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  1. Hi there Manna, I wish you the best! Do you do other forms of writing? If you're doing fantasy, maybe you can chronicle your story into a series on the side/like a novella/while you learn screenwriting. That's something I wish I did to get the wheels turning. Who knows, it might build you up a fan base while you're at it Same here- well, kids and sweet/innocent movies, like 90s romcoms, are usually my favs. And good classics like The King's Speech and Forrest Gump too. 😀
  2. Hi Becky! Thanks for the message 😊 I'm really glad I came across CW, and all the nice people who are so passionate and supportive on here. You can truly feel a difference here. I feel the same Sarah! Your description is so fascinating, I get the sense that you are so passionate about life and being an artist. I'm inspired! 🌺
  3. Hi there! It's nice to meet you all too 😀
  4. Thank you!! It's really nice to meet you, Homer, Erin, Alley, Claire, Chuck and @suspensewriter! I wish you enthusiasm, inspiration, and good momentum in all your writing endeavors! God bless
  5. Hi Rebecca, hi Sophie! Thank you for the well-wishes. Beautiful profile pics, by the way!
  6. Thank you Lynn! I really appreciate the support and words of encouragement 😊 Blessings on your writing too!
  7. Thank you Sarah! Here is a tip I learned from a screenwriting professor: watch your favorite movie and pick it apart, scene by scene. Literally sit down and write down for every couple minutes or so what is happening in that scene (a sentence or two). This should be a movie in the genre you are writing in. Then, emulate the ebb and flow of the movie in your own writing (where the plot points should happen, the climax, the problems, the solutions, and so on). A book that mirrors this is the Save the Cat series (beatsheets). Also, he told me how important it is to make the "quiet" moments count. Because it is in those quiet moments that you say everything. By quiet I mean a facial expression or seemingly small reaction a character might have to something that was said or done. You can easily insert some good subtext that way. Message me if you'd like! I'll do my best to give you some more tips I've accumulated over the years. And don't give up if it's something you want to do! You'll inspire me and hopefully I'll inspire you when I write my own novel.
  8. Hi there! I'm Fay and I've been writing for many years now. I like writing short stories and screenplays, never published/produced though because I never felt comfortable putting my works "out there." I recently realized how silly this is as well as how important getting feedback is for growing as a writer. So I'm really glad I joined this site! Also I'm reminded of how important it is to use writing as a tool for a higher purpose, especially in spreading the Gospel. Even if it's fictionalized or in a completely fantasy-based genre, you can get important truths out there into the world and in so doing, be a light into the dark reaches as we are called to be. Makes me especially think of C.S. Lewis and how he was able to spread Biblical truths through fantasy and metaphor -- something I would like to emulate if not directly, as well as how Jesus used parables to make the complex simple and accessible to anyone. I'm also keen on writing a novel for NaNoWriMo this year so hope to meet writing buddies to encourage and be encouraged. Cheers
  9. Thank you! This made me think of storytelling in a brand new way. Drawing sympathy by giving characters relatable problems is what makes an audience like the people they meet on the page (or onscreen).
  10. Hi there, I'm looking for a Christian screenwriting partner to work with online or in the South Florida area. I've finished a screenplay for an animated fantasy-feature and am looking for someone to refine it with me. We would split rights and, all things going well, write more feature film screenplays together. If this interests you, please send me a message listing your fav films and shows. Thanks!
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