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  1. JH Jones


    Hey being new to this whole thing what are some of the good things and not so good things anyone has experienced with KDP? Are there any alternatives?
  2. Well for me once I tried to write a two or three page brief of what the story would be and then developed that. I found that when I was in the middle of it and thought that Ive been to short I went back to that brief to see the whole story and considered what i could add as a teaser that could be fleshed out later... was moderately succesful...
  3. Hi, I'm new. Been a bit of a writer for years...more poet than novelist but I've plunged and written my first Christian fiction in the literary world's hottest new genre - Christian Sci Fi Humorous genre. I have numerous other story ideas that are busting to get out. Gone down the KDP line... any advice? Privately quite excited to have found this forum coz it doesnt appear to be as weird as some of the other forums I've looked into. 😂
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