is not from God nor from his vessels, but from man himself. You who have emptied your bucket of water, go back and fill it so you'll have a repent heart to follow Jesus. In this last age, this kingdom age, God is no longer looking for stray sinners, rather He is more interested in gathering His elect who are scattered in the world still waiting for someone to give them the gospel. You who's bucket has overflown, who have had a repentant heart by grace, but are still pressured by sin grow that you shall overcome and attain salvation Every one born again in Christ is born again as a little child in the spiritual, that is; the spirit man is now a child in the spiritual, unless he grows to become a son, unless he grows to become an adult in the spirit he'll still be weak in times of temptation and trials and also weak in spiritual warfare. It is not the will of God for us to be born again and remain a child, what kind of parent would be happy when they gave birth to a child and child refuse to grow. God's purpose for us here on earth is for us to be born again and then grow to become sons of God, not children of God, but sons of God to establish His kingdom here on earth. Every son has a duty to be fulfilled in his father's house, but a child is still a child and has nothing to do and does not also know the business of the father. A child does not receive an inheritance, he only receives food, shelter and clothing, but a son receives the inheritance of the Father, so it is with the kingdom of God. If you remain as a born again child and by grace you enters his kingdom, surely you'll receive eternal life but your rewards in heaven will amount so little, but he that grows to become a son while on earth and has done works for the Father, will receive a mighty and glorious reward. Lets give an illustration; if a child's inheritance will be like a bungalow in heaven that of a son who have Worked and suffered for Christ's sake will have an inheritance like that if an estate. Daniel 12:3 " Those that are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who led many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever." To be grow in God's word to manifest His spirit in us to maturity is indeed what every born again Christian should desire, because if you don't grow you cannot overcome sin, the power to overcome sin comes from the word of God for it is the power of God unto our salvation. The reason why some born again do fall back their life of sin or are still pressured by sin, it's because, they don't have the strength to overcome sin due to the fact they're still a child. How can a child fight a giant. And that is why even though you might be living in sin, still, strive to come out of it. Whatever you take into your heart is a food to the spirit in you and as that spirit is being fed, it grows into a giant, the question lies; which spirit is it? Is it the spirit of God or of sin? If it is of sin, the evil one will force you to feed it, because every spirit wants to be glorified, every spirit wants to be fed. If it is sin and you continue feeding it with worldly songs, lying, cheating, disobedience, fornication, masturbation, stealing whatever it is, that spirit of sin will grow into a giant. However, if it is of God, then feed it with things of the spirit of God, with God's spiritual programs and activities like; prayers, scripture meditation, evangelism, holiness and so on. When you do, the spirit of God also will grow into a giant in you The reason why people can't overcome sin is this; for anyone who've heard the gospel, there's a substance of the word deposit in their heart enabling a them come unto repentance. You who have come to repentance by grace, do not lose what you've been given, pay the price to grow, because while you were living in the world you've been feeding the spirit of sin in you. Check how old you are now, if it is 20 years, you've been feeding that spirit of sin for twenty years nurturing it into a giant. But, now you are born again as a child, can a child fight a giant. If that giant is a giant of sexual immorality, and he comes with his temptation, it'll press and keep on pressing your head till you say; " i give up " although you don't want to, but you have to accept defeat because of your weakness and then you fall back to sin running back to you Father crying " that man that wicked man beat me up," then your father will say to you; " I will not deal with that man because I allowed it for your growth to give you experience in dealing with the Giants to come, I have given everything to you, I have given you food, do not throw it away, I have given you shelter, I have given you guards, I have given you everything, use it wisely I'll watch over you as you go." If that child decides to grow, and when he does and grows into a greater giant, he can face off with any giant and beat them black and blue. If it is giant of lust, he’ll beat him down. This is is when that man can boast and say 1john 3:9 " He that is born of God cannot sin because God's seed remains in him " Because he has be given the power through the word by the holy spirit to overcome sin. The way out is a simple, but there are powers that has sworn to keep you in bondage that's why it's difficult. Have you ever wondered why the devil doesn't hinder one from praying, but rather does all he can to prevent one from feeding on God's word. It is because he knows the power in it. Grow on the word, for without it you cannot have the holy spirit to live without sin, he is the one who will teach you what is right and wrong, you woman that is saying my dressing isn't wrong well I won't tell you to change, but if you have the holy spirit he'll convict you and tell you it's wrong. Feed the spirit of Christ in you to became a giant, if not you'll be crushed therefore hindering you from gods kingdom. And you who is already living without sin, grow that you'll have strength to fight wars, because although the devil can no longer lure you to sin anymore he still stand to hinder you from hearing from God. The Lord has revealed to you the mystery of your downfall while struggle to live a holy life, the lord has played his part, you also have your part to play, pay the price and fight the good fight to overcome. I pray the lord gives you strength for the battles ahead, and let zeal for His word consume your heart in Jesus name Amen!
  13. A child of God is not a son of God, though he is an heir of God's kingdom, but still a child of God while on earth hasn't attain sonship, he is still weak and can falter at anytime, and so nothing can be entrusted to him by God. Only those who have grown to become sons can stand unwavering to the evil one and also to involve themselves in the Father's business, because they have grown to a stage where God can trust them. Can God trust you? A child of God who has attain sonship cannot sin, because God's seed remains and has fully grown in him, for he has been built on the word and filled with the holy spirit. A child of God, though his name written in the book of life, can waver if he doesn't stand firm, he is a child, an infant, because he is not yet fully grown, making it possible to fall astray if he doesn't give himself more to Jesus. But you should know that everyone who has attained sonship were once an infant, therefore there is no excuse. Ephesians 4:11-14 " It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelist and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every kinds of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming." God has called us to do His work through Christ Jesus, we can't do alone, after all it was the labor of the apostles we are enjoying today, if God had not used them to perfect His work, we would not have heard of the gospel or have interest in it, that's why God is using his vessels to convey his word to strengthen and build us in Christ Jesus. Not many woke up one morning few years after they we're born and decided to follow Jesus without hearing the word of God, nobody woke up one morning when he was four years old, picked up his bible to study when he haven't heard the word, I mean can a four year old even read. That is why God has been using his vessels, we are merely vessels to be used by God to do His work since He can't come down to earth and do it Himself, all we have to do is surrender ourselves totally and give our time to Him. That is why He also sent Jesus in human flesh, to establish a new era of gospel on earth, building God's kingdom in the hearts of men for the salvation of all mankind. This gospel of salvation Jesus spread through; first, His apostle and then till this day, through prophets, pastors, evangelist and so on. He did this so that even right from birth, and when we can't read and write properly we can still hear his word and receive it to heart, because everyone is born of sin. God has planted a seed in the heart of anyone who hears the gospel. Everyone who has heard the gospel has a seed sown in his heart, and that seed can only be received and developed by the spirit of God in them. The state of man's heart matters a lot, it determines if God's seed in you will grow or not. Your heart is your spirit man and your heart also is like a soil. There are different soil, just as " the parable of the sower." If you degrade your soil, that is; your spirit man even more, the more likely God's seed in you, which is God's word won't grow. For this reason he has sent his servants to strengthen and build us in the word through Christ Jesus. Right from the moment we become born again, God's seed in us will starts growing, so that we will no longer be infants, but be fully mature in the fullness of Christ. He uses his vessels to give life out of the fullness of God's word deposited in them and also to reveal the deep things God. But still, only those who choose to grow in the spirit can receive his word which is life and understand the mind of God. Everyone mature in the spirit were once infants, for maturity comes after infantry, the moment you become born again, the moment you receive Jesus into you heart, you are born again, born not as a man but born again as a child spiritually, no one is born as a man out of his mother's womb. Now that you are born again as a child, you need to grow to attain sonship, though when you are born again as a child of God, you are entitled to reign and rule with Him in His kingdom, but it is not really a good thing to remain as a child, because a child can't take care of himself, making him weak against the attack of the evil one. One being born again doesn't mean he'll enter God's kingdom, only those who have treasured God's word stored in their heart to grow unto maturity, becoming sons, are sure of entering God's kingdom. It is God's will that we should all grow in Him, for it is the natural process of a child to grow unto maturity. A child has his vulnerability, because he can't defend himself properly, he doesn't have much zeal or determination for God, that is why you see most born again today rising and falling, undergoing same circle of sin and repentance, because they refuse to grow, they thought being born again is enough, they are too lazy to feed their spirit with God's word, they are not willing to sacrifice their all to follow Him in Other to attain maturity. The battle for God's kingdom isn't a battle for children, you need to grow in other to be victorious, there is no such thing as normal Christian, its either you stand or fall, because the moment you become born again you are an enemy of the devil, he hates you just as he hates God, no, he hates you even more than he hates God, because of God's eternal purpose for you. Let me give an illustration; A mother hen always looks after her chickens, when there is danger, when the birds of prey strikes, she either gathers them underneath her wings or fights back, since the chickens are immature, they aren't always on the watch except the mother, when in times of danger if a chick strayed far away from the mother, it gets taken away by the predator. So it is today, the spirit of God has been knocking at the door of your heart to come in, since you were living in sin. The moment you become born again, you become an enemy, a target for the devil, and so Jesus is always on the watch protecting you from going back into the world, of course he is, but if you willingly stray to far from him as an immature child how can he protect you. Not being mature renders you vulnerable to sin, and lacking in many things of the spirit, like the mysteries of God made known to a mature man in the spirit by the knowledge God's spirit has given him can't be understood by an infant, that's why some born again can't understand the time we are in, even if you tell them " Jesus is coming soon," they'll say; " maybe in fifty years to come," not understanding the time they're in, they plan and live their life as if they'll raise generations. When you are mature in the spirit, you live a life without sin, because God's seed remains in you, you cannot sin, only those who are mature in the spirit can say by His spirit they aren't bound to sin, unlike others who would say from time to time one will have to sin and then repent, but remember shall we continue in sin that grace might increase, don't deceive yourselves, take a stand to grow in the spirits I will say this, as written in the word that i shall not boast, but for the encouragement of the weak: " For it is by grace we are saved, through faith, and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so no one can boast. ' A child doesn't grow in a day, you just have to give your life time to Jesus in faithfulness and when you've attain maturity you'll be surprised when you look back, and say; " was this the life I was living before."
  14. - Kingdom age, it's a new age with a new program, new education designed by God. - It is also a spiritual harvest of the souls of men to gather and regather all the elects of God. - It is also the last age of human existence in knowledge of God Kingdom age is the last age of man on Earth, it is God's final program and dealings with men, where every man elected by God will be gathered from the streets to be employed into God's vineyard. It is an age where God is not just looking for ungodly men but rather, those whom he has elected before the beginning of time. These elects are people even when called to repentance by grace, will not only desire to enter God's kingdom, but yielding themselves to be used by God for the establishment of His kingdom here on earth in the hearts of men. This desire to be used by God isn't ours, it is given by the holy spirit in us as we grow in Christ Jesus. We elects of God already recruited into God's end time army, we are to give ourselves to follow God's new program on earth, to be spiritually educated and built into maturity, the fullness of God, to become His vessel. Except a man is willing to yield himself to the holy ghost to be taught of the kingdom gospel of this age, he will continue to live in the old. The holy spirit is our teacher and he updates us on whatever God has for us, for God's word is new every time. When a man is delivered from sin, the false foundation not of Jesus has been brought to ruin with it's structure and a new foundation is laid, which is the word of God ( Jesus ) and a new structure in his heart. Unless he pays the price to gain heavenly currency in other to purchase heavenly resources for his spirit man structure to be built into completion, until it is fully completed, the Lord God cannot come and dwell in his heart to become a mobile vessel for the Lord. We who have been recruited, ours is to grow and be baptized in the holy ghost, so we too shall in turn shall become vessels, recruiters, employers to recruit or employ the remnants still waiting to be employed in the vineyard. This is the last age where all men needs to be spiritual to understand the times, God's age for their life in other to make sacrifices to be qualified in becoming God's vessel ( a kingdom man ), because it is unless we have revelations and understanding of the times we're in can we make sacrifices, laying away all ambition to be restored to God. Then we shall be tested and tried to show our worth, our readiness to be used by God. In summary, it's an age where God is raising and building men of standard who'll be able to say: " thus says the Lord!"
  15. Many don't know where God is taking those who love him, they don't know what God has destined man for, neither do they know the horrors of hell. Satan knows, he has been there, and he is very angry, he hates us as just as he hates God, because he knows that God is going to make us into something far greater than he ever was while he was with God in heaven. We are meant to be like God, a little lower than God. We shall be like God, we'll be like Jesus in His glory, though a little lower than Him, a little, we cannot be greater than God and Jesus, were just heirs, brethren with Jesus as the first son. The first son inherit most of the Father's. We shall be in this order; - God - Jesus - Man - Angels When a Father gives birth to a son, the son carries the trait and Gene of the father, he is like the father, so also it is with Jesus and the sons of God, Jesus is the son of God, the first, but we who have been called to Christ we have been restored back into the family of God and if we are in God's family, we are sons of God, siblings of our Lord Jesus, the first son. If we are siblings of Jesus, we shall be like Him, because we have the same Father, but we will not be greater than Him, we shall be like Him in everyway, but not greater, because the Father is greater than the son, and the first son is the greatest in the house of the Father. We do not know what we shall be like but we know we shall be like Him, Angels are ministering spirit and they have been serving us right from time as the Lord has ordained them, but if you can imagine the might of an angel, just an angel can tumble the whole world. It was the battle between the armies of Lucifer and Michael that rendered this physical real in decay, the universe was brimming with life, but because of a battle between supernatural beings everything was destroyed. Now imagine, if these angels were this powerful, how much more shall we be, for we shall be above them, we hall be like God. The angels have always marveled at God's creation " Man," they'd always marvel of God's interest in man, they do not know what God has in store for man and so they ponder. Hebrew 2:5 " what is man that you are mindful of him" Do you know we shall judge angels, well i don't know what kind of judgement, but we shall judge angels. Every thing here on earth is just a fake, a bad and poor photocopy of heaven. To the inhabitants of heaven, we are just like caricature cartoons, a fake, and lifeless, all you ladies who likes gold, you should know that gold in heaven is as transparent as glass. We shall be like God, just as there is government here on earth, so also there is in heaven, everything here is just a fake, we'll be limitless, anything is possible, it's just like a movie where one is suddenly given super powers. Vanity upon vanity, such is this world. In heaven many believers will be poor, I don't mean poor, I mean they'll have little rewards, because many believers today are living normal lives, like lot did. There just maintain their purity. You know sometimes I do wonder, there's no jealousy in heaven, but I do wonder how people will feel when they get they're only to find out their reward will be so little compared to their friends who looked like a nobody on earth. Every second of our lives lived on earth is an investment in heaven, every second of our lives lived in holiness, every sacrifice we make, the wars, the soul we have won for Christ, the battles we have fought as warriors not only for our sake, but for the safety of those in territory overrun by darkness. You might see your friend in heaven and you'll start wondering what! " What did this man do while he was on earth that made him ascend this high, what did he do that made is glory this glorious, his reward and authority so vast." God created us to Rule and reign with Him. It is because of the fall of Lucifer, God then decide to create man in His own image, He recreated Himself since He's the only one who can rule perfectly. Angels don't have the spirit of God, we do, God gave his spirit to is that we shall be like Him. It is when we are called home His spirit is made manifest, and then we shall be like God, we shall rule and reign with Him. Just imagine, billions, trillions of planet more than figures can number harboring life. We shall be given crowns of gold to rule all of God's creation, all of it. However God is just, He'll give to everyman according to His works, your life lived on earth will determine your value, your status in eternity. Eternity is like a pause, earth is like a video play, as the video plays, invest every second of your life for your eternal dwelling, for now is of work, when you get to heaven the video will be paused and the reward you'll get from the life you've lived on earth is what you'll have for eternity. No human will rank the same there, what do you think? The Apostles will rank the same as you? or your friend who lives a holy life of sacrifice, would he rank the same as you? Never! There are many mansions, there are garments of righteousness, all these will vary in glory in accordance to a man's life on Earth. The parable of the Minas is a typical example of this; Luke 19:17 " Well done, my good servant! ' his master replied. ' Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities." Every one will be entrusted in accordance to how much investment they had made while on earth. If you're faithful with little here on earth, you'll be entrusted with little over there, if you're faithful with much, you'll be entrusted with much in heaven.
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