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  1. I googled and it all points back to their own website.
  2. If it points toward good channels to advertise and market for $27, it seems like a small price to pay. I think I’ve put about as much into FB marketing as I can. I understand the skepticism, though. Just interested if anyone has heard of them. Thanks!
  3. I’ve sold 57 books so far at $3. I have three 5-star reviews on Amazon.
  4. There’s an add on FB that is a kit under the title “17000 Days”. I believe she’s charging $27. It’s a guide to marketing your book to be a “bestseller”. Has anyone used this? Is it worth it?
  5. Thanks so much. I’m not offended. I’m a very thick-skinned curmudgeon with a big heart.
  6. Thanks. I did have it professionally edited, and I appreciate your feedback. My editor may not have had as much literary experience as some. But, his credentials were what prompted me to hire him. He had military aviation experience and was a Christian. I suppose it’s not grammatically correct. And, I am not trying to become the world’s greatest author. I really just want to get the story out there, in hopes that I can give hope to someone who needs it, especially in a trying time such as we have now. I don’t plan to write anything beyond this. I wanted to tell my story. I do appreciate you showing me how to advertise the book. That’s the particular feedback I was hoping to find. Thanks and God bless.
  7. I finished writing and editing my autobiography. It’s on Amazon for Kindle Plans that Made God Laugh https://www.amazon.com/Plans-that-Made-God-Laugh-ebook/dp/B0864YJWXB/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Plans+that+made+god+laugh&qid=1584803249&sr=8-1 I also have a website http://www.plansthatmadegodlaugh.com I’m not sure how to market it. I have about 1000 friends on FB and just about as many LinkedIn connections. I had over 100 likes on FB, and about 30 people bought it so far. Is there any way to market it, advertise it, etc.? I know there are writing conferences. But, COVID probably has shut those down. Thanks, stay healthy, and God bless.
  8. I don’t foresee me writing anything other than this one book. I’m tempted to stay at 120k. It is telling the story, no more.
  9. My autobiography is almost finished. It covers a lot of ground, and most of it matters to the whole story. It’s around 120,000 words. Is that too much? I had one person say a first time writer shouldn’t go more than 80-90 thousand. I’ve done a lot of things in my life and they all seem to be crucial to my story. I don’t see any of it dragging on. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks. I think I’m going with Kindle Direct first. Major edit going on right now. God help me. 🙏🏻
  11. Westbow keeps calling and pointing out a website that has good reviews for them. I keep telling them no.
  12. Maybe I will have to pare it way down, and elaborate later in sequels, if there is any interest.
  13. I’m writing an autobiography and the current word count is around 170,000. It covers 35 years of a pretty diverse career with lots of twists and turns, stops and starts. Is it too long? (Trying to edit. That’s a frustrating experience. I don’t think I can cut out too much of it without losing key points).
  14. So, professional editing can be done there, or no?
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