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  1. I don’t foresee me writing anything other than this one book. I’m tempted to stay at 120k. It is telling the story, no more.
  2. My autobiography is almost finished. It covers a lot of ground, and most of it matters to the whole story. It’s around 120,000 words. Is that too much? I had one person say a first time writer shouldn’t go more than 80-90 thousand. I’ve done a lot of things in my life and they all seem to be crucial to my story. I don’t see any of it dragging on. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks. I think I’m going with Kindle Direct first. Major edit going on right now. God help me. 🙏🏻
  4. Westbow keeps calling and pointing out a website that has good reviews for them. I keep telling them no.
  5. Maybe I will have to pare it way down, and elaborate later in sequels, if there is any interest.
  6. I’m writing an autobiography and the current word count is around 170,000. It covers 35 years of a pretty diverse career with lots of twists and turns, stops and starts. Is it too long? (Trying to edit. That’s a frustrating experience. I don’t think I can cut out too much of it without losing key points).
  7. So, professional editing can be done there, or no?
  8. Is Kindle Direct Publishing a good place to start?
  9. How do you get a professional editor?
  10. Is there any one to go through? Any company or organization? Westbow looks professional and is under Zondervan, which I thought was a reputable company.
  11. Is Westbow Press a good place to start?
  12. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate your support
  13. Hello: My name is Jim. I’m a pilot for a major airline. I flew in the Navy and Navy Reserve for over 25 years. I also flew as a defense contractor in Afghanistan. I grew up in the Midwest as an Air Force brat. My dad passed away when I was a teenager, and my life was topsy turvy because of that. I overcame my teenage adversity and got an Aerospace Engineering degree. My Navy career had so many starts and stops, obstacles and interesting characters who mentored and frustrated me. I tried to get a flying job on the civilian side in the aftermath of 9/11, and that took many twists and turns, phenomenal failures, and crazy coincidences that got me back on track. I also ended a 23 year marriage after it seemed like everything was finally working out and going my way. I have reinvented myself, had my faith, perseverance, and emotional and spiritual health tested in so many ways. I feel that it may be my calling to share my story. Thanks for helping me on this journey. God bless!
  14. I’m about 240 pages into an autobiography. I have a vast experience in military and commercial aviation, and I’m writing about the faith an perseverance it took to get me through it all. It was crazy ride. Lots of stops/starts, crushing failures, and some surprising victories. I need advice on editing and publishing. Thanks in advance.
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